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Brammo Enertia

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No gears, shifting or clutch

100% electric motorcycle

400+ MPG equivalent

42 mile / 68 kilometer range

Recharges in about four hours

Simple to operate, easy to ride is THE FUTURE. high output sealed brushless permanent magnet AC motor with 13kW peak power and 40N-m, 29.5m, 29.5 ft-lb of torque delivers an exhilarating ride (in case you haven’t been to the Enertia specification page the Enertia weighs just 324 LBS and its sealed brushless permanent magnet AC motor puts out 13kW peak power and 40N-m, 29.5m, 29.5 ft-lb of torque). quality = longevity . Brammo was careful (and quite picky) when selecting the components that weren’t designed and engineered in-house. Premium-grade Marzocchi forks were chosen for the Enertia front suspension and provide a smooth, paseo controlado.

An Elka brand shock absorber is used in the rear and Brammo carefully tunes the suspension components to provide a well-balanced and comfortable ride. For controlled stopping power, high performance Brembo brakes are used, parte delantera y trasera. The benefits of this attention to detail is that Brammo provides 12-month limited warranty on the motorcycle (up to two-years on the batteries) and we think the Enertia just looks a lot cooler than say a standard Electric Bike or one of those Electric Scooters.

Optional Premium Seat 32.0 / 81 cm

19.5 / 49.5 cm (peg to peg)

33.0 / 84 cm (handlebar tip to tip)

*The batteries we use have an amazing life cycle and are maintenance free. They’re inherently extremely safe and can withstand temperatures without decomposing and, unlike other batteries, can be topped up at any time.

The Enertia uses six batteries and the on-board computer ensures that they maintain an equal charge. This prevents total battery depletion and maximizes energy storage on the motorcycle. For your convenience and ease of charging we have built a charger into the Enertia motorcycle.

The on-board battery charger can charge using any standard 10 amperio 115 volt electrical outlet and the Enertia motorcycle is estimated to only need 13 charges per month based on average commuter data.

This means you can charge the Enertia motorcycle anytime: at home, work, anywhere there is a socket. You will save time, money on maintenance, and you will never have to worry about forgetting the charger because it’s always on board.

The Enertia Plus uses Brammo’s proprietary lithium-ion battery technology, Brammo Power®. The Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) monitors all aspects of the battery’s performance and maintains consistent balance, actuación, and health of this valuable component over the life of the motorcycle. The Enertia Plus features an 850 Watt on-board battery charger, which can charge using any standard 110-120 Volt / 15A electrical outlet (standard US household) or equivalent European household outlet.

The charging cord is stored conveniently underneath the lockable seat to allow for ease of charging making almost any power outlet your personal charging station.

Electric vehicle range is affected by a number of factors including; speed, aceleración, number of starts and stops, rider and cargo weight, changes in elevation, head winds and road surface.

los Brammo Enertia produces no emissions, operates in virtual silence (think smooth, steady whir, slightly muted by wind noise as your speed of travel increases) and never requires a stop at a gas station because it is 100% electric. Riding an Enertia won’t save the planet but if everybody in the world rode a motorcycle it would make a nice difference.

Brammo made extensive use of recycled materials in the design of the Enertia. Fenders are made from 100% recycled plastic materials. Body panels are from 25% recycled materials and the extruded aluminum frame (patent pending, BTW) is constructed from recycled aluminum as well. Even the base of the seat is made of 100% recycled material.

De hecho, not only does the Enertia use recycled materials in its construction, the motorcycle itself can be recycled at the end of its primary life.

Brammo is committed to designing and building products with sustainability in mind. This commitment also extends to our employees, who are encouraged to make lifestyle decisions to help reduce their own carbon footprint and impact on the environment. Brammo encourages commuting by bicycle into work by offering employees incentives and allowing them to keep their bikes in the office.

Brammo also purchases offsets for the energy it uses in its Enertia assembly facility and design offices.

Be part of the solution.

Breaking News!

We’ve launched in two Portland, Oregon Best Buy stores and now support direct sales for most other U.S. states in our online store. Please click here to find an Enertia near you or to purchase online !

To test ride a Brammo motorcycle please complete this short form and we will contact you directly. We will either direct you to an authorized Brammo dealer or tell you when you might expect to be able to take test ride in your territory.

Brammo Inc is a leading electric vehicle technology company headquartered in North America. Brammo designs and develops electric vehicles including the award winning Brammo Enertia motorcycle recently voted electric motorcycle of the year 2010 and the game changing Empulse. Brammo is an OEM supplier of its innovative Brammo Digital Drivetrain® systems including the Brammo Power® battery pack and Brammo Power® vehicle management system.

Brammo has vehicle distribution and marketing operations in North America, Europe and Asia.

You can also find Brammo on:

The following are trademarks of Brammo, Cª. in the United States or other countries, or both; Brammo®, Enertia®, Empulse®, Brammo Digital Drivetrain®, Brammo Power®, the Brammo logo and bulls head graphical device.

Brammo Inc. the manufacturer of the Brammo Enertia motocicleta, was formed in 2002 by entrepreneur Craig Bramscher. Brammo is headquartered in Ashland, Oregon situated between the Cascade and Siskiyou Mountains in the southern part of the state, 12 miles north of the California border. The company name Brammo dates back to Craig Bramscher’s high school football days – it was the nickname given to Craig by his football coach.

Craig’s life long passion for beautiful vehicles now blends with his commitment to sustainability as he inspires Brammo’s product offerings to be equal parts exhilaration and eco-consciousness.

Brammo has an unyielding commitment to customer service and has developed a technical support infrastructure that is as innovative as the company and the products it designs. Brammo motorcycles are available through select Best Buy stores and authorized Brammo dealerships. All authorized dealer service staff are trained by Brammo and the full support of Brammo factory specialists.

Craig BramscherCEO/Chairman

Craig was founder CEO of DreamMedia, a successful internet company that combined with the company USWeb just prior to its IPO in December of 1997. As a Managing Partner for USWeb Craig was responsible for his division’s growth from 35 people to 1500 and all the associated infrastructure deployment to support it. Craig has always focused on new technologies and early adopters, leveraging the transition to broader consumer adoption.

Craig’s passion for beautiful vehicles now blends with his concern for sustainability as he drives Brammo’s product offerings to be equal parts exhilaration and eco-conciousness.

Bruce GilpinCFO

Gilpin joins the Brammo team after serving more than three years as COO for MobiTV, the pioneer and current global leader in mobile television. Gilpin brings a wide range of experience with him as a result of his work in finance, corporate development, and board-of-director-level positions in both public and private sector technology and manufacturing companies including InveSmart, USWeb/CKS and APX. He is a graduate of Occidental College in Los Angeles, California with a degree in economics.

Brian WismannDirectorProduct Development

A very talented and young designer, Brian is one of the select few whose automotive designs are in production and racing most weekends. From sketching to digital design, Brian wields whatever tools are required to deliver stunning product design with functional simplicity. Holding a degree in Industrial Design from North Carolina State University, Brian leads our design team with experience in both product and vehicle design.

His prior experience includes design work for clients such as Dell Computers and Ohmeda Medical as well as race car body and aerodynamics design with Crawford Race Cars.

Roger GersonManagerElectrical Engineering

Roger Gerson is Brammo’s Electrical Engineering Manager, directing the electrical engineering function on the Enertia, the Empulse, and upcoming Brammo products. Gerson comes to Brammo from Vectrix Electrics where he was instrumental in launching production of the Vectrix Maxiscooter, one of the early entries to the electric vehicle market. Roger’s past associations include; iRobot, Brooks Automation, Avidyne, and Safe Flight Instrument Corporation.

Roger earned a BS-Engineering from Northwestern University, and an MS-Engineering from Boston University. Roger is a bicycle and motorsport enthusiast who enjoys 2-wheeling, 4-wheeling, and sledding.

Aaron BlandManagerMechanical Engineering

A University of Wisconsin graduate, Aaron has designed successful downhill racing bicycles for PDC Racing as well as his own line of bicycle racing components. Aaron was also instrumental in his involvement with the engineering and productionizing of the Ariel Atom for the US market.

Adrian G. StewartDirector of Sales and Marketing

Adrian graduated with honors in both marketing and engineering, he also holds an MBA in strategic marketing. He joins Brammo with extensive management and leadership experience in high technology, finance and startup internet organizations including IBM, Kleinwort Benson and Dresdner Bank. He has lived and worked in both Europe and the USA and has a passion for creating and developing sustainable business relationships.

Adrian has responsibility for channel development, direct sales and service.

Hillary SmithManagerHuman Resources

Hillary joined Brammo in 2008. She brings with her years of diverse experience in the human resources field. Hillary has been tasked with finding the unique talent that fits with the Brammo drive, vision and culture.

Her prior experience includes Human Resource responsibilities for GeoDesign Inc. in Portland, OR and most recently Lithia Motors of Medford, OR. Hillary received her BS in Business Administration from Oregon State University.

Kara StempleManagerGlobal Supply Chain

Kara Stemple joins Brammo leading our Global Supply Chain and Operations team. Kara brings with her extensive experience in transportation, supply chain and project management with Nike, Cª. and most recently Lithia Motors, Cª. She received her Masters in Business Administration from Portland State University.

If you are in Oregon, Washington, or California, please contact the store listed on the Store Locator page nearest to you. Otherwise, please contact our Direct Sales department at or at 1-541-482-9555. If you have already purchased your motorcycle, please have your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) ready.

All our job applications are now handled online. You can apply for the positions listed by clicking on the Apply for Job button. On page one of the application, select Other for the Position, and enter the position title you are applying for in the Other textbox.

As a Mechanical Drafter your creative, self-driven mechanical design skills will be put to use as you help develop electric powered transportation solutions for the next generation of personal mobility.

The Experience You Need:

Minimum of 3-5 years of progressive project work

Strong mechanical design skills

Be a performance oriented, high achiever looking to take the next step up in their career

Working in high energy, collaborative, flexible teams

Experience within a industry closely related to automotive or motorcycle design and manufacturing

New product introduction

GDT, Solidworks drafting

Solidworks 3D design/modeling including surfacing

Design for manufacturability and design for assembly experience

Product Data Management

Engineering Change Process



Opportunity to work in a challenging, high-energy start-up environment.

We also offer a very competitive compensation and benefits package, including health, dental, and vision insurance.

To Apply

Please send your resume in PDF format to

Brammo seeks a creative, self-driven mechanical design engineer to join its small, tightly knit team developing electric powered transportation solutions for the next generation of personal mobility. Two to 5 years experience as a project engineer or similar is required for consideration.

Candidate should exhibit strong mechanical design skills and mastery of digital CAD modeling preferably with SolidWorks 2009. Strong knowledge of manufacturing and rapid prototyping processes also required. A sincere interest in electric vehicles and the desire to work on projects to make a positive impact also strongly recommended.

Naysayers, devil’s advocates, and glass half empty thinkers need not apply.

Brammo Enertia

This proactive, self starting individual will continue to develop Brammo’s global presence. As the Brammo Director of Dealer Development you will champion the continued development of our nationwide dealer network. The Director of Dealer Development will work closely with the corporate office and field personnel. In this role you will perform the following functions:

Proactively identify, and sign new/existing motorcycle dealers to represent the Brammo brand

Ensure dealer initiatives are implemented correctly by designing, delivering and overseeing training throughout the dealer network

Develop dealer accountabilities and continually monitor ongoing dealer performance

Continue to develop business initiatives and strategic partnerships to deliver improvement to sales, and customer acquisition

Act as a liaison between dealer personnel and Brammo service team

This position is best suited for a motorcycle enthusiast who is a passionate, entrepreneurial, self-starter that will thrive on being self managed. The position will allow you to own a piece of the Brammo experience and we’ll expect you to be enterprising with the constant improvement of the Brammo brand.

You will propose project recommendations to management via written documentation including project descriptions, savings potential, cost estimates and back-up data for all recommended projects to insure continuous improvement of the Brammo customer experience.

Minimum requirements include:

5-7 years of experience working for major motorcycle manufacturer. I.e. Harley Davidson, Honda, BMW, estrella polar.

3+ years dealer development and management experience

Experienced Motorcycle rider with proper DMV license / endorsement.

Excellent sales presentation skills

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Extra consideration will be given to individuals with a Hobbyist motorcycle technician background and / or individuals located in the Pacific NW.

To Apply

Please send your resume in PDF format to

Brammo is changing the world 2 wheels at a time and we’re seeking an experienced, edgy, extremely creative, outside the box thinking web focused Graphic Designer. Using your abilities to identify new opportunities and generate innovative ideas, you will influence the design direction of the Brammo web image.

Skills Required .

Extremely strong visual design skills with an emphasis on web design

Strong industry standard design tools (Photoshop, Image Ready, Illustrator, Flash, etcétera)

To Apply:

Please send resume and work samples in PDF format to

To succeed in this role you will need be highly organized and self-directed, working with Marketing and other departments to express our vision to the world. Experience with the listed required skills are a must as you will need to be able to hit the ground running and work independently.

Your work will be roughly 50% web development, 25% graphic design, y 25% social networking/miscellaneous.

Required Skills:

Web Design (HTML, CSS, etc.), 4+ años

PHP, 2+ años


Excellent communication and organizational skills

Preferred Skills:



iPhone/iPad development




Please send resume and work samples in PDF format to

If you are a journalist, blogger or active in social media and would like to receive news direct from Brammo then please register here. By signing here you will receive Brammo News emails at the same time they are released by our wire service to your news room. In addition you will from time to time receive Brammo News emails that do not go out via our news wire service.

Thank you. Adrian Stewart

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