Kawasaki W800: More British than the Queen

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Kawasaki W800

Kawasaki W800 2012: More British than the Queen

What’s happening in 2011, el Kawasaki W800 resurrected once again the myth of the twin vertical English. Always “too true to life”, this roadster Japanese emphasizes the character without undermining the foundations of the genre. Dust off the Cromwell and the Barbour thread; it takes you a ride…

Kawasaki W800 2012: First attempt

The story would it be an eternal? After aped the Triumph Bonneville in 1966 with its W1 650 and built the first motorcycle back in the new millennium, the firm Kobe put on a revival of style. Abandoned in 2006, the W 650 did not pass over emissions standards: the Kawasaki W800 now has an electronic fuel injection, no longer recognizes this problem.

Its obvious target is the Bonneville 800, previously only well in the niche. On his like, the last advance Kawasaki style always respected by promising more driving experience.

The reverse is not the revolution

A gradient of a tank on a green background classy English, dampers no cache and a saddle barely different would be the only exterior details to differentiate the Kawasaki W800 2012 to its predecessor? Add to this a wealth of discrete metal “heavy” (side panels, chain guard …) and the disappearance of kick back, sacrificed on the altar of the economy as much as the futility, the ordinary biker is by providing readily. Ease, this is what characterizes the Kawasaki in the first approach.

Easy to step over, easy to swing between his legs and easy from the first meters, it does not even give the best of its 200 kg (seco). These pleasant sensations, we had observed from the previous version. The “revival” has the same upright and forward on the small drop tank, flat handlebars and wide which falls well in hand and footrests positioned directly above the pelvis.

So it’s no contortion that we start early in the morning to attack the Manures forest, in the Var.

Some years ago, the W650 had seduced us. Voluntary and full, his twin calibrated 360 ° does not, sin embargo, caused chills expected by nostalgic fans of eye years and fans kicked in c … The Triumph Bonneville, which quickly followed suit not betrayed the displacement of its ancestors (790 cm3) with no more emotion. If nothing was gained for the Kawasaki W800 2012, which power is supplied to the injection, she was soon reassured.

The twin who has the appearance of antiquity, delivers more torque to the old 0.6 daN.m, but above 3000 rpm placed / min below. Performance immediately quantifiable, as the bike pulls on the arm to the first solicitation of gas. You’ll think, by rebound, this mechanical bumps and reluctant to go down the towers. This is not the case!

The heavier mass of the crankshaft and the odds more super square requiring no longer race did wonders.

In terms of feelings, el Kawasaki W800 2012 debunks the Triumph Bonneville, indeed timid. But this brutality ignored modern productions comes, and it’s almost frustrating climbs as alert as usual linear regimes, without holes or overflow. What about power?

En papel, Euro3 standards require, it falls 2 c. A 48 c. which is absolutely not sensitive to use. As the muffled sound of the new exhaust, the 5-speed gearbox, always fresh and accurate, is almost forgotten. Everything goes Grandpa!

Neutral, but poor brakeman

On the roads of the region, el Kawasaki W800 did not really surprised. Its large front wheel always tends to fall significantly at low speeds, but once the pace making the chassis proves healthy. People from Kawasaki say they have strengthened, without giving further details. There is only cadence “crazy” (above 140 km / h), as much due to the wind off the handlebars to no protection, the crew can tack.

The fork still seems a little soft compared to the double combination assisted by a chapter comfort saddle thickened.

Yet it is obvious, it is good cruiser into the wind on the Kawasaki W800 2012. But a majority of the time lazing does not prevent the attack to awaken a greenhorn when you tickle the taillight. The “young old” Kawasaki then proves surprisingly effective and always easy.

Perfectly guided by its “new” K81, she looks happy and long before rubbing if we do not bullies.

There were rumors before the show in Milan that happen in the Kawasaki W800 rear disc, which is not the case. And we do not complain, for both aesthetics and efficiency. Rather it is the single front disc and 300mm dual-piston caliper that we wanted to see changed against a much more powerful. This is not the case.

We regret, because it comes soon to end: annoying, when you know the capabilities of this wonderful.

Conclusion: The desire to want

If the Kawasaki W800 does not revolutionize its narrow niche, it certainly poses as its best representative. In all curves, in chrome and brushed aluminum, it rekindles the desires without asking any special requirements, if not to banish the long haul highway loads and outrageous. Displayed when this February € 8,399, it arises as an alternative to the Triumph Bonneville ( 8300) and basic roadsters, but will face, in his own line in a Z 750 is offering for € 900 less.

There will always be on both sides not to hesitate.

Kawasaki W800
Kawasaki W800
Kawasaki W800
Kawasaki W800

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