Modern Vespa : Aprilia Scarabeo 500ie, BV500, Mountains, Two Up

2 Jun 2015 | Egilea: | Erantzun buruzko Modern Vespa : Aprilia Scarabeo 500ie, BV500, Mountains, Two Up
Aprilia Scarabeo 400
Aprilia Scarabeo 400

Modern Vespa

Mon Jan 28, 2008 11:50 am quote

I thought about mentioning them, but the truth is, that in my experience, the burg, because of it’s length would be less than stellar in the aforementioned locale simply because of it’s weight and balance. The 35mph twisty roads are no big deal, but the 10mph motor pathsm often paved, but just 6-8 ft wide with 180 degree 16ft diameter switchbacks and 15% grades would place alot of weight burden on the rider.

Zoritxarrez, the two things that make the Burg such a fantastic cruising scooter play against it in this environment. That low center of gravity comes from it’s long wheelbase (2 longer than the bv500, 8 longer than a Vespa GTS) and it’s lower ground clearance (about 1.5 lower than the bv/Scarabeo).

llitten wrote:

When I sat on both the scarabeo 500 and the BV 500 the BV fit me better. Particularly my feet. The floor boards of the scarabeo taper back on the sides of the scooter. It looks cool, but it creates some wasted space.

Even though the scarabeo started out with more storage space, I went with the BV because of comfort.

I’ve carried 2-up on the BV quite a few times. Acceleration has been fine. But I don’t have experience with it on mountains (I’m in FLA). My biggest concern with the BV 2-up on a mountain would be the braking. The braking distance increases so dramaticaly 2-up.

I wonder what it would be like for an emergency stop down hill.

This is where the Burgman may have an advantage. I recall some models having ABS brakes.

Burgman 400 MSRP: $5,949.00

Burgman 650 (no ABS!) MSRP: $7,899.00

Scarabeo 500ie MSRP: $ 6,299.00

Aprilia Scarabeo 400
Aprilia Scarabeo 400

You cannot compare a Scarabeo or a BV to a Burgman 650, which is in a very different price and category range.

Hala, what is rather surprising to my Italian eyes is the fact that Burgman 400’s price is lower than Scarabeo’s in the US!

In Italy, Burgman 400 is considered as a ‘premiumrange scooter and it comes at 6200 � ca (9000+ $). A Scarabeo 500ie can be bought at 5500 � ca (8000+ $).

Well if a comparison is possible, it should be between Burgman 400 and Scarabeo 500. Briefly, as to what I read, Burgman is more comfortable but

has a higher fuel consumption, is heavier and more tourist-oriented. Scarabeo has better performance, better brakes (record in its category), lower fuel consumption (record in its category) is lighter and its riding position is similar to a motorbike’s. Suzuki has a more scooter-like driving position, higher footrests, lower seat, wider handlebars. Scarabeo is more fit for taller riders, but it all boils down to personal taste.

One should always try before buying.

If you follow the links I highlighted in my previous post, you will find some data on Scarabeo and BV500.

Aprilia Scarabeo 400
Aprilia Scarabeo 400
Aprilia Scarabeo 400

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