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Engine Specifications

The BSA 441 used a four-stroke, parallel-twin engine. The dual-cylinder engine was air-cooled and used an overhead valve design. With two valves per cylinder, the motorcycle had four total valves. The bore by stroke of the engine was 78 by 60 mm while the compression ratio was 8.4-to-1. Total piston displacement was 441 cc.

The transmission was a four-speed manual and the engine was chain-driven. The ignition was key-start and the starter was kick-start. The fuel system used a 32-mm British Amal mono-bloc or concentric carburetor and the crankcase used a strong design with heavy-duty ball bearings. The engine also featured a contact breaker that used automatic ignition control.

The contact breaker was housed in the timing case and driven by the camshaft.

Engine Design

The engine featured no air-box, yetaccording to the Motorcyclespecs websitethe paper filter and devious path the air had to take strangled the motor. The engine design had other problems: it took a mighty leg to start the Victor, and BSA saw fit to use a valve-lifting mechanism that would sometimes stick, and wreck the top end. The points wore like an eraser, with the points cam supported by a tiny bronze bushing that BSA offered no replacement for.

If it wore out, you had to machine one from scratch. The electrical system was run by the Lucas Zeiner Diode/Alternator. The cylinder was made of a light alloy and the bore was a hard chrome.

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BSA Victor

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BSA Victor

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