Two 1974 Laverde 750 SF’s For Sale Classic Sport Bikes

Rubric: Laverde | 3 Jun 2015 | Erantzun buruzko Two 1974 Laverde 750 SF’s For Sale Classic Sport Bikes
Two 1974 Laverda 750 SF’s For Sale Classic Sport Bikes…

Two 1974 Laverde 750 SF’s For Sale Posted on September 21, 2011 by tad Prowling the internet, filling a fantasy garage is an addictive way to kill time when you should be working, or doing laundry, or spending time with your kids. I assume that lots of the people that visit this site and its sister sites do so to save precious time: we’ve done most of the browsing for you. I’ve written about my love of the Laverda twins a couple times in the past: they’re stylish, affordable, handle well, and are relatively reliable. They’re also pretty rare, and finding parts and good mechanics to install them can be tough: so difficult, in fact, that a major part of the Cult of Laverda involves ...

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Motorcycle Specs-Laverda

Rubric: Laverde | 3 Jun 2015 | Erantzun buruzko Motorcycle Specs-Laverda
Motorcycle Specs-Laverda

There must be something about the air in Italy that inspires Italian engineers to build cars and motor cycles that are so downright exciting. Italy’s engineers seem to know instinctively how to breathe the spirit of adventure into the machines they create. Even the words Ferrari, Maserati, MV Agusta and Laverda have about them an aura of glamour and excitement. Since the end of World War II, the Laverda company of Breganze has been making a name for itself worldwide by building machines which embody the high-spirited principles so beloved of the Italians. Hain zuzen ere, Laverda’s offering in the superbike stakes the Jotais the absolute epitome of what a super-bike should be. Ironically, ...

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Laverde 668 Ghost Strike

Rubric: Laverde | 3 Jun 2015 | Erantzun buruzko Laverde 668 Ghost Strike
Laverda 668 Ghost Strike

So many attempted Laverda recoveries have ended in failure over the years that caution is still required, but this time the famous old Italian firm really does seem to be back on the right track. Latest owner Francesco Tognon has kept his promise to invest heavily; the factory at Zan in north-eastern Italy is busy and growing; and Laverda’s team of engineers is working flat-out on a batch of new bikes to take the firm into the 21st century. The revival that wealthy textile industrialist Tognon promised when he took over three years ago is gathering momentum nicely. Later this year Laverda will begin production of its sleek new 750 sports bike, powered by an enlarged, redesigned and watercooled ...

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Laverde Arraroak sportbikes Salgai

Rubric: Laverde | 2 Jun 2015 | Erantzun buruzko Laverde Arraroak sportbikes Salgai
Laverda Rare SportBikes For Sale

1984 Laverda RGA 1000 Sprint for sale on eBay Month in Review: June 2013 Sales Report Welcome back to our latest sales report, where savvy buyers and sellers keep an eye on market values. We blogged a record 60 bikes in June and readers purchased 14 bikes in total. 1999 Laverda 750S with 2700 Miles in Pennsylvania Month in Review: May 2013 Sales Report Before it turns into a pumpkin: 1982 Laverda Jota This is not a motorcycle for sale. This is more like a love story. In the motorcycle-themed version of Cinderella, this would be the pumpkin turned chariot. No mice needed to pull this one around, as the big Laverda is well-known for the quality and quantity of its power. Swap some boots ...

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BreganZaneLive Laverda!

Rubric: Laverde | 2 Jun 2015 | Erantzun buruzko BreganZaneLive Laverda!
BreganZane – Live Laverda!

TRIPLE – 120 DEGREE In 1975 the factory produced three works endurance racers with a much-improved frame which became known as ‘the spaceframe’, thanks to its triangulated nature. In some of these bikes experimental engines were tried with the 120 degree crank throw. The 120 degree format produces a different type of vibrationa rocking coupleand when used in the solidly mounted spaceframe caused vibrational problems but the increased high-rpm performance meant the concept was tagged for future development. By the end of the 70’s the smooth and powerful Japanese litre-bikes were arriving and Laverda felt they needed to raise performance and also reduce ...

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1980 Laverda Jota Series 1 for Sale Classic Sport Bikes For Sale

Rubric: Laverde | 2 Jun 2015 | Erantzun buruzko 1980 Laverda Jota Series 1 for Sale Classic Sport Bikes For Sale
1980 Laverda Jota Series 1 for Sale Classic Sport Bikes For Sale

1980 Laverda Jota Series 1 for Sale Posted on April 16, 2012 by tad The Laverda Jota is arguably the most desirable and collectable road-going Laverda ever made. It’s certainly a better streetbike than the SFC, which is really a racing machine that came with some lights you could stick on if you felt like shaking your fillings loose. At the time of its creation, the Jota was the fastest production bike available, a hairy-chested 140mph hot-rod with high-compression pistons, wild cams, and silencers so antisocial they could more accurately have been called “loudeners.” Named after the “jota”, a Spanish dance in triple time, the 981cc triple made a hellacious racket. hau ...

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Classic metal: Laverda SFC1000-News & Reviews-Motorcycle Trader

Rubric: Laverde | 30 May 2015 | Erantzun buruzko Classic metal: Laverda SFC1000-News & Reviews-Motorcycle Trader
Classic metal: Laverda SFC1000-News & Reviews-Motorcycle Trader

30 Nov 2011 | The big Italian triple is one hell of a motorcycle by Ian Falloon Laverda’s legend was built around the 750 SFC; the bright orange factory racers that dominated European endurance racing in the early 1970s. As the 750 twin became outclassed Laverda turned towards the fire-breathing 180-degree 1000cc Jota triple to sustain the myth. But by the 1980s not even the roguish exhaust note or the rush of top-end power could disguise the 180’s excessive vibration caused by the two outside pistons rising and falling together. Laverda sought to tame their triple with the more orthodox 120-degree crankshaft layout, in the process creating a motorcycle with a completely different character. ...

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Italian Classic: 1985 Laverda RGS 1000 Arraroak sportbikes Salgai

Rubric: Laverde | 26 May 2015 | Erantzun buruzko Italian Classic: 1985 Laverda RGS 1000 Arraroak sportbikes Salgai
Italian Classic: 1985 Laverda RGS 1000 Rare SportBikes For Sale

Italian Classic: 1985 Laverda RGS 1000 eguneratzearen 5.3.2012: Originally listed in February, a winning bid of $8500 was accepted but apparently fell through. Links updated. -dc Laverda has never quite gained the popularity of those other Italian brands. Sure, everyone has heard about Ducati, most know of Moto Guzzi and collectors and enthusiasts know of Bimota. But Laverda? Doesn’t ring a bell. Perhaps that is because Laverda no longer exists from a brand perspectivealthough a long and storied marquee, Laverda foundered in the 1980s, changed hands several times, and attempted a minor comeback in the late 1990s. By then it was too late, and Laverda was absorbed by Aprilia in 2000. ...

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euli: 1998 Laverda Ghost Strike Miss Motorcycle

Rubric: Laverde | 25 May 2015 | Erantzun buruzko euli: 1998 Laverda Ghost Strike Miss Motorcycle
Spotted: 1998 Laverda Ghost Strike Miss Motorcycle

euli: 1998 Laverda Ghost Strike I’ve spent the past few weeks thinking hard about my next bike. I might have seen it a few times already: the Yamaha MT-03′s distinctively brutal features, the divisively dashing Triumph Street Triple, and the roaring Ducati Monster are slowly luring me into the market for an interesting naked middleweight to spend next summer with. The choice I face is an editorial for another time; it has been pushed back by something rather fascinating I spotted a few days ago. At the time, I thought my mainstream options were all attractively radical, and I was right: even the 45BHP MT-03 is a long way over on the excitometer compared to my sensible little GPZ 500. ...

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Laverda SF2 750

Rubric: Laverde | 24 May 2015 | Erantzun buruzko Laverda SF2 750
Laverda SF2 750

The most noticeable modification was the adoption of a 280mm Brembo disc front brake. This was replaced by dual discs of the same size almost straight away, so only a handful of bikes came with a single unit. Era, most machines were sold with a dual, rather than the previous solo saddle. Other smaller changes concerned items such as the headlamp and the tail-lamp. The drum rear brake and wire wheels were retained, as were the Nippon-Denso instruments. To students of modern motor cycle design, there is very little in the specification of the Laverda 750SF twin to get excited about. By contemporary standards, the machine is positively archaic and should have been pensioned off years ago. Its ...

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