2005 Ducati ST 4S ABS – Used 2005 ST 4 S ABS at Motorcyclist Magazine

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Ducati ST4S ABS

2005 ST 4S ABS

2005 Ducati ST 4S ABS

by 2005, the Ducati ST sport-touring motorcycle from Italian manufacturer Ducati was in its ninth year – and three years away from its discontinuation. Never a best-seller, the ST received some updates for the 2005 urtea.

by 2005, Ducati had discontinued the low-level ST2, sticking with the ST3 it had introduced the year before. The ST4S also returned from last year, with a new variant that includes an anti-lock braking system for preventing wheel lock-up during braking: the ST4S ABS. The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices for the three models were $11,995 for the ST3, $14,995 for the ST4S, and $15,995 for the ST4S ABS.

The 2005 Ducati ST is available in three color schemes: Glossy Black, Red, and Silver. Each bike is powered by a four-stroke liquid-cooled L-twin (two-cylinder) motorra. The one on the ST3 model displaces at 992 cubic centimeters (cc), and generates 107 horsepower at 8,750 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 72 lb-ft of torque at 7,250 RPM.

The ST4S models feature an engine that displaces at 996 cc, and pumps out 121 horsepower at 8,750 RPM and 76 lb-ft of torque at 7,250 RPM. It also has six intake valves instead of four on the ST3 engine. Thus the ST4S variants are greater accelerators than the ST3 model.

With reliance on Marelli fuel injection, the engine on the 2005 Ducati ST is paired with a six-speed manual gearbox. The gas tank has a peak capacity of 5.5 gallons (21 litro), with a 1.5-gallon (6-L) reserve. For braking, the 2005 ST uses Brembo® disc brakes, with a 12.6-inch (320-millimeter) dual disc at the front and a 9.7-inch (245-millimeter) single disc in the back.

As previously mentioned, the ST4S ABS has an additional anti-lock braking system. The suspension on the ST consists of a 1.7-inch (43-mm) Showa® inverted fork at the front and a twin-sided Sachs at the back.

The 2005 Ducati ST was constructed with a sturdy steel frame, and it is covered with fenders and a full fairing. A spoiler was added to the rear for the bike’s aerodynamics. The bike’s digital dashboard is loaded with a clock, tachometer, trip odometer and computer, service reminder indicator, speedometer, and temperature and fuel warning lights.

For storage, the 2005 Ducati ST provides under-seat and lockable compartments. A tinted windshield sits at the front of the bike for protection against the rushing wind. At a corner by the dashboard is a power outlet for charging mobile devices, and an engine immobilizer acts as the bike’s security system.

Also present are a halogen highlight and a pair of side mirrors for increased visual perception on the road.

Each 2005 Ducati ST has a length of 81.6 hazbeteko (2072.6 mm), width of 35.7 hazbeteko (906 mm), height of 50.2 hazbeteko (1,274 mm) and wheelbase of 56.3 hazbeteko (1,430 mm). The ground clearance and seat height for each 2005 Ducati ST are 6.5 hazbeteko (165 mm) and 32.3 hazbeteko (820 mm), respectively. Despite the similarities in physical dimensions, the ST3 has a dry weight of 442.7 kgs. (200.8 kilograms), while that of the ST4 is 453.7 kgs. (206 kg).

Ducati ST4S ABS
Ducati ST4S ABS

Ducati ST shoppers would do best with any of the latter models due to the considerable amount of refinement over the years. The 2005 Ducati ST is no exception.

New For 2005

This is the ninth model year of the Ducati ST. Changes for 2005 include:

ST2 discontinued

ST4S introduced

Reduction of engine displacement

Increase of engine power and torque

Ducati ST4S ABS
Ducati ST4S ABS
Ducati ST4S ABS
Ducati ST4S ABS
Ducati ST4S ABS
Ducati ST4S ABS
Ducati ST4S ABS

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