Triumph Abiadura Triple 1050 2008 How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

15 Jan 2015 | Egilea: | Erantzun buruzko Triumph Abiadura Triple 1050 2008 How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!
Triumph Speed Triple 1050
Triumph Speed Triple 1050

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mrgarybrown: Got a speed triple identical to yours,The quality mods.I am however wonderin wot make the crash bungs are ?

indi1050: In fairness, I’ve only taken her up to 123mph at Brands and that was fast enough for medidn’t notice much wobble but wind battering was horrendous and the thought of a tyre blowing quickly slowed me down.

Gouger32: Your bike is awesome. I am going to look at an orange one in a few days. I’m about 80% sure I will be buying it. Can’t wait.

indi1050: Bai, If you lose her when standing still, very difficult to hold her uprightvery heavy.

indi1050: I have to agree 🙂

indi1050: RG

Hercules731: Any thoughts on buying a Speed Triple as a first bike for a first time rider

ukfatkats: hi there i have a 2008 speed triple in orange ive spent over 2k on extras and i can safely say its the best bike ive ever bought keep riding

plumb757: Gorgeous Bike. What a difference several accessories make. The bike looks so much better and sounds better than a stock speed triple. Im working on finishing up my black 08 S3 very similar to your incredible bike.

You will have a twin bike on the other side of the pond. -) Im hoping to pickup my arrow slipon exhaust this week and then Im going to work on purchasing a tail tidy kit to get rid of the bulky stock unit. Thanks for sharing your great looking/sounding bike. I love the Speed Triple!!

mohsin baig: i heard rumors that this bike wobbles a lot after 120 orduko mila. is this true?

bob trumpit: is this bike heavy? an is it reliable

Triumph Speed Triple 1050
Triumph Speed Triple 1050

indi1050: Cheers for the comment kawas007

indi1050: Far be it for me to say, but I believe the vast majority of bikers tend to graduate through bike/engine size to become accustomed with the characteristics of larger machines and hone their skillsboring as it may seem but you will be thankful of the experience. I went 50/125/250/550/1050cc over many years. – Hope that is of some assistance.

indi1050: Cheers for the commentit is a great rideyou will love itenjoy:)

MrDevo5: hi,did you fit your own tail tidy? was it fairly easy? only ive just bought the 2010 model and its a bit. you know

indi1050: Yep, fitted the RG tail tidy myselfvery straight forward and all done in around an hour and makes the bike look way better imo. Cheers

NAMZR160: Triple FTW! 😉

MrDevo5: @mohsin19999995 ive had 161 mph out of mine no problems apart from trying to hang on

kawas007: Nice bike!

Triumph Speed Triple 1050
Triumph Speed Triple 1050

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