2013 Suzuki Burgman 400 Top Motos neuves

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Suzuki Burgman Fuell Cell Concept

2013 Suzuki Burgman 400

Le moderne et exclusif, la nouvelle Suzuki Burgman 400, un leurre pour ceux qui, en plus un confort supérieur et l'agrément de conduite sont à la recherche d'un scooter qui fera tourner les têtes, and the price is not a problem …

In addition to increased mobility versus cars in the city, gros scooters comme Suzuki Burgman 400 gagner la bataille sur les routes ouvertes et autoroutes à. Burgman d'abord présenté au public en Allemagne 1998e ce qui en fait un certain sens parce que « Burgman » en allemand signifie « de l'homme urbain ». Après une refonte au cours des années, Burgman 400 est arrivé plus modernisé et embelli 2007. an.

La principale différence par rapport au modèle précédent augmentent compression, and thus the maximum power that gives this single-cylinder water-cooled engine.

Wheelbase is now slightly longer, and the air inlet opening in the grille significantly higher. With the new design Suzuki Burgman now looks a lot smoother and more likeable. Two great lights with integrated turn signals are spread horizontally across the front grille and slightly look like a big smile.

Looking at the total luggage space of Burgman 400, we remain impressed by the size of the space just below the seat and numerous storage compartments. One on each side of the wheel wich can accommodate gloves, documents and cell phone, and another great under the steering wheel where the flat items such as a camcorder or a camera that there may even be charged via 12V port.

The space under the seat, capacité 62 litres, comfortably fit two full-face helmet, and two slightly hidden side compartments tools and other small items. Large and ergonomic adjustable seat is in the lower back to provide support regardless of the length and position of the driver’s legs.

The instrument panel looks much like on a more expensive car, in other words, great. In addition to the analog display speed, rpm, fuel and coolant conditions in the middle of the plate, there is a LCD. It shows the distance traveled, current and average fuel consumption, outside temperature, etc.

Single-cylinder, water-cooled, four-stroke DOHC engine capacity 399.6 cc delivers 25 kW / 34 hp at 7500/min. It has an advanced electronic fuel injection that allows easier ignition at any outside temperature, the better the response to the gas with lower fuel consumption and emissions. Suzuki Burgman 400 accelerates a bit lazy, but when the needle yarn 40 km / h and the engine reaches a speed of about 5250/min and starts to pull strongly until 140 km / h and then continues pucker up to 160 km / h.

The front hydraulic fork is a 14-inch wheel, tires measure 120/80, and for the care of two disc brakes diameter 260 mm. Rear, Swingarm with two adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers, tire 150/70-13 and one disc diameter 210 mm.

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