GAS GAS EC 125 — 2003 SERVICE MANUAL Pdf Download.

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Summary of Contents

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2: Foreword

GAS GAS thank you for your By choosing the new GAS GAS EC 125/ 200/ 250/ 300 you just entered the great GAS GAS and, as a user of the number one motorbike manufacturer, you deserve the treatment that we wish to to you both in our after-sale relationship and in the that we provide in this

Page 3: Common Notice


Page 4: Of Contents

Bolt and nut tightening. 99 timing. 78 Lubrication. 101 Cooling 78 Tunning (Carburetor and suspension). 102 plug. 81 Preparation check. 111 81 Storage. 112 Air cleaner. 83 Gas Gas speedo 112 Throtlle cable. 84 Troubleshooting. 114 84 Warranty regulations. 118 EC 2003 -.


SPECIFICATIONS ENGINE 2 cycle, cylinder, crank case liquid cooled Engine 125 cc. and … 54 x 54.5 mm. Displacement in centimeters 124 cc. Engine 200 cc.

Bore and 62.5 x 65 mm. Displacement in cubic 199,4 cc.

Page 6

Transmission oil 1800 cc. Type 5W50 API SF o SG Type Chromolly tubular double cradle Tires 80/100 x 21 Rear 120/90 x 18 Front Upside-down telescopic 43mm WP fork. Upside-down #xF8; 45mm Marzocchi

Rear Progressive system single shock, multi #xD6;HLINS Suspension ….

7: Location Of Components

Location of GAS GAS EC 2003 cc. 1- Clutch lever 2- Stop Button 3- Fuel Fill Cap 4- Front Brake Reservoir 5- Front Brake 6- Throttle Twist-Grip EC 2003 -.


24 25 7- Brake Disc, front 17- Air 8- Front Suspension 18- Silencer 9- fluid reservoir, rear 19- 10- Fuel Tank 20- Nitrogen 11- Carburetor 21- Chain Guide 12- shock absorber 22- Drive 13- Brake Caliper, front 23- Suspension Linkage 14- Radiator 24- Brake Pedal.

Page 9: Stand, Fuel

SIDE FUEL To operate the side The GAS GAS FSE 400 cc has a four … engine and 95 octane, unleaded gasoline the security strap (B), the is held in the down position by the of the motorcycle. Thes sidestand Gas Tank Capacity retracts the motorcycle is placed in the upright

Page 10

RECOMENDED FUEL Oil: Use premium gasoline an octane rating equal to or than OIL 2T SINTETIC that in the table. NOTE OCTANE METHOD MINIUM If recommended oil is not use only synthetic oil RATING for use in racing 2 cycle engines.

Page 11: Serial Number

THE ENGINE SERIAL NUMBER number allows the motorcycle to be The serial 1. You have to assure the to the neutral position. number (or is located on the steering stem of the 2. Turn right the key of fuel (A).

Official approval Open This motorcycle has an approval plate.

Page 12

GEARS NOTE — the engine is already warm or on hot open The transmission is a 6 speed, shift type with halfaway the throttle part way of using the choke knob. If the engine is flooded, kick the throttle fully open. 1st and 2nd gears.

Page 13: Stopping The

STOPPING THE MOTORCYCLE SPARK Standard Plug Hotter For maximum deceleration, close the (A) and apply both NGK BR8EG and rear brakes. Disengage the as the motorcycle comes to a stop. use of the front or rear brake may be under certain conditions.


MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENT Check / Replace / Clean Grease / inspect Change Lubricate Each race Each Each race* Each Friction plates 3 races 3 3 races* Throttle cable race Spark plug 1 Air cleaner element 1 race If damaged.

Page 15

MAINTENANCE AND Check / Adjust Replace / Grease / Part inspect Lubricate Brake caliper seal dust seal 2 years Brake hose and Every 4 years Spoke and rim runout 1 race 1 race* 1 Lubricate drive chain 1

Page 16: Cooling System

TIMING — If the marks are not loosen the magneto stator and turn the magneto stator. Tighten the screws securely. a capacitor discharge ignition system is used on this Install the magneto cover. the ignition timing should require adjustment unless the stator is incorrectly installed engine NOTE.

Page 17

Using high-pressure water, as a car wash facility, could If the lowest ambient temperature falls below the freezing the fins and impair the radiator#xB4;s point of water, protect the system against engine and Do not obstruct or deflect airflow the radiator by installing freeze-up.


Coolant level Recommended — Situate the motorcycle so it is perpendicular to the ground. Permanent of antifreeze (soft water and glycol plus — the radiator (A) cap in two steps. First the cap corrosion and rust inhibitor for aluminum engines and counterclockwise to the stop and wait there for a few

Page 19: Spark Plug,

Standard Spark Plug NGK CR8 E o DENSO U24ESR-N 0.7-0.8 mm. on tires will make slippery and can cause an accident and The spark plug should be out periodically to check its gap and ceramic

If the plug is oily or has carbon up on it, clean it (preferably with a and then clean off any — inspect the old coolant.

Page 20

Oil Transmission oil type — the motorcycle upright and level a few minutes for the oil to settle. Viscosity: SAE Capacity: 1000 cc.

Oil Change The transmission oil should be changed to assure long engine

Page 21: Air Cleaner

AIR CLEANER Stuff a clean, lint-free into the carburetor so no dirt is to enter the carburetor. A clogged air restricts the engine#xB4;s air intake, fuel consumption, reducing power, and causing spark CAUTION fouling.

Page 22: Cable, Carburetor

— the element for damage such as hardening, or — If the free cannot beset by adjusting the cable adjuster, shrinkage. If replace it or it will allow into the carburetor. pull the boot off of the carburetor top. the necessary — Apply to all connections and srew hole in the air free play adjustment at the cable adjuster, tighten the housing and intake tract.

23: Clutch

EXHAUST SYSTEM The muffler and silencer reduce noise and conduct the Operation a damaged cable could in an unsafe riding exhaust back away from the condition. If the muffler is badly dented, cracked or rusted, it with a new one.

Page 24

Rivots. (B). Inner 30-50 mm. In addition to checking the rotate the rear wheel to DRIVE CHAIN the drive and sprockets for damaged rollers, pin and links, unevenly or excessively teet, and damaged teeth.

The chain must be checked, and lubricated in accordance with the Maintenance table.

Page 25

master link clip be installed with the closed end of the alignment can also be checked the straightedge #xAB;U#xBB; points in the of chain rotation. or string WARNING Misalignment of the wheel result in abnormal wear and may in an unsafe riding condition.

26: Handlebar

Cain Slider Apply oil to the side of the rollers so it will penetrate to the rollers and Wipe off any excess oil. inspect the upper and lower sliders. (A).

Apply oil. HANDLEBAR To various riding positions, the position can be adjusted front to

Page 27: Brakes

Tighten the bolts, front first and the rear, to 25 Nm of Rear brake position torque (18 ft.lbs). the brake pedal is in rest there should be a play of 10 mm. If adjust the pedal position.

the brake for good braking and no brake drag.

Page 28:

1 mm, replace both pads in the as a set Pad replacement should be done by an GAS GAS dealer. Steering The steering always be kept adjusted so the handlebar will turn but have no excessive play.

29: Steering Blocade

To check the adjustment, using a stand the frame, — Tighten the stem head nut (B), and fork upper or raise the off the ground. Push the handlebar to either lower clamp to the specified torque. side;.

30: Front Fork

— Air Air pressure acts as a progressive and affects the entire range of travel. The air pressure in the fork as the fork heats up, so the fork on your GAS GAS will get stiffer as the progresses. Because of this, we recommend using air pressure for springing.

Page 31

Stand oil CAUTION The left and right tubes must bealigned at the top clamps. Marzocchi: 110 mm. (see the WP: 120 mm. #xD6;hlins: 110 mm. Compression Dampening — To adjust, turn the located at the top of the fork.

Adjust to preferance.

Page 32

(1). (2). Locknut (3). cap (4). Cap Wrench (5).

nut wrench Fork Springs fork springs are available to suitable front fork in accordance with the rider#xB4;s and track conditions. — springs make the fork and rebound action quicker.

Page 33: Rear Suspension

Rebound Dampening Adjustment shock Absorber o adjust rebound dampening, turn the dampening adjuster on the rear absorber lower end until you a click. The total number of is: 60 #xA8;CLICKS#xA8;. The standard setting is: 25 (Counterclockwise from fully

Page 34

Suspension spring The spring is a 4.0. The standard preload length is 258 mm (A). dampening adjuster Adjusting the (A).

Adjusting — the seat, right and left number plates. (B). — Loosen the air cleaner clamp screw. (C).


(A). Llave tensador WARINING Improper removal of the from the rear shock body may cause the spring and parts to be ejected at high Always wear eye and face Removal and installation of spring be performed by an person or company.

WHEELS Tires (A).


CLEANING 3- After washing: Remove the plastic bags, and the air cleaner intake. 1- Preparation for — Lubricate the points in the lubrication section. — the engine and run for 5 minutes. Before precautions must be taken to water off the — Dry the brakes operating the motorcycle.


Page 37: And Nut Tightening

BOLT AND NUT TIGHTENING day before riding, check fail the tighteness of the bolts and described here. Also, to see whether or not each cotter pin is in and in good condition. 5,6,7 21 22 13 14 28,29.

Page 38

Torque Tighten all bolts and nuts to the torque using an accurate wrench. A bolt or nut if insufficiently may become damaged or fall possibly resulting in damage to the and injury to the rider. PART N-m / FT.LBS.

Page 39: Lubrication

Lubricate the points shown with either motor oil or grease, in accordance with the Maintenance Chart or whenever the has been operated under wet or conditions, and especially after a high pressure spray Before lubricating each clean off any rusty spots rust remover and wipe off any oil, dirt, or grime.


Chain lubrication NOTE The jet should be increased or decreased one to sizes Lubricate the chain drive over wet places or the chain and tested until the gives maximum power. dry. It’s better a viscosity oil than a small oil because it will stay a time in chain.

Page 41

Jet (piltot jet) and air screw Jet The slow jet and air srew controls the in the closed to 1/8 The jet needle and jet needle together have their effect throttle range, but has effect on up to full throttle. To the in the 1/4 to 3/4 throttle range.

Page 42

the condition of the spark plug, sure the ingnition timing factors: is correct, service the air element, decarbonize the muffler If you has run properly at a certain track in the and (For changes in altitude and then starts running with the same carb the problem is almost certain to be

Page 43

ALTITUDE (104) (68) (#xBA;C) (50) (32) (14) 0.86 0.90 0.92 0.94 0.98 1.00 1.02 1.06 CORRECTION FACTOR JET AIR SCREW CHART CORRECTION 1,06 or ABOVE 1,06 1,02 1,02 — 0,98 — 0,94 or BELOW JET NEEDLE LOWER

Page 44

2. SUSPENSION TUNING fork No area of machine is more critical than suspension The fork oil level in the tube is adjustable. A change in the tuning. An improperly tuned will keep even the rider oil level will not the spring force much at the top of travel, from attaining the benefit of his machine#xB4;s ability.


5. Rebound or compression damping incorrect. Troubleshooting Improper Listed below are some of improper suspension settings of the rear shok: and the most means of correcting them. Too The proper settings can be achieved by the information — The suspension is too in this chapter in a scientific, manner;.

Page 46

Riding Front and rear compability: Softer: spring with rebound damping. Use this to determine if the suspension is balanced Harder spring. reasonably Hold the bike upright the side stand). While next to the machine, lightly on the front brake, place one on the footpeg closest to you, and down hard.

Page 47

depending on bottoming condition:(rear absorber). Front fork respond to small bumps in turns: — Front is too hard: — Bottoms at low 1. Decrease the compression damping or damping. — Increase preload until maximum is achieved. 2.

Page 48

— If the portion of a course is longer, the reduction 3. The engine works in muddy conditions and the radiator should be reduced so that the speed can be increased. can become with mud. Take not to overheat the engine in these

Page 49

PREPARATION FOR COMPETITION After first race 1. Air cleaner element (1). 2. Drive chain slack 3. sprocket nuts 1. Front shaft and nut, or axle nut tightness 4. Sprockets 2. Front clamp bolt tightness 5.

50: Gas Gas Speedo Instructions

STORAGE GAS GAS INSTRUCTIONS When the motorcycle is to be for any lenght of time, it should The top is the reset button. be prepared for as follows: The bottom button is the button. — Clean the vehicle thoroughly.

Page 51

met for km/h mil — for mp/h — The white plastic connector on the speedo is for the display — The red wire is positve. The black wire is negative. distance Trip distance Warning; your speedo is set for the of your front wheel To the time: enduro 21.

Page 52: Troubleshooting

TROUBLESHOOTING This is not an exhaustive list, every possible cause for problem listed. It is meant as a rough guide to assist the for some of the more common CAUSE REMEDY TROUBLE doesn’t crank — seizure.

Page 53

TROUBLE REMEDY Engine flooded Wiring shorted or open. Change wiring. — in fuel. — Empty tank and fill up with new Engine does not rev high, — Fuel supply interrupted or — Clean and fuel system as well as not reach full power dirty.

Page 54

TROUBLE REMEDY Clutch not disengaging — Clutch hub or housing worn. — Change hub. Jumps out of gear Shift fork worn, worn. — Change it and go to garage. — Gear and/or dog holes worn. Change it and go to specialized garage.


TROUBLE CAUSE REMEDY train noise — and/or engine sprocket — Change it. — lubrication insufficient. — with apropiate chain — Rear wheel — Align rear — Oil front fork or too thin. — Add oil until level.

Page 56: Warranty

The Company GAS GAS Motos S.A. warrants to the final purchaser of a manufactured by GG that both and maintenance work performed not at all or only after the prescribed

Page 57

b) Lubricants (e.g. grease, etc.) and operating (e.g. battery 3.- If it turns out any defect cannot be removed, the fluid, cooling liquid, shall be entitled to demand of the contract (payment of c) Inspection, and other periodical maintenance as a compensation) or partial reimbursement for the price well as all kinds of work.

Page 58

FEBRERO / 2003 C/ UNICEF n#xBA; 17 Poligon Industrial Torremirona 17190 Salt (Girona) #xB7; Tel: +34 902 47 62 54 Fax: +34 902 47 61 60 officegg @ / partsgg @ #xB7; Web:



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