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excellent references and with an file after the successful in Adam Ragas hands the TXT Pro, the 2005 GAS GAS trial starts from a much initial base to apply a of small improvements learnt in the best testing bench for the of the off-road leading manufacturers Visually compared to its predecessor, the new GG TXT Pro does not offer considerable apart from the new and striking

The colours identifying the cylinder are the same as in previous years Rookie TXT Pro 80 cc in red; 125 and 200 cc in yellow; 250 and 280 in red and and silver for the biggest bike, the 300 and the decoration is globally more according to the philosophy transmitted in all the models. However, a closer uncovers several details make the new range a lastgeneration aiming at a featerweight figure the GAS GAS is already one of the slimmest bikes in the but counts on an enviable character and toughness by taking grams off possible part and leaving the weight in just 69 kilos, 64 in the models. One of the determining factors in task was the use of a new, variable handlebar this change the bigger bikes, from the 250 to the

The bar diameter is not constant from one end to the it changes from bigger in the to smaller in the ends. This has the technicians in charge of the continuous of the GAS GAS trial bikes to achieve the weight reduction in contrast to the handlebar, improving the riders and comfort at the same time, as it the rider to keep the body to the front with no remarkable effort.

The handlebar also new racing clamps and Hebo grips. A look at the rear that the 2005 GG TXT Pro bikes a new number plate. It features material and the new design is more The brake light is also

Technically called racing it substitutes the classical bulb by a where a set of leds is in charge of the light; this new system has adapted in the new bikes because it is unlikely to fuse and it is much than a conventional bulb, GAS GASs weight-saving line. A engine The 2005 TXT Pro feature a 2-… engine with directly into the engine DellOrto carburettor, and a GAS GAS-patented 1/3 disk, adjustable progressivity, clutch.

The range also a new oil clutch pump, where the fluid used up to the present has replaced by mineral oil. The is an easier-to-maintain and more reliable system. Any mechanic dismantling the circuit will not have the caused by brake fluid leaking occur in the process At the same time, the clutch and the front brake line are in the outside.

Teflon is an insulating with extremely high which is hardly affected by or humidity, a very important in off-road bikes. The clutch have also evolved higher quality to ensure their surface is slick at all The material used is different the former bikes, with width tolerances for a perfected

The crankshaft bearing lubrication is with an oil by-pass system in the They feature built-in as a novelty in the 2005 models. means that the two parts in the bearing and seal — in models have become which makes the assembly easier and, again, weight. Shaving off small is a determining factor in the eagerness to weight. Another example is the

This element features the contact now, forming a compact package and avoiding the of unnecessary small pieces. The is also more homogeneous, no performance loss at all. The in the engine finish with the new It is a variable electronic ignition in the bikes and a digital, programmable flywheel CDI Kokusan in the rest of the except for the TXT Pro 300, which a Ducati ignition.

The exhaust has also been modified. A suspension The chassis elliptic in Cro-Mo is the part that on less innovations in the 200 range, already very advanced in the series. With the new, bigger-

diameter tele-hydraulic fork adopted in the 2004 40mm in the bigger bikes and in the Rookie, Pro 125 and 200 the overall stiffness was improved and, as a result, all the flexions of the mount were The new range counts on a new Sachs absorber with new settings. The suspension keeps the variable system.

Featuring new Michelin tyres at the rear all the new range models are with 32-spoke duraluminium with a 185mm disc at the front and 150mm at the rear. The tank capacity new in 2004, improved finish and no de-vapourizing in 2005 is 3 litres for the Rookie and 3.1 in the rest of the models.

For further GAS GAS Press Department Tel.

The international German show is being held on 15-19


The German exhibition is to be the venue for its launch Salt (Gerona), 15th, 2004. Confirming again its relevant and expanding presence, GAS GAS Motos is sending to the (Germany) Intermot show a of 20 units from its new 2005 range, for trade importers, and professionals to peruse.

The exhibition of GAS GAS 250-sqm stand is to be increased a further 150 sqm supplied by Hebo, shows in parallel its whole of motorcycling sportswear, equipment, and elements. The motorcycling products GAS GAS is introducing to its worldwide customers in are part of the Gerona-based companys new range, which includes for all sorts of off-road applications.

of the attention will centre on the new TXT Pro units, representing an extensive of the widely acclaimed trial produced by this company, a constant improvement trend upon the excellent test bed from the participation in high-competition by many talented pilots, them Adam Raga, the Indoor World Champion. from showing a new, attractive decoration, the main provided by the TXT Pro 2005 range on the incorporation of new variable-diameter handlebars in the and 300cc versions, by means of GAS GAS has once more produced one of the to handle, lightest motorcycles in the Instead of being fully the bar making up the handlebars, stretching

grip to grip, has a thicker in its mid section and thinner ones at ends. Also, a new oil clutch has been fitted, which improves the reliability of this and simplifies its maintenance operations.

As for the systems, GAS GAS has added a Sachs absorber with a new rating to the hydraulic front fork in 2004 (which increased the rigidity of the vehicle and helped to potential deflections), whilst the suspension system keeps its progressiveness. These and other improvements explain why the GAS GAS TXT Pro 2005 features among the most best-liked ranges in the world of motorcycles.

Apart from the and 300cc versions, models TXT Pro 125 and 280 are to be shown in Munich. The 50cc and TXT Boy and Rookie models will the units designed for kids. the rest of the 2005 catalogue, GAS GAS is its Enduro units with engines in the Enducross (EC) 200cc, 250cc and 300cc

The main distinguishing feature of the new ECs is a of design changes allowing a top of lightness and power, apart including excellent suspension first-class brakes, and great for the rider. One of the most important incorporated are the new settings applied to the suspension system; the new ratings in front suspension system an improved response from the and achieve higher performance which add to the accuracy of the whole

Both the crankcase and the wheel are now lighter in the higher displacement Also, models EC 250cc and 300 cc been provided with a shape that makes the whole vehicle an easier Other developments worth in the EC series are the new Nissin-brand rear-brake with a built-in reservoir, and a tank fitted with a polyamide cap, or alternatively a devaporizer, in order to simplify the operations.

The EC range also the 50cc and 80cc EC Boy and Rookie for children. The Motocross (MC) benefit from many of the added to the Enducross range, as per a development project. However, also include some of their own, such as the new valves offering higher and lower rpm (125cc version), and a with a modified timing both in the 125cc and the 250cc

The whole range has been with a new desmodromic device and a programmed CDI Kokusan. A great is the introduction of an MC model fitted a 65cc engine, for the younger Yet another long-awaited novelty is the of the revolutionary FSE range

of four-… Enduro motorcycles. fully developed product, of all of which is new vis—vis the preceding has been substantially improved as far as its finishing and its overall quality are thus becoming, together the TXT and EC models, a new GAS GAS star product. GAS GAS is taking to the German show its of off-road four-wheel vehicles, the

One of the most outstanding items in range is the GG Wild HP quad, in four-… 450cc and two-… versions, the star models in a that is adequate for both use and competition purposes, since it includes a two-… 300cc and a two-… 50cc basic Visitors to Intermot will be two versions: the four-… 450cc and the 300cc Reverse.

The Supermotard includes from the small Rookie to the 125cc, 250cc and four-… motorcycles, all of which are appreciated by the general public. A new is also to be introduced, Endupam, a of another hybrid such as the Pampera, but designed on the basis of the FSE and 125cc and 400cc engines. product is bound to be highly on account of its versatility and easy

As for the Pampera range, GAS GAS will two versions, one twostroke 250cc Range) and one four-… 250cc Range), thus making it to gauge the extent of the outstanding carried out in one year. Intermot, a exhibition Intermot has now reached its edition, having managed to both as one of the greatest motorcycling events and as an excellent exhibition for GAS GAS to introduce its products for every of market.

The whole GAS GAS range may be in Munichs new exhibition grounds A1, Stand 138) during days of most intense and marketing activity. The location of event is one of the main novelties in the edition, for now nine halls been made available over 100,000 sqm of exhibition a figure that should an equal, or even a higher of visitors than the 150,000 in 2002.

Intermot is to be open day between 09:00 and 18:00 and a total of 1,041 exhibitors 38 countries will show best motorcycling products. important German exhibition is every other year, with the Milan-based EICMA It was first launched in 1998.



With references and with an impeccable after the successful season in Ragas hands with the TXT the 2005 GAS GAS trial range from a much perfected base to apply a series of improvements learnt in competition, the testing bench for the development of the leading manufacturers products. compared to its predecessor, the new 2005 GG TXT Pro not offer considerable modifications from the new and striking decoration.

The identifying the cylinder sizes are the as in previous years — TXT Pro 80 cc in red; 125 and 200 cc in yellow; 250 and 280 in red and blue; and for the biggest bike, the 300 — and the is globally more racing, to the philosophy transmitted in all the 2005 However, a closer look several details that the new range a last-generation product, at a featerweight figure again the GAS GAS is one of the slimmest bikes in the WTC, but on an enviable character and overall by taking grams off every part and leaving the total in just 69 kilos, 64 in the Rookie One of the determining factors in this was the use of a new, variable diameter

this change affects the bikes, from the 250 to the 300. The bar is not constant from one end to the other: it from bigger in the centre to in the ends. This has allowed the in charge of the continuous development of the GAS GAS bikes to achieve the targeted reduction in contrast to the conventional improving the riders mobility and at the same time, as it allows the to keep the body more to the with no remarkable physical

The handlebar also mounts new clamps and Hebo Zero A look at the rear shows the 2005 GG TXT Pro bikes mount a new plate. It features lighter and the new design is more elaborated. The light is also innovative.

called racing leds, it the classical bulb by a system a set of leds is in charge of reflecting the this new system has been in the new bikes because it is very to fuse and it is much lighter a conventional bulb, following GAS weight-saving line. A highly-improved The 2005 TXT Pro feature a single-cylinder, engine with reed-intake into the engine crankcase, carburettor, and a GAS GAS-patented hydraulically-operated, 1/3 adjustable progressivity, diaphragm

The range also features a new oil pump, where the brake used up to the present has been by mineral oil. The result is an and more reliable clutch-operating Any mechanic dismantling the clutch will not have the problems by brake fluid should occur in the process now.

At the time, the clutch line and the brake line are teflon-covered in the Teflon is an insulating material extremely high resistance is hardly affected by heat or a very important factor in bikes. The clutch disks also evolved with quality to ensure that surface is slick at all times.

The used is different from the bikes, with different tolerances for a perfected clutch. The bearing lubrication is continuous an oil by-pass system in the crankcase. feature built-in seals as a in the 2005 models. This that the two parts in the crankcase and seal — in former have become one, makes the assembly much and, again, saves

Shaving off small parts is a factor in the eagerness to save Another example is the radiator. element features the thermo now, forming a very package and avoiding the introduction of small pieces.

The bike is more homogeneous, with no loss at all. The modifications in the finish with the new ignition: It is a electronic ignition in the Rookie and a digital, programmable magnetic CDI Kokusan in the rest of the models, for the TXT Pro 300, which features a ignition. The exhaust curve has been modified.

A faultless The chassis elliptic shape in is the part that counts on innovations in the 200 range, being very advanced in the previous With the new, revolutionary tele-hydraulic Marzocchi fork in the 2004 range 40mm in the bikes and

38mm in the Rookie, Pro 125 and 200 the stiffness was proportionally improved as a result, all the possible flexions of the were eliminated. The new range on a new Sachs shock absorber new settings. The rear suspension the variable progressivity system. new Michelin tyres tubeless at the all the new range models are fitted 32spoke duraluminium rims, a 185mm disc brake at the and 150mm at the rear.

The fuel capacity new in 2004, with finish and no de-vapourizing hole in is 3 litres for the Rookie and 3.1 litres in the of the models.


NO LIMITS FOR 2 STROKE GAS GAS Motos, S.A. are introducing the new enduro and moto-cross bikes 2stroke engines in the 125, 250 and 300cc Enducross (EC) and 125cc and 250cc in the moto-cross (MC). These motorbikes are being produced at the Salt in Girona, and in coming weeks will reach the whole of the market and will cover the coming from the 52 countries GAS GAS export their models.

and lightweight, inherent to the EC Starting an excellent base with particular modifications, the improved EC made a new step ahead, in a light as well as powerful with outstanding suspensions, brakes and great riding The GAS GAS Enducross continue to be in the number one in registrations month after which proves the great ratio that GAS GAS offer in all models, their best card.

The changes to the range can be spotted and felt when the new bikes. Visually speaking, a more aggressive decoration, integrated in the lines that the frame, keeps the yellow for the smaller models, the 125 and 200cc, red for the and blue for the biggest one, the EC

New plastic side shields for the can also be distinguished, apart a slightly bigger halogen making visibility much at night or in extreme weather A new-design front mudguard, new, more attractive and more reduced than in the model the rear one was already in the 2004 model and the newly-shaped, stand complete the new looks of the In the 125, the chassis is painted

Regarding the handling and engine one of the most important innovations are the new suspension settings in all the models. The GAS GAS EC Marzocchi suspension at the front end and at the rear. The new settings at the front the overall response and the performance, to higher cornering precision.

after year, the Catalan has chosen quite soft tending to improve the riding which benefits from type of suspension particularly on rocky and slow ground. The and rims are lighter in the bigger

The EC 250 and 300 feature new geometries, contributing to a package; in the former two models, the EC had been slightly modified at the of the frame by closing the steering and relocating the engine at the front, made it one of the best enduro regarding handling, according to of the specialised magazines in the two-wheel both at a Spanish and international After the revision of the brakes in the EC, with new compound in the brake improving the performance particularly in temperatures, now a new built-in reservoir caliper is introduced at the rear.

At the time, with the aim to make faster in competition, where all applied to the GAS GAS products come the new range counts on a bigger-bore fuel cap with built-in In the engine, the exhaust valves been revised to offer performance at the low end, particularly in the the regining Enduro World

In the bigger sizes the cylinder has been modified to offer elastic accelerations, and the cylinder is new in the 125. The range is completed the 50 cc childrens bikes EC Boy and Rookie. The MC innovate Since the moto-cross GAS GAS the MC, derive directly from the models, many of the modifications to the EC have also been to this product in the 125 and 250 models, also feature 2-…

Analysing the chassis, the front settings have been with better hydraulic and double compression adjustment in the absorber. They also the new Nissin brake caliper built-in reservoir. Visually, the MC are to the EC models.

At first sight, the of lights, the seat and the tyres to be the only differences between as the decoration is identical this with the same frame and the new crankcase, also lighter, with the new front mudguard, also counts on a new design. On the side, the re-designed bikes new exhaust valves offering low-end performance in the 125cc and revised cylinder distribution in cylinder sizes. The complete benefits from a new desmodronic and new-programme Kokusan CDI.




Lighter with new forge and machining The lighter crankshaft balance has optimised for less engine and reduced engine vibrations, in less vibrations in the bike as Acceleration is also improved as a Forged piston with two rings The piston forge is with two rings instead of making it lighter and contributing

to the in crankcase and engine balancing. At the time, friction between the and the cylinder has been reduced for power and performance. The package is 60 lighter.

New centrifugal crankcase system The balance shaft a crankcase ventilation system, more performance. This is thanks to the new centrifugal system the balance shaft, improving the of pressure from inside the New central crankcase and starter behind the cylinder The central has been redesigned with the new of the starter, now beneath the butterfly with a new, more protector.

The new starter location, has moved from the front to the part of the cylinder, means a) The exhaust connector route is not a anymore with the starter out of the b) The weight balance is better and concentrated, favouring the swift of the FSE. The motorbikes centre of varies thanks to the new position of the starter package, improving in to the former model.

New-design clutch A tougher clutch has been fitted to the starter, the gearing, to prevent deterioration in the starter crown wheel Revised oil system The oil pressure has been revised, and features an valve that opens the pressure limit is exceeded, possible lubricant leaks and the of the circuit (oil filter,

The oil filter retention is finer, and the aspiration bell sits right down to the oil aspiration achieving excellent lubricant into the tank, and avoiding any in the process. Revised oil circuit have been particularly to prevent oil pressure loss.

of the pick-up sensor inside the The external ignition pick-up has been moved into the thus avoiding potential from scratches, crashes and deterioration. New, reinforced for better cylinder head Two extra bolts have added to the previous four in the head at the front and rear of the — for total sealing

Now the cylinder head sits on an surface instead of the former one, making it more New cylinder head The casting of the new head is new and machining has been New-material valve guides they are still in cast the material composition and tolerance of the guides is now different for higher Crankcase gaskets in Metalfoam The are not paper with silicone but Metalfoam, that is, aluminium and NBR

This outside film the crankcase sealing and their stiffness makes installation

New desmodromic with smoother The desmodromic has been re-designed, in the valve closure ramps, speed changes smoother. clutch, with anti-blocking under retention This is a new operation system that the engine braking something important when riding bikes avoiding and limiting engine overrevving under downshifting.

Reinforced chain-sprocket system This aspect has improvements for a better distribution Camshaft The camshaft profile has revised achieving more and durability of the parts. Distribution have been particularly upon.

Improved exhaust The exhaust system has been featuring a final stainless muffler for better sound and life. The exhaust has also divided in two parts for easier in the assembly chain and in servicing as New ignition coil Although improvement was made to the coil in this new modification affects the power and the plug spark guaranteeing a longer life.

in geometry and new, small oil The FSEs geometry has changed its angle and several chassis for better handling, improving its and providing great riding The new, small oil reservoir, narrower than in the previous also contributes to this lowering the final overall and improving the weight balance.

suspension The Marzocchi front rather soft but providing stability, has always been one of the strong points. Now it has been again and the aluminium part of the has changed colour from to anodised, totally anti-scratch The fork settings have been improved to offer resistance at the end of its travel. Rear Settings have equally revised for a smoother and more response.

New fuel tank The new, smaller and lighter tank integrates the fuel at the front and the electronic injection box at the improving the assembly finish as well. It keeps its return-less with a single line the butterfly body to the fuel with an automatic valve and connector in between the two. It has a capacity.

Narrower side panels The radiator panels a narrower design, similar to the models, for better riding New-design front mudguard The FSE the same mudguard as the EC, with a more aggressive design. The seat upholstery is new and its design and flatter, contributing to the new, weight balance and also to the and riding comfort.

Lighter package There is a new layout of the package, with smaller and most of the parts concentrated in the of the bike. Computer-modifiable electronic system, independent from the system. 35w halogen headlight.

crankcase shield Carbon-fibre is superior and lighter. Kick The kick starter lever is with improved geometry makes kick-starting operation The range, as in each new edition, on new decoration, in this case very aggressive graphics and looks.


Presentation of innovations in the Rookie, Supermotard, Pampera and Wild HP models As well as the innovations the models that have GAS GAS renowned in all continents, the constructor Girona will be present in with all the products from its range of two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles. Following the keynotes for applied to bikes with cylinder capacity, the TXT Boy trial conceived for young riders undergone a major restyling, the greatest innovation is the application of magnetic flywheel ignition.

new flywheel, previously with an rotor, greatly improves performance, especially in three Start-up is much easier as it now has spark intensity. More power allows for mounting the fan as in the TXT Pro 2005. Much more gained for the engine, thus performance in trial practice for This is consequently a great for the start up, which is not always so for youngsters.

After fitting new flywheel to the GAS GAS motor, the TXT Boy has undergone the modifications: New left casing and protector New left-hand crankshaft designed flywheel cover of a new gear shift knob tank modified in the upper All these innovations apply to the 50 cc TXT As for the big sisters (designed for youngsters up to the age of the 50 cc and 80 cc Rookies have also slight modifications.

To start off with, the chassis has reinforced in the bracket area to total reliability of the frame, and a new 38 mm Marzocchi front suspension has adopted, which guarantees the and precision of the whole set-up. The protector has also been in order to facilitate dismantling like the rest of the trial the new units have a change of in this case making very similar to the TXT Pro’05.

enduro bikes have been innovated for 2005. For the EC with a 50 cc single cylinder two engine with direct to the casing (with an optional kit to increase cylinder capacity to cc), one of the main modifications has to apply air cooling and a single gearbox. Moreover, the chassis has on an elliptic profile, produced in (CrMo).

Equipped with a 140 mm hydraulic fork in front and a 155 mm hydraulic rear racing this small frame a replica of her big sisters, offering the features, but of course in mini As for the EC Rookie version, also 50 cc a 6-speed gearbox and liquid system, the main modification is on the front suspension, which has supplied with a 160 mm Marzocchi fork.

The rear suspension the progressive system with 250 mm single absorbers. The Pampera, in 4 … The Pampera, a vehicle 50% type and 50% with the specifications of GAS GAS motorbikes, has undergone few changes for as it is a very successful frame and in line with the taste of its

With the 125, 250 and 300 cc bikes, 2-… single cylinder a Deltabox chassis made elliptic profile Cr-Mo has had its brakes reinforced, especially the brake, whose disk is now 240 mm, a 4-piston self-centering vice. The disk is still 200 mm. Nevertheless, GAS GAS a world exclusive on a new version of the Pampera, initially named the

Again, this is a hybrid on 4-… enduros, the FSE, a specially designed for a general who is less enduro oriented but enjoys riding an off-road Along these lines, a ‘civilised’ unit has been resulting in an off-road bike less radical geometrics, moving towards a motorbike is more docile but still has qualities. This new product 4-… 125 and 400 cc engines.

The first is Taiwanese made and is oil cooled, the second is the 2005 FSE 450 4T engine to 400 cc and softened in terms of response, and performance. As well as being on the FSE, this bike components from the 2-… such as the brakes, as this is a designed more for touring for competing, and so doesn’t need as brake power as the enduro-type The overall price may also out lower.

This new GAS GAS product be going into production coming November. Moving on to the of bikes designed for more riding, the GAS GAS Supermotard (SM) also be on show at Intermot. no significant modifications have place since the innovations out this year, there is a change affecting the smallest in the range, the SM 50 cc, which adopts a 160 mm, 4-… adjustable hydraulic from Marzocchi.

As for four GAS GAS has introduced no significant changes in the range as this product is in evolution. This machine, an aggressive but charming presence, adapts the main novelties are introduced in the EC and FSE (from whose it takes the propeller, with injection, and tank with a system, among other changes).

With new Ducati ignition, the 2-… Wild HP is perhaps the star product and the model to date to incorporate reverse gear with a rev a feature that will be applied to 240-2T motors (a that has been runner-up in competitions) and the 450-4T, (the ace quad in international competition). four-wheeler bike is also with a 2-… 50 cc engine.

HOW TO GAS GAS GAS GAS MOTOS, S.A. Unicef, 17 Industrial Torremirona 17190 (Girona) Tel. 902.47.62.54 Fax

For GAS GAS written or press releases JAS Info Raimon dAbadal, 08500 Vic Tel. +34.93.885.22.56 Fax +34.93.885.64.98


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