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Vincent Black Shadow

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McQueen-owned Indian expected to sell for up to $43,000

Photos courtesy Bonhams.

One doesn’t expect to see a vehicle with a paltry four horsepower come from the collection of the late Steve McQueen, but that’s exactly what this 1914 Indian Model F board track motorcycle. coming up for auction this weekend, offers.

The bike lacks many amenities, such as a clutch or brakes, and was designed specifically for push-start board track racing, but the 4hp V-Twin single-cylinder engine could achieve speeds of up to 100 MPH on the banked oval. According to Bonhams, which will offer the bike at its International Classic MotorCycle Show at the Staffordshire County Showgrounds in the United Kingdom, the Indian has been restored to period configuration and is expected to sell for $34,000 gu $43,000.

A number of other bikes at the sale might not benefit from such celebrity connections, but are still expected to sell for near-record or record prices. Mar eisimpleir, if you love Broughs and have the armored car all gassed up, three excellent examples will be available for the bidding. The first, a 1926 Brough Superior SS80/100 should gavel above $240,000.

Another Brough, this one a 1931 Superior SS80 should be a little more affordable at $75,000 gu $100,000. A rare 1921 Brough Model G is also scheduled to be sold.

A restored ex-works Vincent Black Shadow will also be offered. This bike was used as part of the factory’s effort to establish a new 24-hour speed record at Montlhéry, France, ann an 1952. Looking no worse for the wear, the Black Shadow is expected to fetch $150,000 gu $200,000.

Vincent Black Shadow

Another Vincent of note, a 1949 998cc ‘Red’ Rapide is expected to draw many bidders with deep pockets and an appreciation for British performance bikes.

Tha a ' 1929 JAP-powered Montgomery 1,000cc V-Twin is another interesting offering that could outshine some of its period competition. The Montgomery name is a familiar one among Brough collectors. They supplied frames and front fork assemblies to Brough during their early years.

The Montgomery V-Twins as well as Coventry Eagles were racing rivals to the Brough Superiors in the Thirties. This example is expected to sell for more than $70,000.

More than 240 motorcycles will be offered at the Spring Stafford Sale, including a 31-bike lot from collector Clifford Jones that includes vintage café racers, super bikes and several Ducati replica race bikes. The auction takes place Sunday, April 28. Airson tuilleadh fiosrachaidh, visit .

ÙR (30.April 2013): Tha a ' 1952 Black Shadow topped the auction at £113,500. McQueen’s Indian went for £32,200, agus a ' 1931 Brough Superior SS80 went for £57,500.

Vincent Black Shadow
Vincent Black Shadow

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