2008 Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King Hot Bike Baggers

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Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King
Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King


There was an interesting to testing this two-tone Gold Pearl/Pewter Pearl Road King. You see, I at the Harley-Davidson fleet center to up this bike riding the Eagle/CVO Road King Aside from the obvious differences between the bikes, the in each are hard to compare. I was in a hopped-up 110ci Twin Cam for one 96.

That doesn’t seem much with those but it’s almost a 15 percent in cubes.

Another comparison to in mind is the $34,995 110 version 83 percent more than the option bike we have Like the CVO we reviewed in the August Baggers, our current steed was with the optional antilock system (ABS) that the four-pot Brembos from up either wheel. It’s a system that essentially to a computer-controlled braking action isn’t engaged until needed.

Under typical the calipers feel the same as a bike. However, when of the wheels experiences a change in in relation to the bike, such as on gravel or oil where the wheel to lock up, the ABS kicks in. A microprocessor evaluates and compares bike versus wheel speed, and only when you’re applying pressure to the brake or pedal, the computer quickly the activated caliper(s).

For those of you if the bike (through a computer) brakes itself during wheel skid—it’s not possible. system feels similar to the one in most modern autos. A pulsing sensation is felt the pedal (lever) when the ABS

With that description out of the you might be asking, Well how do the brakes work? The H-D-badged work extremely well to down the 750-plus pounds of metal. Feel and lever is very good, especially to the rather hard feel of the old H-D All of the touring bikes get these for ’08.

If anything, the initial is on the strong side, which has a to pitch the bike forward if too front brake is applied. the course of actual riding, I had the opportunity to have the ABS kick in. put well over 10,000 on a variety of ’08s and have needed the ABS. Sure I many emergency stops, but proper preparation and braking you shouldn’t need to lock up the

I’ve rarely—make that the front wheel lock on any on dry, clean pavement. The is another matter, but it’s due to inexperience and/or poor

Although I live in what’s a desert, I rode an ABS-equipped to Sturgis last year many days of rain. We do a lot of sand here, though, but still never found to be a problem. I did have the chance to stomp the brakes to see how the ABS responded.

It and doesn’t allow the bike, as as it’s upright, to slide. The is a bit on the strong side, especially to BMW’s bike ABS. For riders, the switch to ABS takes relearning on proper braking. like in your ABS car, not supposed to modulate the pedal braking hard. If you modulate you were taught, you actually the purpose of the ABS.

I also occasionally found the ABS to be into action while on the One example that occurred times was hitting the dividing dots/reflectors on the freeway. If I was braking moderately while hitting the the ABS would kick in with through the pedal/lever.

This when I was braking over kinds of bumps, even bumps in parking lots. more annoying than else, as I just modulated the to get the ABS to shut up.

Don’t think the RK is all about ABS or not. It isn’t. year it received the larger fuel tank that you extend the stops between gas It’s nice to be able to go miles and not have to worry it.

Also new is the electronic throttle that ditches the cables to the body. Instead, a wire throttle position to the master and signals the injectors and butterfly to do. On the plus side, the new throttle up the handlebar.

It also makes the control work seamlessly by not any cables to keep the throttle you put it. On the downside, the opening of the butterfly responsible for letting air into the and then the cylinder heads) in the body doesn’t move and how you want it to. There is a noticeable lag you twist the wick. I took off the air to watch the butterfly action I twisted the throttle.

Sure enough, the butterfly opened about 20 percent though my throttle action have opened it 100 percent. is the computer taking control what you want the bike to do. I this briefly when the CVO RK.

This phenomenon wasn’t as on the 110 motor due to copious amounts of However, on the 96-incher, the lag was very especially off idle.

I’m not that the electronic throttle is the basis for this. Instead, just part of an air/fuel/ignition that takes some away from the rider. of this is surely environmental, as the air-cooled motors are increasingly difficult to get running legally as far as are concerned. The motors are jetted lean, but pinging is kept wraps with the closed-loop EFI system.

Another theory to power delivery is related to the crank assembly used in bikes. As we discussed in the May ’08 some crankshafts are being out of true due to hard acceleration. situation often leads to a of events that result in motor failure/destruction.

Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King
Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King

The greatest loads that are put on the are when starting from a or whacking the throttle from a low rpm the rest of the drivetrain has a chance to up with motor output. So possible (I’d venture likely) that H-D purposely the lag into the fueling system to try and costly motor damage. If not right, I welcome the official as the lag is undeniably present.

Before I dig too deep here, I want to say the motor/EFI are still very There were never any coughs or hesitation out of the fuel I happen to enjoy big power and acceleration. I want my bike to go I tell it to, not have a computer what, when, where and how the motor responds. Another is my love for carburetors.

Blasphemy, I but the power was literally in my hand the need for a dyno tune, a adder, a Race Tuner, a and an engineering degree to tune it. too is the fact that this is a bike, not a drag racer, and (many?) customers primarily reliability and comfort out of these of bikes before high

Back to the King, though; the ride is about as plush as it Suspension is set on the softer side, allows the bike to float the highway. All of the ’08 rubber-mounted also received a new top motor that seems to make the more stable. Like the I found the level of vibration at idle. Above 1500 the vibes were quelled.

It’s possible that the new mount is adding some of idle vibration. Seating for and passenger was equally cushy causing your body to in and fall asleep. One feature I enjoy is the ability to remove the The quick-detach shield on this is very tall and requires to look through it rather over it. Personally I like the and look of the bike better the shield.

Like on many bikes, a big piece of plastic to the fork can act like a sail and off the handling qualities of the bike. In weather or in the rain, this shield would be a welcomed It takes three seconds to and less than a minute to the windshield, both without This is the only H-D tourer doesn’t at least have an for a sound system.

If that’s to you, look for an Electra or Glide.

Like many of touring bikes, the RK sports a of the best saddlebags in the business. By I mean most practical and Many manufacturers make as to the capacity of their bags, but are odd-shaped or narrow, taper, latches in the way or some other that makes traveling than ideal. If we were bags with water, capacity would be important, but not.

Sure there are more and modern-looking bags, but usable rules here, and the H-D bags fail to deliver. I like to use the and laptop bag test to measure a worthiness. A six-pack of bottles in the will fit perfectly into an H-D bag, settling nicely disturbing the precious contents.

All in the Road King is a sweet It has a nice balance of nostalgia with the touring basics. versatile, too, and easily a detachable Tour-Pak and the other accoutrements that H-D and others The standard RK is definitely more the budget, granny Cadillac the V-6 compared to the CVO Road King is more analogous to the Caddy CTS the Vette mill. It all depends on you want from your

Oh, and how much you want to spend. B

Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King
Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King
Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King
Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King
Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King


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