2014 Electra Glide® Ultra Classic®

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Harley-Davidson FLHC Electra Glide Classic

2014 Electra Glide® Classic® — FLHTCU


Project Rushmore

As rider knows, the engine is at the of the experience of riding a motorcycle. The of torque and horsepower it delivers the RPM range is in direct proportion to the it gives you when you roll on the We know what riders from a motorcycle engine we’ve been building for 110 years. Project RUSHMORE us the opportunity to dial it in just

We conducted thousands of road with real riders us feedback to build the next of the legendary Harley-Davidson ® The consensus was: We want More low-end torque, passing power, more in the tone of the exhaust note, of the feeling we ride a motorcycle So we built the engines that it. We’re proud to unveil the level of Harley-Davidson ® engine.

And prove once and for the customer is always right.

Harley-Davidson Styling

Feast eyes on the Twin Cam 103 ™ and there’s no mistaking its roots. is authentic Harley-Davidson® style and through with an attention to you won’t find from any motorcycle company. Black heads and cylinders are highlighted by cooling fin tips and chrome covers.

It’s a jewel out of metal. Pure. Dripping power.

From the classic of the cooling fins to the clean of cases and coversthe Twin Cam 103 engine makes an ironclad about holding on to what’s and staying true to what

Six-Speed Cruise Drive Transmission

You want a ride rumblesnot begs for mercywhen you on it a little. The Six-Speed Cruise ® transmission provides quiet shifting and reduces speed on the highway, so you get a better between engine turnover and speed. And the Isolated Drive makes acceleration flow in a steady stream from wrist right down to the

It’s a rare ride a bike responds like and a low growl goes a long way you’re opening up the road

Twin Cam 103 ™ Engine

The knowledge of what makes an truly move a rider deep at The Motor Company, and it was put to use when we created the Twin Cam 103 engine. We painstakingly perfected cubic inch, pushing and technology forwardall without one bit of Harley-Davidson®’s unique styling. yet carrying on the legacy of the Flathead, Panhead, Shovelhead, Evolution Twin Cam 88 ® and Twin Cam 96 engines that came

The performance and durability are a direct of the untold miles logged on the since 1909, and the proud that comes from a worth of commitment to life on two

Twin Cam 103 ™ Engine

Fire up the Twin Cam 103 ™ and feel the low-end torque Thanks to the lightweight piston delivery of the added power is refined than ever. put your foot on the shifter and how the engine and Six-Speed Cruise ® transmission were to work together. Six speeds.

A driveline and strong internal Low routine maintenance. And a low cruising rpm feel better.

High Twin Cam 103 ™ Engine

riders if they’d like passing power is like them “Would you like beer in the pitcher” when have reached their destination at the end of a long, dusty Everybody wants it, and the new High Twin Cam 103 ™ engine is 103 inches of Harley-Davidson® V-Twin you can on to deliver it. There’s a new airbox for intake airflow and a new cam that phase and duration.

The result: better low end torque and 60 to 80 mph 5th gear roll-on to get you around 18-wheeler. In the tradition of the Flathead, Panhead, Shovelhead, Evolution Twin Cam 88 ® and Twin Cam 96 engines that came it, the new High Output Twin Cam 103 engine is raising the bar for the feeling an delivers to the rider.

There’s a we’re called the Harley-Davidson® Company. Once you send fuel this one, have do doubt what it is.

Project Rushmore

More Purer sound. Big, color touch screens. that are located where you want them to be and can reach removing your hands the grips.

Voice activation for music, phone and GPS. Or as than one rider asked: can’t the infotainment system on my blow away the ones the car put in their cars?” We couldn’t more. Check out the new infotainment Project RUSHMORE brought to the of motorcycling. You won’t believe eyes.

Or ears.

New Boom! Box 4.3 Radio

Let’s start the big news: 25% more volume for tunes. The new Boom! ™ Box 4.3 puts out 25 watts per channel at 1% and features a factory-tuned, optimized that pumps out more and can be played louder while the clarity of your sound. And the new tuning system delivers than just volume at different speeds.

It changes the of bass and treble to dial-in the sound, whether you’re at stately pace down the or going hell for leather an open stretch of road. And if you even more you can go with the Boom! ™ Box 6.5GT puts out 25 watts per channel and has satellite radio. How do you like the of a Harley ® motorcycle

5.25-inch Front and Rear

The sound delivered front and comes from 5.25-inch mounted securely in sealed and enclosed speaker.

Ready For Upgrades

The new Boom! ™ Box was built with your touches in mind. You can integrate P A radio right into the radio with no external and control it through the hand Additional satellite services as weather and traffic can be added and on the GPS maps.

You can even download map and additional functions. The only is, how far do you want to go?

Jukebox with USB for iPod/iPhone

The Jukebox opens one touch of a button and includes a USB which accepts your iTouch, non-iPod imitators, and SD and other USB compatible devices. Pop it plug in and your device a part of your motorcycle. to be operated by voice command or controls.

500% Larger for Easier Operation

You wear when you ride so our buttons are to be operated with gloves on. fully 5 times larger before. Even the little were done in a big way.


Here are some of the The Rider Project led to: the new Reflex Anti-lock Braking System with Linked Brakes, new halogen and LED headlamps and fog lamps, Tour Pak ® lighting, turn signals, brighter lights, and a new steering head stiffer front forks. tires are now history even there’s wet pavement. We’ve it feel even better to your way through a turn. Now you can see

And we’ve made you more to the cage-driving public. Because one we all agree on is this: Bikes work better make who ride better. Take a

See how good you can be.

Reflex ™ Brakes with Anti-lock System

No doubt about it, are times riding when you to haul things down in a And you don’t get to pick those Or decide whether or not they when you’re on a flat, dry, perfect new stretch of That’s why our touring models new Reflex ™ anti-lock (ABS) with dynamically, linked brakes. ABS turns a up front wheel or a rear skid into a relic riding’s history.

And the front and brakes are electronically linked to exactly the right amount of to each tire no matter the road condition is. No matter how you are, this will you a better rider.


With air-adjustable suspension comes standard, you can dial in ride to accommodate heavier or payloads, battle unexpected conditions or simply set it to how you like to The lighter the load, the softer you can go by the air pressure a bit, or increase the air for a more firm ride. A air valve is located between the and rear fender for quick

It’s all about rider and comfort and setting your to fit your tastethe easy

Brembo ® Brakes

Control. High-performance dual Brembo ® brakes consistent stopping power at all

The 4-piston front and rear with dual front brake system is state of the art and top of the It’s just another way The Company puts a high of detail into their to give you peace of mind your journey.

Dunlop Multi-Tread ™ Tires

The back tire is engineered to do than fill out the rear and put a bigger patch of rubber on the Dunlop ® Multi-Tread technology uses harder at the center and softer on the sides for a that still knows how to on corners. Perfect for making bike agile on every stretch of road.

And the way it feels through an abrupt off-camber will put a grin on your that’ll last to the next line.

Daymaker ™ LED and LED Fog Lamps

For those who regard as an invitation to go farther, the Daymaker LED headlight with LED fog lamps light the way. With powerful, daylight-simulating lumens bathe the dark road in light, a shoulder-to-shoulder spread of 160 and a 450-foot punch, the night is to take with full Because not all of us look for an exit day turns to night.

LED Tour-Pak Lighting

Bright, eye-catching LED ® luggage carrier isn’t there for glory. seen is important when on a motorcycle. All riders know it.

It standard, thanks to Project

New Ergonomically Designed Hand

It’s hard to enjoy the or keep your eyes on what’s coming down the when you’re fussing and with the switches on your So we’ve worked over the controls on our new touring bikes as much passion as we’ve over our new engine. We made the more ergonomic and located and them to fall right your thumbs.

We’ve added left-hand for easy activation, new toggle to control infotainment functions, an locatable trigger switch to and scan through functional And we’ve improved the feel to you a confidence-inspiring click at every of a button. Even the dash switch gets better.

And all prewired for parts and accessories, even lets you customize less fuss and bother.

New Head and Front Forks

it’s a big sweeping curve or a set of turns, getting through the just got better. We stiffened up the end, increased the fork to 49mm and added new steel bearings, with lubricant inside to keep contaminants out for The responsiveness is dialed in.


Project Rushmore

Project is the journey we set out on to take our touring to places never imagined to turn all the possibilities for what a can be now into true Milwaukee We did it our way, as we’ve always As riders. Riding with riders.

Thousand of hours, road tests, millions of Looking for the technology and innovations truly make the ride We went over the bike tip to fender tip. Making it better. Making it look

Modern. Clean. Tight. Let eye take the journey over the This is classic Harley-Davidson® and an all-new look at the exact time.

At Harley-Davidson®, form has followed function. And both always reported to emotion. Now just doing it on a completely level.

Restyled Fairing and Fender

Let’s start this: When you see the iconic of a Harley-Davidson ® Batwing coming at you down the road, it no question that you’re a machine born in Milwaukee and for gigantic miles of road. But is about moving forward. How do you that iconic shape, yet it a sleeker, more progressive The answer is right here.

The new fairing gives you less buffeting (see comfort for the full story on that) but the look that instantly “Hey, this is a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Of course, we didn’t at the fairing. The fairing lowers, and Tour-Pak ® luggage got a sleeker new look to match.

And we over the front fender, too a clean new look that’s cut to expose more of the wheel and It all comes together for a look totally new, yet instantly Welcome to the next generation of touring.

Classic Fuel

Part of the unmistakable style of the ® Electra Glide Ultra Classic ® is plenty of room for showing off paint. This classically bold six-gallon fuel doesn’t just give you a canvas for premium or custom it holds six gallons of go so you can eat up a lot more between pit stops. We know economy is importantbut so is style.

A paint scheme, crisp and unique Harley-Davidson ® medallions give this a one-of-a-kind look.

New Inner Design

Put your eye to the inner of the Electra Glide ® Classic ® motorcycle and see a whole new layout to greet the There’s a bigger display (see the whole story in the section). The gauges have given a new treatment, too. notice a 10 percent larger area, wider, taller sitting on top of that classic background.

The information gets bigger and too. There’s a gear for all six gears and the display area, can now be operated by an extremely convenient switch, puts more at your fingertips. The temperature and gauge are larger too.

you’re on the road, one quick tells you everything you need to

New Tank and Fender Badges

isn’t just a motorcycle. a work of art, born out of creativity and long days, nights and refusing to be satisfied every detail was perfect. we added the signature, we did it with

Nothing else would be on this masterpiece.

Bullet Signals

We went end to end and top to bottom to the 2014 Harley-Davidson ® line-up the clean, tight, iconic look and feel is only befitting of the next of our motorcycles. The finishing touch turn signals. Sleek and yet a timeless classic.

17 Impeller Front Wheel With New Rotor

Sitting out front on the Glide ® Ultra ®. you’ll notice a cast aluminum, 10-spoke wheel. In the back you’ve got a Impeller to match. There are new rotors designed to show off of the premium custom look of the

Harley-Davidson FLHC Electra Glide Classic

Because if you’re going to go far, you might as well it all the way.

Project Rushmore

We in the comfort of our machines the hard over thousands of miles in all of riding conditions on every of street, road and highway laid down in pavement. riders and passengers putting in hours in the saddle and giving us on every aspect that to comfort on the road.

Airflow, management, passenger space, rests, seat textures, leg and hand controls all went the hard microscope of the road and got and re-tested by real riders and and re-worked by us until we were we had built the most comfortable on the road. We all want to go farther, and you and your passenger are more in the saddle, you can.

Full-Length Toe/Heel Gear Shifts

boots were made for way you see fit. Our full-length footboards a time-tested, tried-and-true design and isolation for a comfortable ride, the height-adjustable passenger boards add level of customizable comfort for riding partner. And for shifting you can use either the traditional toe-shift or the easier, more convenient

It might take a few rides, but you’ve gotten used to the shifting rhythm, you’ll give it up.

Two-Up Road ® Seat

A classic revamped for contemporary looks and sacrificing an ounce of nostalgic Sculpted with a deep and narrow neck this Touring saddle relieves on your thighs, while more back support and for a wide variety of rider And the lower seat height693 mm to be (739 mm unladen)puts your closer to the road to enhance confidence.

Additionally, the leather and premium stitching accentuate the ergonomics while giving the that sharp detail you find on a Harley-Davidson ® It’s science in service of and your way to beat fatigue the long haul.

Wide Set Handlebar

Classic and maximum comfort. That’s the balance of the wide set handlebars come standard on the Electra ® Ultra Classic model. They’re designed to you comfortably propped in a commanding while making sure neck muscles stay and relaxed mile after state after state.

stainless steel insures the rigidity you expect from a ® motorcycle with the lustrous finish you desire.

Passenger Seat Space and Leg

Here’s a message for all passengers: time in the saddle just got That goes quadruple you’re 1000 miles the ride of a lifetime making the leg of the day to get to the hot tub and relax for the evening. Because the the ride, the more you’ll the improvements we made. This the passenger pillion is one inch and one inch longer. And we put 2 more of room between the speakers.

We the saddlebag guards down for leg room and to make sure don’t rub your calves. It all up to a ride that provides comfort.

New Fairing Design Head Buffeting

This is the science of cheating the wind at Harley-Davidson now: Fluid algorithms, high-speed super and thousands upon thousands of tests with riders in the telling us how it feels. And that’s we take it out on the road for thousands of of real world wind and every form of rain a can spit out.

The result: a new take on the classic Batwing that delivers smoother air and drastically reduced head Most of it thanks to the pressure-equalizing on the front. It opens and closes one touch of a button.

The feeling of in the wind just got even

Newly Designed Back and Arm

If you really want to know makes a passenger comfortable, you by asking people who’ve a good part of the world the back of a bike. You run thousands of of road tests in heat, sun, and rain. You use their to perfect the height, the width, the the contour, the texture of the leather, the support.

You install controls can be easily reached and operated one hand. What you end up with is the and arm rests you’re looking at here. Passengers love like they’re their own because in a manner of speaking, are.

New Fairing Lowers

no such thing as a minor when you’re going to be it for tens of thousands of miles. The things make a difference. the way the wind comes around fairing lowers.

We’ve got the new lowers dialed in just thanks to more wind and real world riding than we’ve ever before. They’re also so you can let some air through when the gets hot. You’ll them more with passing mile.

Standard Control

Installing cruise is standard operating procedure on the new models because riding stretches of unbroken highway is operating procedure among riders. Electronic throttle means no cable cluttering up handlebar. And the switches are placed you can easily dial in your with your left give the wrist a break, and hauling on down the road.

Project Rushmore

If you want the to be truly epic, you have to bullets to make the little work exactly right. is what Project RUSHMORE was all Now you have saddlebags and Tour-Pak luggage carriers that can be opened with one hand. that open with one

And we’ve increased the storage on these new machines without the sleek, road-eating look of the It all adds up to hundreds of little where things just conveniently into place. there can be no imperfections in the quest for the ride.

High Output Connector

Touring means comfort in all conditions and the capacity to add enhances and personalizes your The high output charging provides an electrical capacity enough for your add-ons: vests, heated seats, handgrips, lights to showcase the you name it. So if you’re hell-bent on it, we make sure you’ve got the to do it your way.

One Touch Philosophy

Here’s the rule we down for every compartment and saddlebag lid on our touring line: if it open with the single of a button or one hand, while gloves, it doesn’t go on the motorcycle. in all our conversations with all the riders we to while we were rebuilding motorcycles from the ground up, we encounter a single individual who to have to put something on the ground he could store it in a saddlebag.

New Design

Don’t let the sleek new of these saddlebags deceive The look is tight on the outside, but just got a little roomier on the You want stuffability and these bigger than ever.

The are simple and clean and the lids with one touch of one hand. The is tight and integrated into the where you can put the key in without the danger of your premium paint. And new Travel Bags are standard.

to the next level of the bagger.

New ® Design

Like the new the new Tour-Pak ® luggage design is sporting a sleeker new but it didn’t come at the expense of space. They’re bigger than ever and can easily two full-face helmets. There’s a new and toolkit pouch. The lock is into the latch to keep key away from your paint.

And new premium hinges work better and look You can operate the single latch one hand. Storage. Check. We it covered.

Push Button Door

One button, one touch, door open. Any questions?

New Battery Charging Harness

No a battery charging harness is a have on a motorcycle. Now it’s So you don’t have to waste the ten minutes it takes to install one on sunny Saturday when you be riding.

Harley-Davidson FLHC Electra Glide Classic
Harley-Davidson FLHC Electra Glide Classic
Harley-Davidson FLHC Electra Glide Classic

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