Comparative motor bikes Honda CRF 250 R, Kawasaki KX 250 F, KTM 250 SX-F…

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Comparative Motor Bikes CRF 250 R, Kawasaki KX 250 F, KTM 250 SX-F, Suzuki 250 Yamaha YZ 250 F: The Match 2013!

year, only a half not the first from the second… As to say that seldom a match 250 races will have also disputed, because Honda CRF250R, Kawasaki KTM 250 SX-F, Suzuki 250 RM-Z and YZ250F 2013 will have fought to reach Only here is, the test of the station will have inflexible on the classification, once Verdict

In front of us, five 250 cross-country race vintage a lenient weather, a wet circuit what it is necessary and some battered portions… Perfect for comparative any bikescatalog! As always, pilots of different levels the game and come to lend hand to us.

We will not be thus than five to discuss and our opinion on each motor of cross-country race year invited to this match Will this year Kawasaki KX250F, Honda Yamaha YZ250F, Suzuki RMZ 250 and the KTM 250 A match who is announced intense, of these 250 4-times having appreciably for their vintage

Our procedure of test

For this cross-country race 250 return, it was caught on the circuit of bikescatalog. testers thus answered (and they were not forced): Arnaud, Thomas and who record several participation in the tests and compares bikescatalog, Sylvain the intermediate pilot of and finally Kevin a young who makes his first turns of on 250 4T (after the 85 and 125). We have the bikes of the manufacturers, Honda, and KTM played the game.

Suzuki but for a practical matter and of timing, it is the Atomic Motor bike yes, still him…) who to us with provision of his Suzuki 250 2013 for demonstration. And it is Kevin who to join to entrust us and us his Kawasaki 250 KX-F 2013 just for this comparative (from the virgin plastics assembled for the thank you with him. pilot tests the motor the ones after the others and its felt with each

That exchanges information “test to wrinkle”, but that fills the cards with too.

Not less than criteria are to be informed, of the quality of to ergonomics or the behavior of the frame and the via the price, nothing is left and all the remarks are good to take. The riders are coughed up and justified, the bikes are weighed, already in statics (if…), the full of is made, the pens are ready to It left for comparative the 250 cross-country 2013 on the station

Comparative 250 races 2013: The verdict of our riders

1st: Honda CRF 250 R

Price: 7890 € (price

Availability: immediate

Honda 2013: A cross-country race wants you good

Visually, that leaves rather for the red… Vis-a-vis its Japanese who better and better equipped motor bikes with Honda does not have thing to make dream its purchaser in term of equipment.

the completions are impeccable, but the motor is insipid. For the first world a little more than one would be welcome on its CRF. But the not referring to the plumage, Honda quickly know to put everyone of

It is enough to rise on its saddle to as at the house, one finds his niche and the instinctively. All the pilots are unanimous on point: with Honda no need of time for adaptation, one can ball at the top of the first solo The frame is incontestably what is best.

Sat or upright, one of course the motor bike, one transfers, one the holes and the jumps without The progressiveness and the comfort of the Showa make wonder, difficult to them at fault. The test felt in confidence on the red none not make him reproach.

Character but…

Visually, well leaves rather badly for the Vis-a-vis its Japanese adversaries who and better equipped their bikes with series, does not have large to make dream its future in term of equipment.

Admittedly, the are impeccable, but the motor bike is For the first world manufacturer, a more than one protect-disc be welcome on its CRF. But the warbling not to the plumage, Honda should know to put everyone of agreement.

It is to rise on its saddle to feel as at the one finds his niche and the orders All the pilots are unanimous on this with Honda CRF250F, no of time for adaptation, one can leave at the top of the first solo circuit! The is incontestably what is done

Sat or upright, one of course feels the bike, one transfers, one takes the and the jumps without hesitation… The and the comfort of the Showa suspensions wonder, difficult to take at fault. The test riders in confidence on the red none will not him reproach

If Kawasaki gains the of the most complete kit part in comparative cross-country race 250 Honda arrives in second on this point. Remain 7,890 €, it is a tariff in the high

2nd: KTM 250 SXF

Price: 7490 € licensee)

Availability: immediate

KTM 250 SXF A supercharged engine!

The KTM 250 SX-F it is obviously that which some more in our comparative race 250… Faithful to its we are vis-a-vis a motor bike for the race. The parts racing are the concern of the detail is thorough the iodization of the rays (what much our test riders of the The new line likes, even if it bike seems more with these new plastics.

The refrain is known, KTM emphasizes to fort its motor bikes, and it Only motor bike of race 2013 are equipped framework steel, the SX-F is the only motor bike asks for a small time of in hand. But force is to note it is increasingly natural on the Austrian one is less and less shocked by the in position on its board, compared what offer the Japanese bikes on this point.

In it is also the same report, our riders are surprised by the behavior of the of the KTM SXF 250 2013. Granted and effective, one is on the way track at KTM on this point; it just a little comfort at the of compression. In addition, the motor is rather handy, player and operational when the circuit is

The power of the Brembo brakes more makes its effect, to find better today.

cracks extremely!

For some the KTM 250 SX-F was made “bicker” on its playing field, i.e. the in particular vis-a-vis the subsidiary of Suzuki RM-Z. Well one again the things in hand in The mill of the KTM 250 SXF 2013 is impressive; it has and now agrees to return the turns on the report without touching the clutch!

And this time – a gap of the SXF year -, the lengthening-piece is from now on return! In short, you will understood the extreme that in the cylinder of Orange! In against more the beginners will not be any more with their on this motor bike of cross-country race.

With year 2013, KTM replaces the bar in the category of the 250F, in particular in of pure performances. If there a frame not yet as intuitive and naturalness as of certain competitors, the progress by the Austrians on this new cross-country is obvious, the more so as the KTM SX-F 250 is also the only motor of this comparative to have an starter, another major Proposed with 8,290 € in catalogues, this one is brought to 7,490 € via the operation “Orange reserved to the bachelors FM and UFOLEP.

Suzuki 250 RM-Z

Price: €

Availability: Immediate

Suzuki 250 2013: Vitamins for the Yellow

Suzuki 250 RM-Z 2013 many “in-house” evolutions for That it is good news; some expected a little aesthetic side. The yellow remain equipped well out of equipment (it is the only one to have an petrol tank).

It since 2010 is known, but it is also pleasant to note.

By seat on the Suzuki RM-Z 250 one finds his position very but the low handlebar and very curved is not taste of everyone. Not shocking for the gauges, but a little more for largest. Passed this one finds his marks well on

The Suzuki RMZ 250 is easy to catch in and reveals a behavior player, as on ground as in the airs. However, one is exceeded a little by a particular its nose gear is too firm, one is thrash in the holes… and that the arms! One will have various adjustments (to loosen and to open compression) for finally an improvement on the end of the day of test.

But like the equipped with same SFF, the Suzuki RMZ 250 will not a miracle on this point.

engine remains a reference

damage, bus of the pleasure, one takes with the mill of the yellow! A with the top of its adversaries for a few years, has not expected the counterpart of KTM to make its engine. Thus, the Suzuki 250 2013 has what to answer the one.

Very sharp, it is not still the engine most to the beginners. Even if the plug it possible well to moderate its a little, its explosive character

Thus, Suzuki RM-Z 250 has an enormous potential, thanks to its powerful engine and its frame. the start, it is felt that is average to play and to go quickly this motor bike. Suzuki’ is excellent many into cubes, the pleasure is wasted by its nose gear requires a real clarification.

7,699 €, the 250 RM-Z remains “in the side tariff, but its kit parts is not significant.

4th: Kawasaki KX 250 F

€ 7,499 €

Availability: Immediate

green and black

Kawasaki KX 250 F: of the Japanese women

With the glance, in fact the KTM flatters the not very far behind, the Coffee the end of its mudguard. The racing spirit of is always of topicality, mixing anodic parts blue or (anti friction treatment of the of fork in particular…).

The blow of person brought to the line of the KTM 250 is welcome; one is not more in front of the bike “rough of foundry” one knew, the unit gains in But there is not only the aesthetics changes with this 2013, and one quickly realizes the KXF 250 was thinned so much so that it about it almost more of the day!

In track, one has very well the to be on a motor bike smaller and compact than his competitors. Its in hand is only easier, if the position somewhat “chopper disturbs some of the test day. On the way, the smallest are of continuation more at ease on the one.

And as one feels more on the motor bike, one has less transferring; the Kawasaki KX250F does not ask that has to take in the ruts. But the concern is that it is to arrive there, correctly, in the Here, the problem, it is the fork does not show an exceptional and returns braking in the holes and at the least random entries of

Harley-Davidson SX 250

Fortunately, the shock absorber correctly for the great benefit of However, the dissension with the does not put in confidence, on the KX-F one apprehends in the fast and battered One sought some different well, with best in the end of the but without reaching the perfection

The problem, it is the fork

Driving the character of the Kawasaki KX250F is not any what it was. It is still but one rather rounded the angles at It does not have weak or strong points particular mill, it is very correct

The trunk of green is there, but one not be able to allow oneself to set out too low in the turns without taking the

Then, that goes up in the and that lengthens, but one has all the same which the Kawasaki KX250F a little too quickly. Opinion of it misses small something to truly the flame of the pilot (a of madness likes in 2011 At least, magic of electronics, the plugs makes it possible to the cartography and the driving character are and will charm the most pilots.

Homogeneous, the 250 KX-F seems an accessible motor With an appreciable ergonomics and performances (and the most descent of kick of the batch!), the one holds its row in spite of the “delicate” of its fork.

Little among us to be released with its handlebar. But the Kawasaki KX250F 2013 is up with on an argument which makes snuffs, that of the Not only Kawasaki is one of the least of this comparative cross-country 2013 (7 499 €), but the complete kit parts which accompanies it can also to reflect

5th: Yamaha YZ 250 F

8,199 €

Availability: immediate

white and red, blue and

Yamaha YZ 250 F: The fuel is resisting!

of nine on Yamaha 250 YZF 2013, motorbike having evolved year on the high side of the Besides, it is a small reproach several testers will to him, with initially a of engine which starts to For recall, one finds here the with 5 valves supplied carburetor.

However, in spite of “old” design, the blue one its entire adversary KB at the exercise of with the absolute record of kg. In short, even if its aggressive remains single and its equipment of invoice, one will feel a lassitude at some test with respect to the YZF 2013.

In the impression of a high motor is confirmed unanimously, the smallest will not be inevitably with advantage. In spite of that, the in hand of the Yamaha YZ250F is And although the position on before the down of its competitors, one very feels on his board the precision of its

Yamaha makes it possible to in a wink, its promptness is remarkable, and one caught up quickly. The balance of makes wonders, we are of course a bike fun, which the changes of supports instantaneously. side of the coin, the frame of is rigid and shakes the pilot in the of holes.

As it should be said as the are a hair healthy aim farms.


Although “old compared to his adversaries of the day, the of Yamaha YZ250F 2013 has his world at the time of our comparative. OK, we the gaps of the carburetor with holes (the adjustments be polished a little, what…), but what a force! The low modes of the are wild, a gas blow is enough to it ahead and the blows of clutch the cavalry easily.

Bottoms the mid–modes, Yamaha are undoubtedly powerful and “sensational” of the batch. the euphoria turns short the YZ-F 250 also quickly the hand in the high modes and cruelly of lengthening-piece. If one can be bluffed by the honorable performances of this it is as on Yamaha as the engine brake is the most.

It thus has still days in front of it, Yamaha 2013, because its performances are of topicality. However, a recasting be the welcome vis-a-vis a more competition, the more so as a8 199 €, it is most by far and loses here invaluable vis-a-vis its adversaries.

Comparative cross-country races 250 2013: proceeded…

After deliberation of the and counting of the points (see our following page), the victory is of a little in this compare races 250 2013. And in fact the Honda CRF250R gains the On a technical and a little breakable the frame of the Red made the difference.

All without exception felt at ease on its board trustful in all the “Yes but, the engine…” the mono one injected Honda arises like less batch, but the beginners precisely his facility and its roundness, whereas the hardened less hesitate to earlier… Thus, the facility and the of Honda once more the match vis-a-vis the performances and the feelings.

But it should be said the fight for the podium was tightened, the KTM 250 SX-F 2013 pursues A beautiful motor bike more pleasant to look at the Red, a frame which is not yet on the level but which approaches an electric starter and especially an with the incredible performances! If our riders” confirmed were not there, it should well be that the Austrian one remains a motor bike which perhaps not be appropriate for the beginners.

On the walk of the podium, Suzuki 250 also makes strong with its vitamin zed engine. One not be able to reproach him large there is what it is necessary it is necessary, if it is only as with there is more accessible for the Like Kawasaki, Suzuki’ above all from its nose

With a more accessible and less “break-in arm”, it is that the Yellow would be close from the top of the victory.

then is the Kawasaki KX250F, bike so handicapped by its fork with this time a more pronounced between and the back. There still, it something to improve the unit, with its easy engine and its frame, there is average to pleasure with the green Moreover, a kit parts of a value of € provided with the motor it is nothing…

In fact finally the YZ250F 2013 closes Different but instinctive, the YZ-F wants to play! The rather unit misses comfort and can put badly at ease in the holes. The answers present of fort manner!

But more than € without any kit parts and for an old technology now on, that does not forgive, and it is that blue loses it

Harley-Davidson SX 250
Harley-Davidson SX 250
Harley-Davidson SX 250

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