Harley Davidson FXR FXLR Low Rider Motorcycle Review Video How To Make…

12 Mar 2015 | Author: | Comments Off on Harley Davidson FXR FXLR Low Rider Motorcycle Review Video How To Make…
Harley-Davidson FXLR Low Rider Custom

Harley Davidson FXR FXLR Low Rider Motorcycle Review Video

What do you think about this video?

Charles Miller: I love my H.D. I have a Dyna 2004, you’r doing a great job, You go Bro.

hoohoohoblin: @ElectraWillem Thanks. I hope it helps people learn the practical reasons for buying a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. I commuted 43,000 miles on a Sportster and got 55 mpg and just changed the oil and adjusted the primary chain, then sold it for $1,500 less than I bought it for new.

That’s cheap transportation.

hoohoohoblin: If I had to give up my FXLR, I’d be shopping for a Dyna Super Glide Sport or Dyna T-Sport. They’re great, comfortable bikes that can go around corners.

hoohoohoblin: @420rust1d Welcome to the club. It’s a really functional daily driver and looks pretty good too.

ChuckTurner: really a pleasure to see a rider who can handle basic maintenance of his vehicle. Plus i love the fact that it is broken in. ALL the europeans who ride BMW or Triumph or Ducati or Japanese – they love to talk reliability – BUT not one person I know with a Harley built since the IPO has ever had a problem with their bike.

hoohoohoblin: @fireworkstube They’re reliable beasts, so there isn’t too much to look at. Make sure you test drive it at freeway speed to see if the rubber engine mounts are worn out. It should be pretty smooth when you rev it up.

I paid $4,800 for mine on eBay in 2008 in California, but I think they’re selling for more than that now. 40K miles is pretty low, and it should be good for another 60 if the person took care of it. Make sure you adjust the primary chain and change all fluids if you buy it.

fireworkstube: @hoohoohoblin Hi, what sportster did you have? I’ve been looking into getting a sportster in the future but I can’t find any real world information. I’d like to go to work, and cruise on weekends.

What were your experiences with your sportster?

hoohoohoblin: @fireworkstube I had a 1996 Sportster 883. I commuted 43,000 miles on it. It got 55 mpg. You never have to adjust the valves, so maintenance is cheap.

I didn’t like the excessive vibration on the freeway. In 2004 Harley-Davidson rubber-mounted the Sportster engine to reduce vibration. I’d recommend looking for a 2004 or later model. If you want to be more sporty, Buell motorcycles have Sportster engines and are cheap now.

See my Sportster at hoohoohoblin dotcom.

hoohoohoblin: The FXR frame is really sturdy, with the big triangle of tubing keeping it from flexing. And it uses 3 rubber engine mounts on the engine, which makes it really smooth on the highway. The Dyna frame is designed to show off more of the engine and look slimmer, and also to be cheaper and faster to manufacture. It uses 2 rubber engine mounts, and vibrates more than an FXR.

That being said, the Dyna is a solid design that looks great and works well.

BeccyWall: lovely video and channel, thanks!

hoohoohoblin: You can definitely get more power out of the engine. Punch it out to 120 cubic inches and it will get down the road pretty quick.

sithlordvyd: I have ridden dynas and touring bikes, never an FXR, theyre supposed to handle the best. I like the EVO. carb. theres one for sale around here says 5k on the add bike is a 90 with 12k miles, i may take a look at it. I have a BMW R100RT whcih I did alot of maintenance work to, always wanted a harley. FXRs dont weigh as much either. a guy I know has a shovel FXR, chin spoiler on it. its this really cool metallic dark purple color, yeah bikes. theyre like crack cocaine to me lol

hoohoohoblin: The FXR definitely uses 3 mounts. I would guess that a custom FXR style frame would be built the same, but I’m not sure.

Slade Holtry: My Dad rode an FXRT for years! I picked up an 88 FXRP about 7 years ago and haven’t regretted it for a sec! The only reason for a straight road is to get you to the next corner.

FXR’S take’em beautifully.

hoohoohoblin: @9jmorrison It really is a great all-around motorcycle. Some people have told me it’s the best Harley-Davidson motorcycle ever made when they see me on it. It always starts up and gets me where I’m going. It’s comfortable on long rides and very low maintenance.

The rubber engine mounts absorb all or the vibration at highway speeds. Prices have come down quite a bit in the last few years. I paid $4,800 for it in 2008.

Ken Hildebrand: I have owned a 91 FXRS-Con for 5 years now. Very happy with it. Light and fast. Nimble like a sportster but with 80 inches. Customized it this summer as a bagger.

Handling like a sportster but strong and looks of a Dresser.

hoohoohoblin: You’re welcome.

fireworkstube: Looking at a possible 1991 FXRs. Anything to look? It’s got progressive rear shocks, possibly a/c, and drag pipes. Also, has 40Kms on it which seems seriously low!

stirlingshire: I enjoy your videos. I have owned a 1989 fxrs-sp for the past ten years and the only things that have had to be replaced or repaired are the tires and the voltage regulator( oil and filter, of course)and I believe one battery. The weight of these bikes is worth noting. Considerably lighter than Harley’s current line up of big twins and only a few pounds heavier than the newer sportsters.

I believe the pre 1990 models also have more horse power than post ’90 models due to tightening emissions.

Charles Miller: You did a great job about HD I have a 2004 Dyna, You go Bro.

knuckles and bones: what kind of carb is original on the fxr?

saltwaterwop: Enjoying all of your videos. I just inherited a 2000 883 Sportster Hugger from my father in law. I took it out for the first ride today after getting it maintained and checked out since it sat for a year and a half idle in a garage.

Loved it, it runs great and it’s going to be a great first bike for me as a new rider at 48 yrs old..

gbounit: I have a 1987 FLHS. I wanted to see the engine and got good info on the walkaround you did, particularly the 3 motor mounts. I wanted to check mine to ensure they are OK and tightened properly.

I had broken my crossover pipe twice in a couple months and the motor mount was my suspicion. until I found I was using a hose clamp to secure my pipe to the bracket hardmounted to the frame. I guess I should have been using that solid metal clamp I also have securing each muffler!

hoohoohoblin: @gonebajongas Harley did a great job with the Softtail motorcycles when they put in an engine that doesn’t vibrate. It’s good to hear from Harley riders who use their bikes as real-world transportation. Harleys are reliable, efficient, and comfortable in addition to the other reasons people love them.

Pootshaak OÜ: Cool video! Tanks alot!

lodevc: thanks for the review! I’ve been riding KTM Adventures for a while but always dreamed of a Harley, I wasn’t sure about their reliability but your video convinced me 🙂

hoohoohoblin: @lodevc Cool. I’m glad I’m helping people understand what Harleys are and aren’t. The FXR is a great all-around motorcycle.

ElectraWillem: Nice video! Liked it.

hoohoohoblin: That’s a good trade. You got a lighter, more classic bike and probably put a bunch of money in the bank as well.

hoohoohoblin: @Boabiegringo Thanks. It really is a great bike for medium to long trips, and pretty good around town too. Comfortable and reliable.

hoohoohoblin: Awesome!

Harley-Davidson FXLR Low Rider Custom

hoohoohoblin: @MrDjh66 I think it will fit. I looked in the JP Cycles catalog, and they show a points cover described as fitting 1970-99 Shovelhead and Evolution big Twins.

rustyrims05: I’ve looked at your guzzi before when I was trawling around the web. You’ll know about the parking brake.I’ve got the lower frame sections on my G5

hoohoohoblin: @VinnySem Glad you liked the video. FXRS are great motorcycles, and every possible part you could need is available from Harley Davidson or the aftermarket. You’ll be very happy with it.

delo1960: Nice job.

Joseph Burnett: Just bought my first HARLEY. 94 Dyna Low Rider CAN’T GET ME OFF OF IT. Ride 100 miles a day to work then 400 to 500 miles on the weekend, just for fun. LOVIN HARLEY.

fxrslowrider1340: I have owned Harleys for over 20 years, my current bike is 1989 Harley Davidson FXRs 1340 low rider, and l love it. I have done over 70,000 kms with out a problem, big rides up to 1000,km aday have been done on this bike and its competely standard no fancey aftermarket bits on her. just had the Cam bearing changed as recommended after 50,000ks thats the only work that has been done to the motor, Go FXR, i will never sell it,,

hoohoohoblin: You’re right. Everything is easy to work on. Also parts are cheap, and there are a lot of different manufacturers of parts from mild to wild.

No one mentions this, but Harleys really are the most reliable, and cheap-to-maintain motorcycles you can own.

hoohoohoblin: This one only has 20,000 miles on it. My 1996 Sportster had 43,000 miles on it when I sold it, and the original belt was fine.

hoohoohoblin: @sithlordvyd Changing the oil on a Harley Davidson FXR is pretty easy. The filter is a screw-on type under the engine, and the tank drain hose is under the left side cover. I agree about the forward controls. They don’t belong on an FXR. Handlebars are rubber mounted, but it doesn’t bother me.

You can buy harder rubber handlebar-mount disks to make the bars less wiggly. People usually change the bars because they think the buckhorn bars look goofy. They do, but they are very comfortable.

Boabiegringo: Good review, don’t know much about these but i’d certainly consider one if i was looking for a big cruiser now. Cheers.

fullhouseflatty: I’m working a cash + trade deal for my Road King to get a 92 FxrsCon right now. And yeah, I’m dumping the twin cam for a 30 year old Evo. The FXR frame is still second to none in the HD stable, and still outperforms Dynas, Softails, and FLs where it counts- in cornering. A progressive suspension upgrade, cam carb and pipes and you’re sport touring, American Style.

PS: those belts are a bitch to replace, but can go 80,000 if you keep an eye on adjustment and pulley wear. Ride safe, Kids!

hoohoohoblin: Thanks. I thought I’d make a video explaining what’s good about the Super Glide from a rational, mechanical perspective. Harley knows they won’t sell as many motorcycles if they advertise reliability as they will if they advertise freedom, coolness, rebellion and danger.

It’s good that they have smart engineers who design the bikes to run forever and require little maintenance.

sithlordvyd: @hoohoohoblin yeah seems like the guy will go lower than 5, it has forward controls which Im not crazy abotu I guess I can change them back to mids. it has a bobtail fender which is kinda neat, i ma yhave to go take a look at it. i hear changing the oil on these is a pain in the ass. wouldnt knwo though, now that has rubber mounted handlebars right? i hear alot of people change that.

hoohoohoblin: Thanks! The reliability, functionality and low maintenance never get discussed when people talk about Harleys. It’s not cool or sexy to discuss such things, but it makes it so much more fun to own one.

SharkFin: Freddythejumpingcat, you your jumping cat can go fag yourself in the nearest gaybar. freak off fred. Hoohoohoblin, That is well explained, i just sell my daily ride 96 ‘FLSTN for 93’ FXRS, this video helps alot for the one who up a research about harleys most best frames and performa. Thanks, Shark

hoohoohoblin: @joewg3 Thanks. I really appreciate that.

imgoingforaride: Ok thanks for that .

harleyman1992: I have the same bike but in much better condition, if u can believe that. It just needs more power on the highway. I think I need to get a bigger bike !

hoohoohoblin: That’s true. Do a search for Riding My Favorite Motorcycling Road On My Harley Davidson FXR and you’ll find the video I made riding a twisty mountain road on my FXLR. They call it a Low Rider but it still has plenty of cornering clearance.

When you look at reliability, maintenance costs, repair costs, gas mileage, functionality, long road comfort, commuting functionality, resale value (not that I’ll ever sell it), and cool factor, an FXR is the best of all worlds.

Harley-Davidson FXLR Low Rider Custom
Harley-Davidson FXLR Low Rider Custom
Harley-Davidson FXLR Low Rider Custom
Harley-Davidson FXLR Low Rider Custom

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