Harley Davidson XR 1200 DIY Reviews!

27 Jan 2015 | Author: | Comments Off on Harley Davidson XR 1200 DIY Reviews!
Harley-Davidson XR 1200 Concept

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jdunn501: I don’t understand what HD is thinking either. To dump both the 883 and 1200 roadster and NOT offer this for 2009 was stupid. Going to buy the new 2009 Bonneville instead.

Doesn’t have the CC’s but can run in the twisties better.

King Suzuki GSX: And the last example of Nick Ienatch was between racing drivers in a controled enviroment. Most people read the crap that magazines write and think this bike is good or not depending on the magazines opinions. that is all bull$h*t my friend. Most now days bikes handle well and are very capable. especially the ones designed from track. People have to learn how to ride bikes instead from judging out of the paper or behind a screen.

Happy riding to all.

Kristoffer Hansen: @KingSuzukiGSX1400 Stop assuming stuff you have no idea about. I run motorcycle websites, and have a TT600r motard, a R1 streetbike and a old XL500 for the woods. And I have never been overtaken by a HD 🙂

King Suzuki GSX: @oneknothead Performance has to do mostly with the rider and less with the bike. But this 1200 bike handles awesome. 25 years on wheels speaking.

sahzookey: ya the vrod is a horrible drag bike. (sarcasm)

skyrider2001: I told my dealer here in Nebraska that I want one when they make it available here in the states. Got a call this morning and was told to place my order for late winter delivery. Can you say yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

tref101: a real bitchin bike,but bitchin snot on our soil,freak hd you pissed me off,this would have been it too,ill keep my bonneville,freak it.

freddiebigfoot: still better looking then a v-max

freddiebigfoot: And a Night Rod makes a v-max look like another piece of jap crap

450kid: Hey everyone, don’t fret. H-D is bringing the XR to the USA within the next few months!

onemarktwoyou: but all the jap. 650 v’s would too. i’d take the suzuki sv650 against it any day of the week. and in the video they claimed it handles like a sport bike. its a sportster, how dumb do they think we are. put crap in a bag and call it plant food. its still crap.

doomantia: What a beautiful bike. I ‘m into sportsbikes all my life, so I was never a fan of Harleys. However, I think the XR 1200 as well as the Water Cooled street rod, look fantastic and perform well.

It is a welcome change of philosophy from Milwakee.

spiritof78: Soooo. Designed in America, made in America, but not for sale in America. Thank you Harley-Davidson for caring about your American customers.

jrodlanelg: Prefiero a las extintas Buell.

King Suzuki GSX: @Abe795 If all these facts (tha I now examine) are true. I’m getting one. The japs tend to be expencive to maintain. It has some racing bloodline but 70’s air. that 1200 is a spot on.

Davin Black: True enough, but the customer-base that would’ve jumped on the waiting list for this would immediately take it to the tracks. Don’t let MTV Cribs fool you – there are some serious drivers in the ‘States that would’ve purchased and proceeded to thrash this bike around the track without hesitation.

Mark Boese: I don’t think that this was built to compete with a VMax pickle. You should maybe learn a little bit about bikes first son, before you speak diarrhea.

King Suzuki GSX: @ebusdk You seem to be ignorant of riding a bike from what you say.I spoke from experience and the examples cam be much more. Here an exerpt from Nich Ienatch book Sport riding techniques. Page17/The rider is the greatest single factor in a motorcycle performance. Myt most memorable proof came in 1985 when.

To cut the long story short..Nick had to ride a prepepped FX750 in willow springs and he continues.

Kristoffer Hansen: @KingSuzukiGSX1400 WTF are you talking about? mostly to do with the rider – sure, you try and outrun a R6 with a KLE500. It’s almost the same CCM, so you should be able to do it, according to your theory. Get real.

cuervorockero: wait they are now go to de dealer

Akhil Sunny: never compare a v max n xr1200 compare it with big daddy night rod

King Suzuki GSX: . contimues. I found myself in the hot seat circulating at what my brain told me where super-fast speeds,scything through the darkness faster than any human could possible go.About 10 minutes into my stint, a beaten and abused(. )FJ600 slammed past me midway through Willow’s infamous turn eight and disappeared into the distance..Until that race I thought HP and preperation would win the day. Kevin Schwantz (rider of the beaten FJ) prooved me wrong..So EXPERIENCE-SKILL of RIDER count most

michiganmadman: Im sure the Suzuki Busa would eat it for lunch, But finally a Cool looking Harley! They never had a truly competitive Motocross, Road race, or drag bike. But I have to admit, on any weekend there was a Harley XR Kicking ass on dirt-tracks across the county!

Ive seen a few replica Chris Carr, Scott Parker homemade replica bikes and always wanted one! Wish it had more of that old dirt track look like hidden lights,number plate,dirt tires, and yes the Big old air filters haging out the side!

cabritorsss: Still looks like it was dragging the kick stand. Looks like it could drag the pipes on the other side also. Pick these things up just a widdle bit and it’ll go from great to fantastic.

Dylans503: if your denying the 90% rider 10% bike theory, then why do you own and ride an old crapty X? get an XR buddy, even in the woods! better yet lets see you on a track getting passed by better riders on inferior bikes

Harley-Davidson XR 1200 Concept

Kristoffer Hansen: @KingSuzukiGSX1400 Because you have outrun racebukes on your sportstourer, dont mean sh*t. Its simply ignorant to say mostly to do with the rider

Brian Huss: I would buy one of these if they were here. Not a big Harley guy, but this would change my mind. One more for HD being freaking retards!Maybe we’ll get it in 09.

King Suzuki GSX: @ebusdk No my theory as you name it doesn’t say that. It isn;t about CCM but about capable bikes for the task in hand, in the hands of experienced riders. Though give to a motard racing driver an 600CCM Husky or KTM and can outperform all every day racer wanna bees any time .I have seen that happen.

Personaly I have outrunned numerous R1’s and GSXR’s and you name it with my GSX and 20 years riding experience.But that’s NOT of course the main purpose on riding. So WTF are saying ?

bombdrop91: No successful drag bike?Ha!

mandaltby: I saw one today at the stealer Wow, nice bike, I think its one of the coolest bikes on the floor. My favourite. Out of all the bikes, I should say, it looks the meanest. which it is I would think it should be the fastest harley on a track.

soali07: This is the ultimate bike for the Alps. It doesn’t make fun with this on the straight streets of the USA. But it’s awesome here in Austria!

Robert Ray: I have to admit no won’t go like a Busa unless you are in tight hair pins where it could not only run with but have some advantage, but then a Busa won’t run with Jay Lenos turbine engine motorcycle NOW JUST GET THE freakIN PRICE DOWN to the same as a 883, then I’ll buy

Abe795: The xr1200 is one of the best motorcycles ever made. Good mileage and it doesn’t get tossed around by passing semi’s. I love the simplicity and low maintenance of the powerful enough engine.

It’s indestructible!

bikersrule07: I sat on a xr1200 today, omg awesome bike well done hd, at long long last they made a sporty worth buying..you can buy them in coredalane HD in Idaho.

bigbadnewman: 90 HP I read in a road test. Not bad for a pushrod V-twin. Plus the bucket loads of lumping torque. could be a good ride.

yamahonkawazuki: teh older vmax was better imho this bike is awesome ive owned many motorcycles am purchasing one iof these in hte near future. got to ride it a week ago

skate1092: Thats good but i no somthing better. look up sycho maniac that spelling by that skate-1092 dude copy and paste this

dicklebloop: 2009 yamaha vmax would eat that hd up and spit it out its tailpipe


Harley Davidson XR 1200 4.4 out of 5

Harley-Davidson XR 1200 Concept
Harley-Davidson XR 1200 Concept
Harley-Davidson XR 1200 Concept

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