How does a 2002 Harley Davidson sportster 883 compare to a 1980 Sportster…

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Harley-Davidson XR1200 Sportster

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Jay is DEAD Wrong.

1. ALL Sportsters 1957 until 1985 called IRONHEADS because used cast iron and heads. Iron retains thus the need for oil coolers. In HD introduced the Evolution Engine in the which used aluminum and heads.

Aluminum dissipates far more superior than The new Evo Sporty’s and the the new Evo Big Twin (introduced in 1984), radiated heat the engine that confused HD owners, they all went to the dealerships complaining that bikes were running too hot they could literally more heat coming the engine. it was actually quite the the bikes were running 40 degrees COOLER than the bikes BECAUSE of the felt coming from the engine, the new alloy in the engines was doing it was designed to do, dissipate the heat and it OUT AND AWAY from the engine, not it inside the engine as cast did.

2. Performance-wise, the 883 is FAR superior in to the old Ironhead 1000. The 1000’s an EXTREMELY POOR combustion design that had a very inefficient burn. They valves and ports in the heads were too large causing poor intake and exhaust gas that resulted in very low and mid-range performance.

They had very poorly cam profile with solid that required adjustment 1000 miles and extremely and inefficient ignition systems. On top of all they were also 4 with a very poor ratio set-up.

The 883, in configuration, with an almost 5 spd trans, has slightly better and FAR SUPERIOR RELIABLITY than a It is a totally different engine can EASILY. EASILY, be converted to by simply either boring or the cylinders and using reverse pistons.

The 883-1200 conv more power than a 1200.

Below are clips some of my other answers the 883. (note. disregard the about fuel injection as this is not related to a 2002 is carbed)

The 883 converted to a 1200 outperform a stock 1200. The 883 has smaller intake and exhaust that create higher and exhaust gas velocities that produce more USEABLE low and torque. 883’s also use designed to prodcue more as compared to the 1200 cams are for more top-end hp.

The 883’s also use a 27 tooth sprocket as opposed to the 1200’s 29 the smaller 27 tooth sprocket more rear wheel and pulls considerably harder the 29 tooth, it does this at a disadvantage of losing about 10 mph on the top end but the mid-range pull outweighs disadvantage. The mid-range is where you do of your riding and is where you that USEABLE power.

I it for granted the engine is carbed, the stock CV and put on a Mikuni 42 with a Eagle Intake Manifold, Ness Big Sucker Stage II air a GOOD set of pipes (NO drag NO straight, open pipes at a Daytona Twin Tec Ign. (I an AWESOME timing map for 04-up for the Twin Tec Ign that I can email a set of Andrews cams, and Screamin Heads. you got a 100+hp Sportster.

question gets asked SO here, that I saved my to my desktop and just copy and it. lol.

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If you like the 883. go for it. it can be converted to 1200 and get more from that than a 1200.

Get pipes and an AIR CLEANER. WITH the Screamin Eagle Tuner. This will the bike about 12-15 over stock. the super will allow for future with no added expense on

It can be be converted to 1200 easily in the if you want. The 883 has smaller intake/exhaust which give it higher and exhaust gas velocity, creating torque. The 883 also has a 2 teeth front sprocket for more a 883-to-1200 conversion will out run a 1200. all this can be done for less than the cost of the bike ALONE.

The Iron be an excellent beginner bike, being an 883. The motor easily upgraded to 1200 HD’s 883-1200 conversion The bike is not too heavy, has a good, seat height, and handles well.

I would HIGHLY having the dealer do a Stage 1 into the computer even as stock, but it MUST be done if you pipes and an air cleaner installed is to have a Screamin Eagle TUNER installed). If you have put on it to make it louder, get the HD Screamin Hi-Flo Air Cleaner put on also. let EPA Restricted engine breathe.

The guy above is DEAD wrong it comes to being pointless the Stage 1 download.

You want the Eagle SUPER TUNER. and it Dyno TUNED. don’t for just having the base map The difference between being and a base map is like night and The base maps are just a base to which to work Every engine is as individaul as we are as they each require a finesse and tuning to make perform optimally.

The Super will also allow for tuning for any future upgrade you may

A Stage 1 download is nothing than a GENERIC map from HD is ok for all bikes. this is CRAP. the 1 download was specifically made for a HD Screamin Eagle Mufflers and Air not all mufflers (or complete exhaust flow exactly the same and not all Air flow exactly the same. if you change ANYTHING on the exhaust and that the Stage 1 was not designed it wil not work as well. like I every engine is DIFFERENT.

As far as power output goes. it vary as to what components are and how well it is tuned. but on an average completely STOCK to an upgrade of cleaner, super tuner, 12-15 horsepower.

Here is a that I just did recently. I had the ported with oversize hi-flo guides, radius job, 10.5:1 compression, cnc throttle body, Screamin Air Cleaner, RedShift Cams, and STOCK exhaust, all with a Eagle Super Tuner ECM. This was actually one of the bikes I ever tuned. it put out @ 6700rpm and 108 ft/lbs of torque @ these measurement are taken at the not the crank. and are higher figures a STOCK HD 103 Big Twin.

If you have any questions, just email me, be glad to help.

With the 3 here, and with what above me have added, I the Sportster line-up make beginner bikes. also the insurance rates are usually a lower.

ALSO. alot of people to feel cramped up on the Sportsters. do make FORWARD CONTROLS. will allow you to stretch legs out for better comfort.

Just a note about an below. HD does NOT make a conversion kit. there however, other aftermarket that can take it bigger 1200, but it is EXPENSIVE and unless you are it, there is no reason to go bigger 1200.


20yr HD MMI Grad 1991 and 2009. trained by HD (Buell Certified), Big American Ironhorse, Titan, and

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