’75 Harley Davidson SX175 Vintage Motorcycles

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’75 Harley Davidson SX175

Everybody needs to own a Harley Davidson motorcycle at some time in their life I think. Maybe you can’t afford a new $36,000 Ultra Glide, and the bank (aka, your wife…) won’t even finance a used Sportster for you. So what’s a poor guy to do?

You could go outside and clean out the garage, your wife thinks you’re being a good husband and it may soften her up a bit, but in truth, you’re just making room for your Harley. Or, you could sell off your comic book collection, that ought to buy you the cup holder for the Ultra Glide. A last ditch attempt would be to promise her the vacation of a lifetime.

Scenery like she has never seen before, adventure at it’s best and a renewed closeness the two of you haven’t felt for years…all from the back of her new Harley. Ok, so none of those things worked. How do I know?

I have tried them all and more.

Time for plan ‘F’…as in ‘find’. Find an older Harley in good rideable condition, the last thing in the world you want to bring home is a motorcycle that is going to be a year long project and makes a mess everywhere. Trust me…been there, done that, it’s not a pretty scene.

Finding a nice older Harley in ride it today shape is pretty easy, but finding one that you can afford without dipping into the kitchen remodel fund is a bit more difficult. I have the answer, and the motorcycle, for you. And, it’s a real Harley Davidson.

Sort of.

Back in the early 1960′s Honda was invading Harley’s home turf and ‘The Motor Company’ wasn’t all too pleased. After a good dinner at a local pizza joint in Milwaukee, Harley’s directors booked flights to Italy to have a little talk with a small Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Aermacchi. Out of that meeting came a beautiful relationship.

Harley-Davidson SX 175
Harley-Davidson SX 175

Harley wanted small, lightweight, fun motorcycles that anyone, including your kid sister, could ride at a non Harley price and Aermacchi was all too happy to oblige the boys from Milwaukee. Out of that marriage came bikes like the Shortster, the Sprint and the SX models. Two out of the three have developed small loyal cult followings.

The Sprint series and the SX models. The Sprints, single cylinder 4 strokes and the SX’s were small lightweight 2 strokes. The SX’s were light and fun.

I found this really nice SX175 this morning on ebay. Low miles and appears to be completely stock. The owner simply says it starts and runs. Lot’s of details there (?) but sometimes that is all you really need to know because you’re going to go through it yourself anyway.

The price is quite low and I don’t really forsee it going up all that much. Whether you’re looking for a Harley Davidson or not, this little trail bike would be a lot of fun to have. Riding up to your local Harley hang out on this little Harley would be really fun…especially with your wife on the back. Remember, you did promise her a Harley.

Click on the pic’s for more pictures and a way to contact the owner if you want to know more.

’75 Harley Davidson SX175

Harley-Davidson SX 175
Harley-Davidson SX 175

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