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Focus On: Sasha Adler

by Stephanie Hayman (George Washington University)

You may call it admiration, it could be classified as adoration, you may even deem it a girl crush. Whatever it is, I am completely enamored with Sasha Adler, 32, Design Director of Nate Berkus Associates in Chicago. A keen sense of style and a killer jobSasha works with her close friend and sorority sister, Lauren Gold, and has the opportunity to design beautiful homes with beautiful pieceseveryday.

If I could have asked her a million questions, trust me, I would have. Sasha was happy to share style tips and advice with us and fill us in how she scored her dream job.

Stephanie Hayman: Let me start by saying you are the perfect example of a highly fashionable person whose personal style is translated into your eye for interior design.

 Would you say that your wardrobe, or a person’s fashion sense, is typically translated into how they decorate their space? Are these characteristics one in the same?

Sasha Adler: ʻAe, definitely. I am always shocked when someone is really into fashion and doesn’t care about their home or vice versa. There is so much crossover between the two.

We are constantly referencing fashion when designing a space and a lot of our color schemes are inspired directly by the runway.

SH: What fashion and home fashion items are you obsessing over for fall?

Sasha: For home items, I think Restoration Hardware is fantastic right now. They are using some amazing finishes and their upholstery is classic, well-constructed and at a great price point. In terms of fashion, I am so excited for fall clothes.

I just purchased some flat motorcycle boots with a gold buckle that I know are going to be my staple this season.

SHWhere does your inspiration come from?

Sasha: Literally everywhere. I am inspired by things I see on the runway, travel, books, nature, vintage jewelry

SH:   You mentioned that you wanted to work in the fashion industry once you graduated from the University of Michigan and you were offered your choice of a job at a high fashion magazine or at a French wedding magazine. What made you go with the wedding magazine?

Sasha: I had a really great mentor at the time who gave me some great advice. She said that the fashion magazine sounded more glamorous, but I should really take advantage of the hands-on experience I could get from working at the smaller, publication.  I am so happy I listened to her. I ended up getting to style photo shoots, write articles and determine a lot of the editorial content.

 It was a phenomenal learning experience.

SH: The golden questionHow did you land a job with Nate Berkus?!

Sasha: One of my best friends (actually my younger sister in my sorority) worked for Nate Berkus. When I moved back to Chicago from NY, she introduced me to Nate over lunch. Even though I had been working in fashion, they both convinced me that interior design was so closely connected and made the job sound so exciting.

I started working there as an intern and immediately fell in love.

SH: Describe your freshman year dorm room.

Sasha: My roommate (who is still one of my very best friends) and I were obsessed with our freshman dorm room. She is from LA and I am from Chicago, but we had a million calls the summer before school started to discuss what we wanted to do with our room. We ended up having a leopard rug made from a carpet remnant that totally made the room.

For my bedding, I mixed faded floral with white hotel linens with black stitching. It was feminine, but modern.

SHWhat tricks can you share with our readers about making a dorm room space look more luxurious than it actually is?

Sasha: I think it’s all about adding some thoughtful accessories such as a super soft throw at the end of your bed, a cool table lamp on a dimmer (which can be purchased from the hardware store) and some amazing candles to enjoy lighting.

SH: What is your favorite Dormify product?

Sasha: All of the products are amazing, but I absolutely love the Frida hand-knit pillow. It feels like a thickly woven fisherman’s sweater.

SH: What is your favorite hashtag?

Sasha: Embarassed. I am actually not on Twitter.

SH: It’s okaywe’ll let you slide on that one.

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