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Motorhispania RX50

Hello fellow ciao’ers. If you read my op about the Honda CBR600F, well this is part two so to say. Once again I will fill you in on the story behind the product then give you all of the technical jargon.

Part way through the CBR600F opinion I told you all that Vinnie (my dad) had to do without his old motorbike because he part exchanged it. His excuse was that he needed the money so he had to sell it. During this time without his old bike my mother was very pleased because she thought that would mean my dad would say no when I came to the age when I could get a bike.

When Vinnie got his new motorcycle and it was a sporty brand new number, my mother new instantly that would trigger my birthday wish list. With a year still to go I had plenty of time to decide what bike I wanted. Mum like usual kept trying to postpone the idea and get me to have something else.

APRILIA, APRILIA, APRILIA. That’s the only 50cc motorbike that kept popping up. I wanted to be different because the Aprilia is so popular and every other 16 year old has one.

The bike itself has a good spec but the shape of the shell was not to my taste.

I briefly looked at scooters but virtually straight away I realized that I wanted a geared bike. Obviously I liked my dads bike so I wanted a racing style bike not a trail. Then I found a Derbi GPR50 which was more my type of bike.

Had the looks wasn’t really popular but there were a handful around so I took to it.

A few months went by and I still wanted the GPR50 and a friend of mine mentioned that at the local bike shop (E.R. WILLIAMS racing) they had a new delivery of 50cc bikes. The next day I went to the shop with my friend and there were three new 50cc bikes in. A crosser style bike which wasn’t my type of bike and there were two Motorhispania RX50’s. One was blue and silver and the other bike was yellow and black.

The choice for me was so simple, the yellow and black because it stood out more.

I went to the idea with my dad and he didn’t say yes or no, to be honest he said save your money. I looked into what was needed and came up with a list. I had all of the necessary safety equipment from going out on the back of my dad’s bike, so I saved some money in that department.

All together I needed insurance, tax, and to do a C.B.T test and most notably the bike.

I looked into the C.B.T and found out some information about it. C.B.T stands for Compulsory Basic Training. This involves spending a day with a qualified instructor and doing basic tasks. First off you start in a car park and have to start and stop in a straight line.

After you do some basic tasks around cones then move to around the car park (which is empty) Once the instructor has confidence in you he will take you out onto the roads and if successful will pass you. All together with the training needed it would come to a cost of Ј75 with my own bike. I didn’t shop around because I heard he was good at teaching.

C.B.T’s can cost anything between Ј50 and Ј150.

Next I went to an insurance brokers to find out how much insurance would be. After getting a few quotes I realized that I had better get saving because it was not cheap. Quotes ranged from Ј400 to Ј3000 depending on the cover I wanted. This really put me off because I didn’t have thousands to spend. As the days ticked away I wanted a bike more and more as I thought of the places I could go to.

I became so obsessed that I had dreams about my own bike.

When my birthday came around I woke up not very impressed. A few minor presents and that really put me on a downer. Usually I have an array of presents but not expensive just small things but not this birthday. Unfortunately for me, my birthday was also a school day so the time came to 8.25am and it was time for me to leave for school.

On went my shoes and coat and bag and I opened the back door. Then when I needed to leave for school, I was called back and Vinnie told me not to forget this. He gave me an envelope and it just had the registration plate inside it CW51 DPN, brand new at the time.

The yellow and black Motorhispania RX50 that had been on show was now registered in my name.

After school had finished I had to go to the bike shop to be told about it and how it works. This button does this……… on. I wasn’t able to just ride it away because I had not done the C.B.T.

The bike got delivered two days later and I had one word to say about it WOW.

I passed my C.B.T first time no problems with the test but the bike was playing up a little because it was new. I was the first person in my year to get a bike and I was also first on the road. The attention people pay to you is unbelievable, others wanted to get a bike, so I started a trend off and 20 people now have bike in my year.

I became well known for having the Yellow bike and had loads of people asking me about it. The girls were also asking questions so I had chosen a great bike from my point of view.

At first the bike was Semi-derestricted because there were problems with it when it was fully restricted. With the semi restriction I could get up to 45mph which is good for a town hopper. I believe that if you get a 50cc it is dangerous when it is restricted because they can only go 30mph flat out and it is a hazard on the road to others.

When it went for its first servicing the mechanics de-restricted it for me. Basically they put new chain and sprockets on the bike, bigger jets which lets more fuel into the engine and taken the throttle restrictor off. Now fully de-restricted I can get a top speed of 65 mph on the flat which is an ample speed because of the national speed restriction set at 70mph. the problem with de-restricting a 50cc is that people think it has been “ragged” so to speak, which is not the case.


The Motorhispania RX50 is a 49.9cc engine which is liquid cooled with one cylinder. The bike is a two stroke so it sounds a little like a wasp in a jam jar, but all 50cc’s are like that.

There is an eleven litre fuel tank on it and if you read the op about the CBR600F you will know that I and my dad went to Manchester and back without refuelling which was 125 miles round trip. The fuel consumption is fantastic on this bike and costs about Ј9 to fill to the top. The two stroke oil does need topping up fairly regularly to stop it from ceasing up but that is cheap to buy.

The bike is very comfy and does not ache at all after being on it for a long time. At first it is hard to handle but practice does make perfect and I am just starting to master its limitations. Now I am racing to 17 and I am wanting to get a new bike so I will be writing another motorbike op sometime in the near future. It is already decided what I want and that is the new Honda CB500.

It comes with a free restricting kit to limit it to what a 17 year old can have which is 33hp.

Overall the Motorhispania RX50 is a good runner and is different from all of the other 50cc bikes. The fairing is bright and vibrant so it stands out in a crown and has a nice shape to it. The bike does look a bit big for a 50cc and looks more like a 250cc. It is cheap and easy to run and is a good starting bike.

There are not many around I have only seen three, I own one, there has been one I have seen in Manchester and the one which is still in the show room.

There are four colours to choose from the two already mentioned which are yellow and black and the other which is silver and blue. There are also a choice of another two colours. One of which is all silver and the other colour is green and silver which is a nice colour.

A word of advice about the yellow and black, it needs a regular clean.

The safety is good on this bike it is all data tagged so it is harder for thiefs to hide and sell parts with data tagging on and it also has steering lock on it so a thief would not get far with it.

Further information can be found at or by typing Motorhispania RX50 into a search engine such as google.

I will be selling my bike soon so if anyone is interested drop a message in my GB. It was purchased for Ј2,200 brand new and I will sell for about Ј1,600 and it is not twelve months old yet, so it is a good bargain.

Motorhispania RX 50 Racing
Motorhispania RX 50 Racing
Motorhispania RX 50 Racing
Motorhispania RX 50 Racing
Motorhispania RX 50 Racing
Motorhispania RX 50 Racing
Motorhispania RX 50 Racing

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