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Royal Enfield Bullet G5 Classic EFI
Royal Enfield Bullet G5 Classic EFI

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Royal Enfield launches two leisure bikes Classic Chrome and Desert Storm

MUMBAI: Royal Enfield Thursday unveiled two new limited edition leisure bikesClassic Chrome and Desert Storm. Our customers have been demanding the Chrome model of Royal Enfield for quite some.

Shorter waiting period for Royal Enfield bikes after new plant

Royal Enfield today said the waiting period for delivery of its bikes will come down after the commissioning of the Rs 150-crore plant coming up next year at Chennai. There is a waiting period of 6-8.

Bullet vrooms, makes a Royal comeback

BANGALORE. Not too long ago when people heard and saw the loud, thumping ‘Bulleton the road, they were rest assured that it was either an army or police officer or simply the ‘machoin town riding.

Enfield to zip in with two new models

Royal Enfield Bullet C5 Chrome

Royal Enfield Bullet Classic C5 EFI

Royal Enfield Bullet Classic C5 EFI



Royal Enfield Bullet G5 Classic EFI
Royal Enfield Bullet G5 Classic EFI

Royal Enfield Bullet Classic C5 EFI

Royal Enfield Bullet C5 Chrome

Royal Enfield Bullet Electra EFI

Royal Enfield Hyderabad RoyalsDocumentary

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Royal Enfield Bullet G5 Classic EFI

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