Agusta Brutale MV 800 First Ride Super Streetbike

12 מוּם 2015 | מחבר: | סגור לתגובות על Agusta Brutale MV 800 First Ride Super Streetbike
MV Agusta 800 S America

Agusta Brutale MV 800 | הרכיבה הראשונה


Our triple engine was born to be an 800, it is the best use for it. MV’s CEO Giovanni Castiglioni is refreshingly direct when it comes to describing his company’s latest product. Despite launching the Brutale 675 a few months earlier, MV claims that while the 675 is aimed at ‘younger riders and female riders’ ה 800 is a far more ‘professionalkind of machine.

In short it is back to the traditions of an Italian naked bikefast, aggressive and exciting to ride.

The first thing that strikes you with the Brutale is its size. Sharing virtually every major component with the 675 has not only allowed MV to save development costs, it has also let them squeeze an extremely potent motor into a diminutive chassis. Yet despite being tiny in stature the Brutale isn’t cramped to ride, offering a relaxed and spacious riding position that even fits taller riders.

Producing 125 HP and 60 LB-FT of torque, the Brutale 800 is a powerful bike that when combined with its 368 pound claimed weight makes for an entertaining ride. The engine is extremely eager to rev with a slightly aggressive nature that demands a degree of respect. Open the throttle too quickly in the first two gears and the front rises quite abruptly.

MV Agusta 800 S America

Hit a bump while accelerating hard in third and the same will happen. It certainly is fun to ride if stunting is your thing, but also if you like riding fast on the road or track. Of the four fuel maps to chose from I found that the reduced power maps, Rain and Normal, seemed to add a bit of an unpleasant delay into the throttle response, almost as if the airbox was blocked, so instead I opted for Sport, which was far more direct so be ready for the power hit.

On a smooth and fast road the Brutale’s chassis is excellent. The new fully adjustable suspension is set firm but not overly hard and the chassis is extremely sporty and agile. Throw a few bumps into the equation and its front end can get lively, but that is only to be expected on such a lightweight machine.

Being a triple the MV will instantly be compared to Triumph’s new Street Triple and Street Triple R. The Brutale’s extra capacity gives it a power advantage over the Triumph however MV’s motor isn’t as relaxed or friendly to use as the Street Triple. Where the Triumph has a deceptively gentle power delivery the MV is aggressive and quick revving while the chassis is flighty compared to the stable Street Triple.

The Brutale 800 is certainly placed firmly on the sporty side of naked bikes but that’s exactly what you expect from an MV. Unlike the Street Triple it’s not a bike for new riders, but for the more experienced the 800 is agile, gets the blood pumping and packs quite a punch from its bigger capacity triple motor. Don’t expect to see many at your local bike night but purchase one and you’re assured an exciting ride and unique style.

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