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Derbi DH 2.0

Derbi motorcycles

Derbi motorcycles was founded in 1922 by Simón Rabasa i Singla as a little bicycle garage that quickly developed into the main motorcycle manufacturer in Spain.

Derbi motorcycle is celebrating today its 85th anniversary, 85 years of successes in the markets and in the tracks. Its secret: continued technical evolution, a trait that the current Derbi motorcycle factory still preserves. With its impressive range in the 50 and 125cc, Derbi motorcycle represents for multiple generations the beginning of a life-time passion for motorcycles and racing.

Since its first participation in the World Championship in 1962, Derbi achieved a long list of successes in which rider Angel Nieto played a very important part. The rider from Zamora, Spain won 5 world titles with Derbi motorcycle, three in the 50cc class and two in the 125cc category, which contributed to the creation of the Red Bullets legend. היום, Derbi motorcycle continues to reinforce its position in racing competition by its participation and success in the 125cc World Championships each year.

The Derbi motorcycle culture is grounded on the passion for the product, the attention to the details and the obsession for the most innovative design. Based in Barcelona, the European hub for design and innovation, Derbi motorcycle is capable of translating emerging trends in new concepts

European leader in the 50cc market, Derbi motorcycle now offers the best-in-the-market range for 125cc, covering all possible needs for our loyal customers.

History of Derbi motorcycles

After 19 שנים, Derbi motorcycles claims back the 125 World Championship title with its Balas Rojas (Red Bullets) thanks to the stellar performance of the French rider Mike Di Meglio. With this result, Derbi adds the 19th world championship to a very rich palmares, which includes 11 Titles for riders and 8 as Manufacturers. Manuel “Champi” Herreros was the last Derbi motorcycles rider to claim the title in the 80cc category in the 1989.

Derbi motorcycles confirms its leadership in the 50cc category and strengthens its position in 125cc.

Derbi DH 2.0

For young people and lovers of big bikes, Derbi motorcycles creates the new Senda DRD EVO 50, a model created by and for young people. The new Senda DRD EVO raises the Supermoto to previously unimaginable limits. This category was pioneered by Derbi motorcycles, the uncontested leader in the small displacement range.

The range scooter line is stronger thanks to the new Derbi motorcycle Rambla 125/250i, the sportiest high-wheel scooter on the market to get around the city comfortably and agilely.

On the other side, Derbi motorcycles has increased its 125 gearbox range with Terra Adventure 125, a bike with an image based on rally and adventure concepts which allows for maximum adventure enjoyment and gets to the most unsuspecting places, and the Mulhacén Café 125 – a vehicle that unites passion for the world of motorcycles with the innovation and design that Derbi motorcycles has always shown. With its powerful 4-stroke, 4-שסתום, liquid-cooled motor and a sporty design based on the larger naked models, Derbi motorcycles confirms its role as the reference point in the 125 category.

Derbi motorcycles continues innovating: Derbi motorcycles revolutionizes the world of two wheels with the new Derbi motorcycles DH 2.0, a one-of-a-kind prototype

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Derbi DH 2.0
Derbi DH 2.0
Derbi DH 2.0

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