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The 10 Best BMW Motorcycles: Luxury on Two Wheels – याहू आवाज़ें – voices.ya

8 Feb 2015 | लेखक: | टिप्पणियाँ बंद पर The 10 Best BMW Motorcycles: Luxury on Two Wheels – याहू आवाज़ें – voices.ya
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The 10 Best BMW Motorcycles: Luxury on Two Wheels

If somebody says BMW, you automatically think of cars. This just in: BMW makes more than just cars, and they are pretty darn good at manufacturing the other stuff, बहुत. BMW introduced the world to the motorcycle world in 1923 with its first bike, the R32. अभी व, some 87 years later, they are still kicking under their motorcycle brand name, BMW Motorrad.

Throughout the 87 वर्षों, BMW has produced some of the best and most highly thought of iron horses in the business. Here are the top 10 BMW motorcycles ever produced.

1. BMW 1200GSThis BMW model is considered to be among the best motorcycles on the market and is hands down the best BMW motorcycle ever made. The 1200GS started being produced in 2004 and is BMW Mottorrad’s best selling bike to date. This BMW is perfect for on- or off-road terrain.

The 2010 model’s double overhead camshaft engine will help get u cranked out to a max speed of around 120 MPH.

2. BMW R90SThis old time favorite of many BMW motorcyclists checks in just underneath the 1200GS as the second best motorcycle ever manufactured by BMW Mottorrad. This BMW model has a type 247 engine that will get from 0-60 in just under 5.5 सेकंड. Pretty darn fast, for a motorcycle that started selling in 1974!

After all, there was a good reason that in 1976, Reg Pridmore won the first AMA Superbike Championship on a BMW R90S.

3. BMW S1000RRTalking about superbikes, BMW had only been bystanders in that part of the market ever since the Japanese and Italian models took over. कुंआ, that looks to be a thing of the past. BMW is now throwing their hat back into the ring when it comes to superbikes, and they are doing it with the BMW S1000RR.

To say this piece of lightning can fly would be an understatement, as they have been known to top 180 MPH!

4. BMW 1200RTThis motorcycle is 505 lbs of luxury. The versatile 1200RT is another example of a premium sport-touring bike brought to you by BMW. Even though it weighs in at just a tad over 500 एलबीएस, it boasts an impressive 110HP.

5. BMW K 1300GTMove over canines, taking a cross country trip on this BMW motorcycle will make man reconsider what man’s best friend really is. The mind- blowing options on this bike include a heated seat and grips, cruise control traction control, on board computer, xenon light, adjustable seat and adjustable windshield. You can’t be stingy, if you want these luxuries though, as this piece of heaven will run you $22,595 for the premium package.

6. BMW R100S – इस 78 हिमाचल प्रदेश 980 cc beast quickly became a classic in the touring community. The R100S came out in 1977 and was the first BMW motorcycle to have full fairing, which allows air to flow more easily over the surface of the bike.

7. BMW F800GSThis model BMW motorcycle has been praised for it’s great on- and off-road combination. It is not quite as good as the 1200GS, but comes in a smaller package and performs at a high level on any terrain. The F800GS is more compact and much lighter than the 1200GS, making it more manageable for many riders.

For anybody that finds the bigger motorcycles more than they choose to try to handle, the F800GS is a great option.

8. BMW G 650GSThis model BMW motorcycle flew out of the store in the 2000’s, but stopped being produced after 2007. Evidently BMW Motorrad realized that wasn’t the brightest idea because now it is back and better than ever. Part of the reason the 650GS Dakar ranks #8 in the best BMW motorcycles ever made is that it has the luxury that always comes with BMW, but is still affordable.

You can blast onto the street with a new one of these babies for just under $8,000.

9. BMW K 1200LTThe K 1200LT ranks ninth among the best BMW motorcycles ever manufactured for one simple reason; it was made with the simple idea of making a motorcycle that would be the most comfortable and smoothest ride when taking those long cross country trips. It can make 1,000 miles feel like 100.

10. BMW R32There isn’t even a top ten best BMW motorcycles to be had, if not for the manufacturing of this model. At number ten on the list, we pay homage to the first BMW motorcycle to hit the market. The BMW R32 was introduced to the cycling world in 1923.

It had 486 cc engine and maxed out around 60 MPH.

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