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About The international Cagiva Elefant Club is primarily a reference point from which, you can access all the various and very different, areas of Cagiva Elefant ownership. Whether you have a totally standard or a highly modified machine, this website will enable you, to tap into different areas of what to expect and how to get round a specific problem. We have owners, who compete on regular basis, using their Elefants in timed trials, cross country or enduro, some even host their own Rallye events. We have Rallye prepared machines from an 1987 ex-Factory Lucky Explorer prototype through to the CH Racing Azzalin’s customer and SP versions. We have the weekend enjoyment owners and ...

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Elefantman’s Cagiva Elefant/Ducati Elefant Pages

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Elefantman’s Cagiva Elefant/Ducati Elefant Pages

Cagiva Gran Canyon The successor to the Elefant, the Gran Canyon 900 retains the Ducatidesmodue engine with fuel injection. It is regarded as a more road-orientedbike but is still capable on the dirt, although probably not in the leagueof the Elefant. Maybe cafe motard would be the best way to describe it!The frame is based partly on the ‘fant. The Gran Canyon name was shortlivedas of 1999, the bike has beensuperseded by the Navigator, which uses a Suzuki TL-1000 engine. So webid farewell to the days of Ducati-powered Cagivas. Ross Samuelson is one of the first Elefant owners I know to buy a Canyon. Elefant partsare a difficulty in some areas since Ducati and Cagiva have split, ...

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CAGIVA RAPTOR 650 Motorcycle Trader New Zealand

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CAGIVA RAPTOR 650 Motorcycle Trader New Zealand

CAGIVA RAPTOR 650 Nothing succeeds like success. Cagiva lines up to attack the other end of the naked roadster market with the launch of a pair of 650 Raptor models at Intermot while orders back up for the one-litre versions of the Cagiva Raptor and V-Raptor twins launched a year ago. The Italian marque’s new Cassinetta factory moves to a second shift to keep up with demand as the increased flow of Suzuki fuel-injected TL1000S engines come on line from Japan. Now Cagiva has produced another key component in its mission to reinvent the Ducati Monster eight years on. It has replaced the injected dohc TL1000S 90-degree V-twin motor with the carburetted 81 x 62.6mm otto valvole of similar ...

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CAGIVA रैप्टर 650 CAGIVA

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Cagiva Raptor 650-Cagiva

Racewaynews.net / Motogossip.it / Motorfreaks.nl / Bikepoint.com.au Don’t be deceived by the mid-sized engineRod Chapman of Motorcycle Trader magazine has discovered the perfect all-rounder, and fallen head over heels. The Italians have got it made, don’t they? A beautiful country, gorgeous women, great foodand when it comes to Italian motorcycles, they’ve got the perfect mid-capacity all-rounder too. हाँ, after taking the Cagiva Raptor 650 for a spin I was thoroughly impressed, even if it hurt to say so, given the way Italy knocked the Socceroos out of the World Cup. Initially debuting in 2001, the current Raptor is essentially still the same machine, ...

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Cagiva Mito – विकिपीडिया, मुफ्त विश्वकोश

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Cagiva Mito – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cagiva Mito The Cagiva Mito (English: Myth) is a small-engined Cagiva sports motorcycle. The powerplant consists of a two-stroke 125 cubic centimetres (7.6cuin) single-cylinder engine . Contents History and development [ संपादित करें ] The Cagiva Mito was the first bike of Valentino Rossi. eventual 9 time MotoGP world champion. में 1994, Rossi had been provided a factory Mito by Cagiva team manager Claudio Lusuardi and cruised to the Italian title. During the 1990s the Mito was the arch-rival to Aprilia’s AF1 125 FUTURA and later the RS125. a similar 2-stroke 125cc race-replica. [ 1 ] में 2012, production of new Mitos was suspended. Increasingly stringent environmental emission requirements ...

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Cagiva Raptor – WOI विश्वकोश इटली

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Cagiva Raptor – WOI Encyclopedia Italia

Cagiva Raptor The Cagiva Raptor was built in a 125 सीसी. 650 सीसी. 1000 cc version and was designed by the same Miguel Galluzzi. former design er of Ducati Monster. Remain in production only in the displacement child. रैप्टर 125 This bike is the evolution or the continuation of the model Cagiva Planet and is in production from 2003. both models are based on the Cagiva Mito. and if they differ on ‘absence of the hull for the tank different and the difference in plant lighting, बेशक, being a naked motorcycling has a different approach, it has also the different calibration, making it more comfortable and agile. इंजन, just like the myth, it is very reliable and powerful, reaching ...

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CAGIVA ग्रैन घाटी Roadtest

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Cagiva Gran Canyon Roadtest

It’s universally acknowledged that any work experience kid who progresses through the corridors of AMCN must be scared shitless at least once during their two-week tenure. After all, they’ve got to get more value for their time than just a paltry $5.00 a day. That’s where Wayne comes into it; the latest ankle-biter to try his hand at two-wheeled journalism. All had been proceeding without too much fuss on our big day out on the Ducati-engined Cagiva Gran Canyon. We set out during the wee hours via a couple of windy back roads for an appointment in the bush with the Vertemati enduro weapon featured elsewhere in this issue. Nothing too startling so far. But then it was time for photographs ...

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Motorcycle User Reviews – 2006 Buell Ulysses

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Motorcycle User Reviews – 2006 Buell Ulysses

Motorcycle Views Motorcycle User Reviews – 2006 Buell Ulysses I got this card in the mail, inviting me to test ride a Buell Ulysses and receive a free Messenger Bag… so I went by Thunder Tower Harley-Davidson /Buell yesterday to see what the deal was. Test rides are by appointment, and not on Saturdays. which makes sense because their demo rides are accompanied by a salesman riding the same or similar bike, and Saturday is their busy day. Thunder Tower is a new dealership, and they are being very promotional and aggressive with their marketing. They have live bands and a free hotdog /burger cookout every Saturday between Noon and 2:00 pm. They also have Rider’s Edge training ...

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Cagiva Raptor 1000 Motorcycle Manual V-Raptor

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Cagiva Raptor 1000 Motorcycle Manual V-Raptor

Cagiva Raptor 1000 रखरखाव, ServiceRepair Manual The main dealer’s and professional motorcycle garages use this exact same manual and therefore it should NOT be confused with a basic owner’s manual. Everything you want to know about the cagiva raptor 1000 मोटरसाइकिल. Suspension Spark plug Generator/charging Braking system Clutch Handlebar Overheating Starter motor Engine Gears Battery Wheels The Cagiva Raptor 1000 is a bare bones super bike that does exactly what’s expected of it. Being a relatively small bike, the Raptor is a whole heap of fun with its perky acceleration and high top speed of 150mph. With virtually no additional extras, this bike’s ...

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CAGIVA 650 elefant-Cagiva

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Cagiva 650 elefant-Cagiva

Cycle Magazine of 1986 The Paris-to-Dakar rally is like no other off-road race in the world. It starts near the Eiffel Tower, and ends in Africa, 22 days and 6500 मील की दूरी पर बाद में. In the fires of this mechanical hell, where street engines scream inside dirt-bike chassis, Cagiva forged its 650 Elefant. The Elefant is a creative collision of street and dirt technology, combining the best of Cagiva’s and Ducati’s until now separate worlds. Understand, the dual-purpose Elefant on these pages and in your dealer’s showroom is not a look-alike imitation of Cagiva’s racer as so many replicas often are: Cagiva’s Paris-to-Dakar technology translates remarkably well to American ...

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