Gilera नेक्सस 300 परीक्षा

Rubric: Gilera | 18 जून 2015 | टिप्पणियाँ बंद पर Gilera नेक्सस 300 परीक्षा
Gilera Nexus 300 test

Gilera नेक्सस 300 test January 29, 2012 | के तहत दायर: Gilera | द्वारा प्रकाशित किया गया था: Rana Abaidullah By winning 34 cm3 and a front rim 15 , Gilera scooter refines its average capacity. Natural evolution of the excellent version 250 cm3, he will meet finally the success it deserves? It will be particularly careful to distinguish the new version of Nexus mid-size of the former. Outside diameter of the front rim raised to 15 इंच, no change is visible outside. There are so happy all the ingredients that made the Nexus 250 ie a very attractive scooter GT-Sports: effective protection, complete equipment, a sleek look and a frame up to the claims of the craft. So many inside and held the most important ...

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Gilera / मोटर साइकिल निर्माता –

Rubric: Gilera | 17 जून 2015 | टिप्पणियाँ बंद पर Gilera / मोटर साइकिल निर्माता –
Gilera / Motorcycle manufacturer –

Gilera Page modified: बुधवार, जुलाई 13, 2011 07:41:58 The company GILERA is one of the oldest Italian motorcycle manufacturers. With the name Gilera must, from today’s viewpoint be seen, one of the developments in the building of motorcycles, perhaps tiefgreifensten, be called. The crosswise inserted four-cylinder engine . The beginning History Gileras goes on the first years 20. Century back. The first development Giuseppe Gileras was, in the year 1909, the VT 317. It possessed an a cylinder engine with ca.7PS, built sketched, by Gilera themselves and, implantiert into a kind Fahrradrahmen. This type of machine was used for various running meetings (mountain-run or local road ...

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दीर्घकालिक परीक्षण Gilera Fuoco 500 : 1 साल, 10 000ऐस किलोमीटर स्कूटर

Rubric: Gilera | 17 जून 2015 | टिप्पणियाँ बंद पर दीर्घकालिक परीक्षण Gilera Fuoco 500 : 1 साल, 10 000ऐस किलोमीटर स्कूटर
Long term test Gilera Fuoco 500 : 1 year, 10 000km Asso-scooter

दीर्घकालिक परीक्षण Gilera Fuoco 500. 1 साल, 10 000km The Gilera Fuoco 500 on a long term test, it’s an exceptionnal scooter. Présentation I live in Paris and I ride 35km a day to get to work. It’s mainly highway. The choice of a scooter to run this distance was almost obvious. It requires 20 सेवा मेरे 30 mn, door to door. If I go by metro, it takes 50-60mn, transportation time only. Gilera Fuoco Face Pourquoi le Fuoco ? Before the Gilera Fuoco 500 I had a X9, 500cc too. So it was something natural to have the Fuoco. फिर भी, I tried some other maxiscooters. Some were too old, some others were too powerfull. इसलिए, for me the Gilera Fuoco was the one for me. Perhaps, attraction of innovation ...

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Gilera पश्चिमोत्तर

Rubric: Gilera | 13 जून 2015 | टिप्पणियाँ बंद पर Gilera पश्चिमोत्तर
Gilera nordwest

Download: gilera nordwest Jasper Taal Pete Fisher Description: extremely happy with my nordwest and rc nowihavethebestofbothworlds interjection to gilera phil adams and john rushworth roger chilton justthoughti MAKE MODEL YEAR IKON Nr SPACER COMMENT Description: make model year ikon nr spacer comment gilera nordwest 600 91पर 500-132 gilera rc600 89-90 500-087 gilera saturnoeurope 89 पर 500-232 1 STANDARD PACK Description: river – 600 w16 ducati pantah 350 600 – 750 f1 gilera nordwest 600 – rc 600c honda vf 700c magna 750s blade kawasaky klr 650cgpz 900r ...

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Gilera धावक अनुसूचित जनजाति / सपा स्कूटर समाचार और समीक्षा Scootersales

Rubric: Gilera | 9 जून 2015 | टिप्पणियाँ बंद पर Gilera धावक अनुसूचित जनजाति / सपा स्कूटर समाचार और समीक्षा Scootersales
Gilera Runner ST/SP Scooter News and Reviews Scootersales

[+] view the image gallery ADVERTISEMENT Gilera Runner ST/SP Well everything old made new again! The return of the legend itself the Gilera Runner. Now will we see it here? The much-awaited Runner VXR 200cc makes its entry into the market, with the entire range being given a new set of colours. With a four-stroke, चार वाल्व, water-cooled engine delivering 19 सत्ता के बीएचपी, the Runner VXR 200 is the top of the Runner range, available alongside the other displacements: 50cc carburettor and electronic injection two-strokes and a 125cc four-stroke. The Runner gets a fresh colour range in 2006, with three all-new Race colours and a replica of the Moto GP bikes to emphasise its “scooter ...

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Gilera धावक 180 FXR – स्कूटर समुदाय, स्कूटर के बारे में सब कुछ…

Rubric: Gilera | 8 जून 2015 | टिप्पणियाँ बंद पर Gilera धावक 180 FXR – स्कूटर समुदाय, स्कूटर के बारे में सब कुछ…
Gilera Runner 180 FXR – Scooter Community, Everything about Scooters…

Gilera धावक 180 FXR 18,500 मील की दूरी पर. Needed some more two stroke oil so I rode down to Fritz Speed (the two stroke wizard) at Brookvale. Got the oil and started the chat and I got him to look at the Bitubo rear shock. Even though Id tightened up the spring Fritzy reckoned that it still wasn’t far enough so we cranked it up another few cm. Just as I was leaving he was listening to the idle and said hang on and proceded to fiddle around the carbie with his screw driver for a few seconds then told me to take it for a run around the block. I don’t quite know what he did but suddenly the scooter got its powerband right across the throttle range and took off like a scalded cat. Unbelievable! ...

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Gilera – WOI विश्वकोश इटली

Rubric: Gilera | 4 जून 2015 | टिप्पणियाँ बंद पर Gilera – WOI विश्वकोश इटली
Gilera – WOI Encyclopedia Italia

History The Gilera logo of 1909 Gilera is one of the Antichi Marchi Italian’s still producing motorcycles. founded byGiuseppe Gilera in 1909 opening its small workshop in Milan and subsequently a factory in Arcore. in provincia di Monza. The first motion to carry this name was VT 317 . After the first world war, Gilera centimeter cc piston displacement produces motion from 500 and begins with these to participate and to win in the most prestigious international competitions of the time. This motor from 500 cc had the lateral valves, में 1930 Gilera begins to use valves in head. The Four Bolts 500 and Eight Bolts are born. में 1936. leaving from a plan of roman house CNA Rondine. ...

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Gilera Fuoco 500 »रोड टेस्ट» 2Commute

Rubric: Gilera | 29 मई 2015 | टिप्पणियाँ बंद पर Gilera Fuoco 500 »रोड टेस्ट» 2Commute
Gilera Fuoco 500 » Road Tests » 2Commute

Gilera Fuoco 500 Gilera are well known for building sporty ground breaking scooters, the original two stroke Gilera Runner 180 paved the way for the automatic scooter boom of the late 1990’s, then the flagship Gilera Nexus 500 set new standards, they also broke the mould with their GP800 but let’s not forget about the Gilera Fuoco 500, an aggressive looking three wheeled machine if ever we saw one. The Fuoco is the twisted offspring of the excellent Piaggio MP3. Take the three wheeled technology from the proven MP3 and build an aggressive looking urban vehicle around a 40hp Piaggio engine and you end up with the Fuoco 500. If looks could kill this scooter would be deadly, it’s a fantastic, ...

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Gilera Ice

Rubric: Gilera | 28 मई 2015 | टिप्पणियाँ बंद पर Gilera Ice
Gilera Ice

Thread: Gilera Ice Gilera Ice Hello, my name is Mikkel. I’m from Denmark (Scandinavia), and I’m 18 years old. This is my second projekt scooter, and its used for racing at the scootermeetings. The first projekt scooter I had, was a Gilera Stalker from 1999 wich was running with some Malossi Speed parts. And now for the projekt itself (Started 2004): Now the winther is comming and the Stalker is now gone. A new projekt is a must-have thing. This time its a Gilera Ice, and I must confess, it must be more powerfull, more evil, more styled and most of all, PERFECT! कुंआ, I changed the Stalker frame (with plastic) for the Ice frame (with plastic), because I think there’s ...

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1949 Gilera Saturno Sport

Rubric: Gilera | 28 मई 2015 | टिप्पणियाँ बंद पर 1949 Gilera Saturno Sport
1949 Gilera Saturno Sport

Related Content Found on eBay: 1957 Harley-Davidson Sportster There’s something about really early Harley-Davidson Sportsters that we’ve always loved, and this on. 1953 NSU Sportmax A 1953 NSU Max 250 on display with other classic motorcycles at the National Motorcycle Museum in An. ईबे पर मिले: 1974 हार्ले-डेविडसन स्पोर्ट्सटर 1000 Though we normally prefer more photos and a more complete description in our Found on eBay picks. The Gilera Saturno The Gilera Saturno had a mixture of looks performance and slightly mythical reputation that made it. 1949 Gilera Saturno Sport Engine type: 499cc OHV air-cooled vertical single w/aluminum cylinder head and barrel (cast iron stock) ...

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