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Honda VTX concept



This V-twin custom obviously right in the footsteps of the awesome as it delivers distinctive custom and loads of torque in a high-value But this cruiser, by following the of its bigger brother, also to have the same success and we all that the VTX models are built the guarantee of success.


The edition of the Tokyo Motor presented Honda Zodia a machine that inspired the of the Honda VTX series.

Following the introduced in 2002, the 1300cc saw the production line in 2003 as a new model featuring appropriate with the earlier bike.

The VTX was introduced with a muscular body, being quite and low to the ground featuring significant and trail. It presented unliked with a single large disk. The VTX1300 also a carburetor unlike the fuel VTX1800, and therefore is much in terms of design.

Although to the 1800, the engine is not just a bore/… but a different design. lead to great sales and the motor company was satisfied the results of its new cruiser.

Future brought changes of colors but no upgrades or redesigned elements be found on Honda’s 1300cc In order for the bike to be upgraded, the VTX would have to follow its but we all know that Honda start with the VTX1300 as a machine waits to give the This gives us a good and a clear clue of when machine will be redesigned.

Yamaha also enters the by presenting their most V Star and the recipe behind it. All in moderation, nothing in excess, the idea behind the V Star At the heart of it beats a fuel-injected 80 engine, surrounded by a chassis to handle.

Finished off with a streamlined style and plenty of quality engineering, the machine to be a fair competitor for the Honda.

The two competitors are not that fair but is what the manufacturers have to and that is on what I base my

Suzuki invites us to take our on the boulevard with their new Classic Cruiser, a bike captures all the kinetic energy of a boulevard on a hot August night. And on the head of the lineup is the Boulevard VTX1300’s opponent. With its 45-degree V-twin powerplant, the C90 cranks out monstrous amounts of which you can tap into for a raw rush of in any gear.

The Boulevard C90 is equally at on the wide-open highway. That’s you can kick back and enjoy its spacious riding position, lets you and your passenger out and ride in comfort all day long. its bold styling, lustrous and sparkling chrome, this is one that’s bound to capture whether you’re cruising the boulevard or kicking back at a stop.

The Boulevard C90 is here to stay, and if he to beat the Honda.

Kawasaki offers performance and value hard to beat in a full-sized ready for the open road.

One of best-selling cruisers, the Vulcan Classic owes this to a big-bore V-twin engine in ageless styling that as a great starting point for a customized motorcycle.

The last two are practically competing in a class of own as they feature bigger displacement and similar characteristics but I to mention them because the is suitable for the battle and I am sure it can handle this kind of


Honda took of VTX1300’s look and the result was from the start very The idea was to create a muscular-looking that would prove its abilities through its looks of course, it succeeded.

The broad tang with tank-mounted makes a real statement on the bike is all about and says every time you look at it. Its seat is very well and smoothly unites the fuel with the beautifully-shaped rear

I especially appreciate the position of the handlebars which in communion the floorboards provide a comfortable position.

2008 model brings a sleek redesigned exhaust system presenting mufflers for a better overall To complement the visual appearance with the new exhaust, Honda added stylish chrome covers.

Test Drive

on the desired machine, I quickly away in order to receive the information that I now gathered and a review. I first wanted to see how the reacts at quick acceleration so I twisted the throttle only to that the VTX1300 gets relatively late and there too much thrill involved in the I have to admit that I this kind of feedback a cruiser but I had a small hope the Honda would be another

Sure, the bike will win the fight with most cruisers, but apart from the that it was designed to do just it can actually be compared with the 1500 so it knows its place well and the numbers give a information on the bike’s capabilities.

The that it is being equipped a carburetion system allows the to evenly pull away by the smooth-operating clutch, though still a bit of lash detectable in the more than on similar This annoying aspect the bike lurch when from closed throttle to Don’t expect for an easily- chassis because you won’t that reaction on this

If you desire to observe the bike’s better, you should gas it up significantly changing the gears which, by the make an acceptable noise.

are at quick reach and allow the to pay attention on the road ahead if it hasn’t gotten used to position. I also appreciate the arrangement which is clean and while still providing the info although not completely. are no frills, no fuel gauge, or any other data that you expect to encounter on this

Although a heavy cruising the VTX1300 is very manageable in the department and it actually feels when pulling away. I to ride it to its limits and I noticed the footpegs don’t join the process, all the contrary. This can be generated by the fact that the is pretty low.

Although massive amounts of torque, the V-twin doesn’t send any vibrations to the seat, handlebar or (at leas I couldn’t detect and the riding experience is strongly by this factor. That triangle formed by the previous-mentioned is suitable to most riders and for a comfortable riding position.

In this is what cruising is all comfortable riding along the with satisfying amounts of and enormous torque-delivery available at any moment. I actually noticed the V-twin makes room for attitude even in the fifth so Honda fans won’t to saddle down to easily.

is efficient but the single 336mm up front can’t do its best the intervention of the 296mm rear I applied both brakes and I noticed that for the best on the heavy bike, I must say they are not recommended separately strongly braking.

Suspensions are comfy and they are very set in order to behave great cornering and that is pretty what they are all about. and comfort reach the highest on this cruiser and part of is due to the suspension system which sure to provide a positive in every situation.

Overall, I that if you are attracted to this you should buy it without any second as the 2008 version has a good and feedback. Although not situated in the the bike offers sufficient through the powerband to satisfy an rider but can be very calm needed and that makes it for starters.


If you are decided to buy motorcycle, you probably took in the fact that it offers a lot for the and that it won’t get you bored soon. If not, I must say this is the impression that the left me and I would be surprised to be

For the retail price on 9,599, the is awesome but I wouldn’t expect at else from a Honda


The Honda VTX1300 me with a positive impression by the quality of its design, relaxed position and sufficiently wide This combined qualities to a great riding experience on a and enjoyable machine which surely mark the spot in the to come.


Engine and

Displacement: 1312cc

Chassis and



New for 2008

restyled two-into-two exhaust with bullet-style mufflers for a custom look.

Colors Metallic Black, Metallic Candy Red, and Pearl

Unique Features

-Custom wheels give a performance-custom

A beefy 170/80-15 rear puts the VTX’s power to the and provides exceptional traction.

front and rear fenders the VTX’s street-rod styling.

designed tank-mounted instruments.

-1312cc liquid-cooled 52-degree engine delivers strong and mid-range torque, with power for passing and relaxed

Powerplant features a single-pin to accentuate the VTX engine’s character.

two-axis primary counterbalancers harsh engine vibration eliminating the powerful pulse by the VTX’s traditional V-twin

The engine mounting system carefully matched hangers to unwanted vibration, while the powerful character of the V-twin

Three-Valve Dual Plug Chamber.

Easy-to-service screw-and-locknut clearance adjusters.

Single constant-velocity carburetor offers throttle response at all engine

Electronic control unit provides 3-D ignition maps for cylinder, creating ideal advance settings for superb

Coolant-heated carburetor improves and ensures smooth operation in conditions.

Unique dry-sump oil utilizes a closed-crankcase design and the oil tank inside the gearbox The result is a freer-revving engine for power and lower engine allowing optimum rider and a low 27-inch seat height.

chromed two-into-two exhaust produces a deep exhaust

Radiator with cooling fan consistent engine temperature for performance and long engine

Maintenance-free automatic cam-chain

Sturdy clutch utilizes a clutch-center damper to ensure and quiet shifting.

Five-speed with carefully selected ratios for exciting roll-on

Shaft final-drive system smooth, low maintenance operation.

design at the final-drive gear final-drive noise and wear, and rear wheel installation.

-The engine’s power is by a massive tubular steel and gives the VTX a long, low, stance.

Large 41mm front fork provides 5.1 of plush yet responsive travel.

chromed rear shocks five-position preload adjustment an advanced internal valve for a comfortable ride.

Front disc brake a twin-piston caliper with a 336mm stainless-steel rotor. with the rear single-piston and 296mm stainless-steel rotor, the provide excellent stopping

Additional Features

-Specially tank-mounted chrome housing a speedometer, odometer/AB tripmeter and lights for the turn signals, beam, neutral, oil pressure and temperature.

Electric speedometer easy-to-read classic numerals an electronic transmission speed which eliminates the front-wheel-mounted cable. This contributes to a uncluttered look.

Extensive of engine parts include covers, valve inspection airbox cover, left cover, clutch cover and engine cover.

Distinctive, headlight housing features a 55/60-watt halogen bulb a computer-designed multireflector for superb in all conditions.

Stylish chrome emblem.

Handlebar design a comfortable, upright riding

Comfortably padded, large-diameter with polished aluminum switch housing and triple-clamp

4.8-gallon fuel tank for cruising and touring range.

364-watt alternator.

Durable, 12-amp-hour battery.

Convenient turn-signal switch.

Transferable unlimited-mileage limited warranty; coverage available with a Protection Plan.

Assembled in Ohio.

Purchase of a new, unregistered Honda USA-certified by an individual retail user in the States qualifies the owner for a complimentary membership in the Honda Club of America.

Available Accessories

-Windscreen/Lightbars: Custom Boulevard Screens (two Clear and Tinted), Sport Chrome Lightbar, Chrome Visors.

Leather: Saddlebags styles: Studded, Fringed and Leather Touring Bag (three Studded, Fringed and Plain), Front Pouch (three Studded, Fringed and Plain), Tank Belt with (two styles: Studded and

Backrest: Chrome Backrest Pad (available in Tall and Low styles), Chrome Backrest w/Pad, Chrome Backrest Trim Chrome Rear Carrier, Chrome Rear Carrier, Backrest w/Pad (Tall, Chrome Backrest w/Pad Sport-Custom), Chrome Backrest (Tall, Sport-Custom), Chrome Trim (Low, Sport-Custom), Rear Carrier (Sport-Custom), Passenger Grabrails.

Honda VTX concept

Chrome: Allen-Bolt inserts (three-sizes: 6mm and 8mm), Chrome Driveshaft Chrome Horn.

Billet: Cap (four styles: Fluted, V Neo-Retro and Chrome), License Frame (three-styles: Fluted, V and Neo-Retro), Clutch Cover, Cover, Swingarm Pivot Set, Countershaft Cover Driveshaft Bolt Cover Fluted, V Design and Neo-Retro), Banjo-Bolt Covers.

Additional Genuine Accessories: Digital System, Cycle Cover, Heated Grips, Chrome Grips.

Models Available

I based my review on this as all the features and specs are belonging to first model at Hondas. The encountered on the C version are also at the of the other Honda VTX1300 so I would only name the that are particular to each in part.

Colors available for the C Metallic Black, Metallic Candy Red, Pearl


Classic, old-school is what sumps up the VTX1300R, “R” stands for retro, by the You’ll understand once you get an of this beauty, with its valanced fenders, chrome-hooded and timeless tank-mounted instruments. of course, there’s the mighty V-twin snarling its throaty through staggered dual

Yeahit doesn’t get much classic than this.


-Deeply valanced and rear fenders, chrome-hooded broad fuel tank tank-mounted instruments, semi-swept and floorboards with heel-and-toe create a classic retro that sets the VTX apart the competition.

Rider comfort is with comfortable ergonomics and a padded saddle featuring a low seat height.

Retro-style wheels.

Large 140/80-17 tire gives the R model a profile.

Available in Black, White, or Dark Blue

Accessories available for the VTX1300C can be added on the Retro version.

With its beautiful spoked deeply valanced fenders, headlight, and semi-sweptback handlebar, the ups the ante when it comes to retro cool. Add a quartet of colors, and you’ll quickly 1312cc V-twin is as mesmerizing to at as it is exhilarating to ride.

This can not be encountered in the 2008 lineup but year it features some colors like Black, Dark Red Metallic, and Metallic


Honda wasn’t to let the VTX1800 family have all the fun, so they introduced the VTX1300T. Build with the purpose as its VTX1800T sibling, with large touring spacious leather saddlebags and passenger backrest, the VTX1300T is the choice for riders seeking big in a slightly smaller machine a slightly smaller price


Yamaha also leather-wrapped saddlebags, windshield and backrest in order to give the V 1300 Tourer even wide open possibilities. The fuel injected V-twin and final drive are good to go about anywhere.

You may have the Suzuki Boulevard C90 around but with a stunning new tow tone color combination, it’ll be to capture the spotlight wherever it Now you have the chance to experience its V-twin performance and enjoy the of key features designed for the open Meet the Boulevard C90T. the C90, it boasts a fuel-injected V-twin engine that out a load of torque down matched by exciting top-end

It also has a spacious riding and smooth suspension for comfortable With a multitude of features, the establishes its own identity. The C90T has an windshield and a custom-designed backrest, you to take to the open highway for long-range cruising for maximum This machine also has a of custom features, from tires to studded seats, for its own look.

The Boulevard C90T, a classic that is as comfortable as it is stylish.

With a retail price on the Honda VTX1300T also has the of being affordable so it addresses to a mass of riders. The only remaining for you is which version to based on your needs.

New for

-Stylish custom windscreen for and passenger touring comfort.

saddlebags with 24-liter provide ultimate touring

Chrome backrest for passenger

Exclusive Tourer badging on the fender.

Sleek two-into-two system features bullet-style for a classic custom look.

chrome side covers.

colors include Black, Silver, and Metallic Red.

VTX1300R Features

-Deeply front and rear fenders, headlight, broad fuel with tank-mounted instruments, handlebar and floorboards with shifter create a classic style that sets the VTX from the competition.

Rider is enhanced with comfortable and a firmly padded saddle a low 27-inch seat height.

features retro-style cast

Large 140/80-17 front gives the T model a commanding

Available Honda Genuine VTX1300T

-Windscreen/Lightbars: Lower Deflectors, Boulevard Screens styles: Clear and Tinted), Screen, Chrome Lightbar, Spotlight Visors.

Leather: (two styles: Studded and Leather Touring Bag (three Studded, Fringed and Plain), Front Pouch (three Studded, Fringed and Plain), Tank Belt with (two styles: Studded and

Backrest: Chrome Backrest Pad (Low style), Deluxe Backrest w/Pad, Deluxe Backrest Trim w/Emblem, Rear Carrier, Deluxe Rear Carrier, Adjustable Backrest w/Pad, Chrome w/Pad (Tail, Neo-Retro), Rear Carrier (Neo-Retro), Passenger Grabrails.

Chrome: Fender Trim, Front Tip, Front Fender Chrome Rear Fender Chrome Solo Seat Carrier, Chrome Seat Trim, Chrome Allen-Bolt (three sizes: 5mm, 6mm and Chrome Driveshaft Cover.

Master-Cylinder Cap (four-styles: Fluted, V Neo-Retro and Chrome), License Frame (three styles: V Design and Neo Retro), Clutch Timing Cover, Swingarm Cover Set, Countershaft Trim, Driveshaft Bolt (three styles: Fluted, V and Neo-Retro), Dipstick, Banjo-Bolt

Additional Accessories: Digital System, Cycle Cover, Heated Grips, Chrome Grips.

Honda VTX concept
Honda VTX concept
Honda VTX concept

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