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Honda the VTX1800 as a custom built for show and ready to go right off the floor. Its clear destination was to the point between big engine and traditional styling cues, merging together to create a and innovative cruiser.


The concept presented at the 1995 Motor Show inspired the of the Honda VTX series, best by the VTX1800. When it was first in 2002, the bike’s engine the largest displacement production engine in the world. This was by the largest pistons ever for a car or a motorcycle and Honda received lauds for the courageous move.

the first year, customers buy differently styled models although featured the same chassis and general features, their own means of attraction and didn’t stopped from Honda showrooms and buy the chosen of the biggest, meanest cruiser

The VTX1800 kept its muscular body which is pretty and low positioned to the ground featuring rake and trail while updated its linked braking instead of having the usual hand and foot brakes, the brake operates two-thirds of the pistons while the foot the other third in front and all the via a proportioning valve.

The throttle is with Honda’s new Programmed Injection (PGM-FI) system, a vacuum sensor within the ten percent of opening to more meter torque, until the throttle position sensor over. It develops 120 ft x lbf of torque at 3500rpm and 106 bhp @ 5000 rpm, into the most powerful V-twin motorcycles of its time. is driven to the rear wheel a shaft drive.

Having the clear and sorted out, continued to produce their cruiser in order to satisfy the but it now had to face the other manufacturers to steal its crown.


decorated with Raven and blacked-out components straight the factory and highly acclaimed by the press, Yamaha ’s Roadliner Midnight tends to the face and performance of cruisers and this way, to beat the VTX1800.

Suzuki presents the winning Boulevard M109R an combination of cruiser styling and Suzuki power and handling. By the Boulevard M109R with a shot of race-proven technology for the championship-winning GSX-R sport Suzuki literally redefines the of cruising but we will see what has that on the VTX1800.

Kawasaki 2000 Classic is the traditional panache plus modern If the awesome size, power and of the Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 are but a more traditional “cruiser” is your style, the Vulcan Classic is the motorcycle you seek. A headlight, “buckhorn” handlebar a plush passenger seat for comfort and other special adorn the same brawny and engine found on the Vulcan in my opinion, a bike that the Yamaha and tries to sort out with Suzuki while the keeps the pace with the two.


One of the things through the Honda VTX1800 stands out is Because of the bike’s dimensions and designers had a lot of space and beautifully elements to play with in to create on of the most attractive big cruisers out on the highway.

Different of the motorcycle implement their own characteristics but the essentials are pretty the same. Chrome is the dominating apart from the different schemes encountered on the different

For 2008, the VTX1800F is offered a drag-bike attitude and style contrasts with the N version is more classy back and it prepares the ground for the accessorized known as the VTX1800T.

The idea of designs for different tastes is successful and increases the sales as customers can find everything desire with virtually any at their favorite producer.


Who said that big are hard to deal with? The VTX1800 is equipped with and starter and an electric fuel delivering fuel to a pair of injectors in the big motor that fights against the pair of pistons acting through a of …. This doesn’t for a retracted sidestand or grabbing the so if you are willing to enjoy yourself on machine, you must know things have always easy.

After the massive bring life to the engine and get serious, you will be invited to abroad and accommodate yourself on the low seat while reaching the handlebars. The tank is broad, so it presents itself as a muscled capped with a chrome-plated set and filter. Handlebars and instruments are mounted in order to allow for an sight ahead while properly doing their

I especially appreciated the way the rider is on the bike but I was anxious to get going and the was now warm and ready to go.

Pulling the and engaging first is an absolute on the new VTX1800 as Honda takes that the plush ride is only by impressive controls. I the clutch and gave it just a bit of gas as the develops 70 foot-pounds right 1750rpm and at 3000rpm, the rear handles more than 100 Departures are smooth but I initially the bike in first gear in to give you that data.

After running it up a bit in first I started to appreciate the PGM-FI which makes sure the engine delivers great of torque at gentle twists of the A vacuum sensor watches for changes in throttle position and in for the dozing throttle-position sensor It’s effective for the first movements, after which the TPS the scene.

Changing gears heading to the highway is magical to the reliable five-speed gearbox and clutch but what I most on this motorcycle was the low seat and how I felt no vibrations whatsoever I widely opened the throttle. It have been a disaster for not to deal with the vibrations by such an engine but their seem to work best time.

Once on the open the machine practically begs you to it some gas and I have to admit I was very responsive and I found changing gears in top end of the throttle any problems (except the law). gear allows for fast and the engine still revs underneath you.

The Honda an A plus for being excellent town and on smooth streets but the suspension travel featuring components conspire to make the VTX an performer. The short-travel suspension is with a highly progressive schedule and small bumps are smothered without any problems, but big forces the heavy machine to a little bit.

Honda features a revised version of the Braking System that a pair of six-piston calipers up and a single two-piston applied on a rear disc. The hand doesn’t involve front and braking. Instead, the foot operates four pistons up and everything out back through a valve.

I will use the efficient Braking System to put an end to my test on the bike that left me the best impressions and no back


2008 also the Honda VTX1800 at a low cost so riding days can only get With an MSRP of $13,499, machine will surely be on the wide open road and it become the usual sight on the


On of the best cruiser out which initially leaded its and now performs better than is an extraordinarily well balanced presenting some unique like its muscular looking that makes a real on the motor’s power and torque. is also special on this as its Linked Braking System is better than it has ever

With so many special and positive characteristics, Honda no room for error so this is one product, worthy of the name


Engine and Transmission


Compression Ratio:

Chassis and Dimensions

Front 45mm inverted fork; 5.1 travel (4.3 inches for the F version)

Rear Suspension: shocks with five-position preload adjustability; 3.9 inches

Front Brakes: Dual disc with LBS three-piston


Models Available


New for 2008

The VTX1800F is in Black and Candy Red Tribal.


The VTX1800 is available in two build variations: Spec1 and

Bold sport-custom performance-cruiser

Bobbed-style front steel with straight-cut rear fender complement the drag-racing

Low 27.6-inch two-piece gunfighter-style features a removable passenger for an enhanced custom look.

chromed two-into-two staggered system features five-bolt tips and a deep exhaust

Streamlined headlight features a hooded lens for unique look.

Aggressive 10-spoke cast wheels feature a 130/70R-18 radial front with an aggressive 180/55R-18 rear tire to put the engine’s power to the ground and enhance the performance and custom look.

handsomely finished, flangeless gas tank features pinstripe-quality VTX badging.

Custom-style recessed LED and brakelight.

Electronic control (ECU) closed-loop emission utilizes and air-injection system and exhaust catalyzer to simultaneously emissions.

Spec 1 Custom-Building

Crankcase, cylinder, starter Satin-black finish with cylinder fin edges.

Handlebar: risers and caps with satin-brushed finish.

Clutch and Levers: Smooth, cast-aluminum

Fork Tubes: Inverted tubes with satin-brushed

Upper and lower triple Cast-aluminum with hairline finish.

Switch Housings: cast-aluminum finish.

Radiator Color-matched painted finish.

Housing: Silver finish.

Satin-brushed cast-aluminum.

Spec 2 Options

Crankcase, cylinder, motor: Satin black with milled cylinder fin

Handlebar: Chrome-plated cast-aluminum risers and caps.

Upper and triple clamps: Highly cast-aluminum.

Switch Housings: satin-brushed finish.

Radiator Color-matched painted finish.

Oval-shaped chrome-plated cast-aluminum.

Drive Housing: Hairline finish with chrome-plated cap and fasteners.

Wheels: Highly cast-aluminum.


Engine is a liquid-cooled 52-degree V-twin hammers out immense power.

V-twin engine features cylinder bores and the largest rods and cylinders Honda has made.

Advanced technology Dual-Pin Crankshaft.

The 41.4-pound crankshaft uses bolted reducing crankcase width 2 inches and reducing crankshaft 8.8 pounds compared to a conventional design.

The engine mounting uses carefully matched and rubber mounts to eliminate vibration, while preserving the character of the engine’s V-twin

Three-Valve Dual Plug Head.

Two iridium-tip spark per cylinder for efficient combustion at all speeds.

Simple-to-service screw-and-locknut adjusters. -Programmed Fuel (PGM-FI).

ECU provides individual 3-D fuel-injection and ignition maps for cylinders, creating ideal mixture and spark advance for superb rideability.

Unique oiling system utilizes a crankcase design and places the oil inside the gearbox case. The is a freer-revving engine for improved and a lower engine height.

with cooling fan maintains engine temperature for optimum and long engine life.

transmission with carefully gear ratios for relaxed and exciting roll-on performance.

final-drive system provides low-maintenance operation.


The power is harnessed by a massive steel frame r and gives the VTX a low, muscular stance.

45mm inverted front provides 4.3 inches of plush yet wheel travel.

Dual rear shocks have 3.9 of wheel travel and feature and internal valve system for a ride.

Linked Braking (LBS).

Additional Features

chrome hooded-headlight housing a powerful 55/60-watt halogen with a computer-designed multireflector for lighting in all conditions.

Tank-mounted LCD instrumentation include a speedometer, tachometer, odometer, A/B tripmeters and a

Reliable, 300-watt alternator.

maintenance-free battery.

Transferable unlimited mileage limited extended coverage available a Honda Protection Plan.

in Marysville, Ohio.

Purchase of a previously unregistered Honda unit by an individual retail in the United States qualifies the for a one-year complimentary membership in the Rider’s Club of America.

1and 2 Honda Genuine

Backrest and Rear Carriers: Chrome Backrest w/Pad, Chrome Backrest Trim Deluxe Chrome Rear Deluxe Chrome Backrest/Rear Mount Brackets, Adjustable Backrest w/Pad (5-position), Backrest w/Pad (Tall, Traditional), Chrome Backrest (Tall, Plain Traditional), Backrest Trim (Tall, Chrome Backrest w/Pad Studded Traditional), Chrome w/Pad (Low, Plain Chrome Backrest Trim Traditional), Chrome Rear (Traditional), Chrome Backrest/Rear Mounting Brackets (Traditional), Backrest w/Pad (Tall, Chrome Backrest Trim Sport-Custom), Chrome Backrest (Low, Sport-Custom), Chrome Trim (Low, Sport-Custom), Rear Carrier (Sport-Custom), Backrest/Rear Carrier Mounting (Sport-Custom), Chrome Passenger Rails (Fits all style

Windscreens: Custom Windscreen Style), Custom Windscreen Style), Adjustable Height (2.56-inch Vertical Adjustment Boulevard Screen (Clear), Screen (Smoke), Boulevard Mount Kit (Neo-Retro), Boulevard Mount Kit (Smooth), Sport Lower Wind Deflectors.

Chrome Lightbar (Sport-Custom)

Leather Saddlebags (18 Plain), Saddlebags (18 Studded), Leather (18 Fringed), Saddlebag Mounting Leather Tank Belt Leather Tank Belt Leather Touring Bag (Studded), Touring Bag (Plain), Leather Bag (Fringed), Leather Front (Studded), Leather Front (Plain), Leather Front (Fringed).

Chrome Appearance: Driveshaft Cover, Chrome Cap, Chrome Allen inserts.

Chrome Billet: Billet Master-Cylinder Cap (Fluted), Billet Master-Cylinder Cap (Neo-Retro), Billet Master-Cylinder Cap (V Design), Billet Dipstick (Fluted), Billet Dipstick (Neo-Retro), Billet Clutch Cover Chrome Billet Clutch (Neo-Retro), Chrome Billet and Crankshaft Cover Set (Fluted), Billet Timing Cover Chrome Billet Countershaft Trim (Fluted), Chrome Countershaft Cover Trim Chrome Billet Upper Cover Trim (Fluted), Billet Driveshaft Bolt (Fluted), Chrome Billet Bolt Cover (Neo-Retro), Billet Driveshaft Bolt (V Chrome Billet Upper Nut Covers, Chrome Billet Bolt Covers.

Additional Genuine Accessories: Digital System, Chrome Heated Cycle Cover.


New and styling cues merge in the VTX1800N to create a bold and custom cruiser.

Honda VTX concept


New for

The VTX1800N is available in these colors: Black (Spec 1), Orange Metallic (Spec 1 2), /Black Custom Art (Spec 2).


VTX1800N is available in two build variations: Spec 1 and 2.

neo-retro styling with wheels.

Rear fender feature a unique slotted

Flangeless 5.3-gallon fuel offers excellent cruising

Fuel tank features a quality VTX icon for a unique, look.

Flush-mounted double-chevron LED and taillight.

Staggered dual with straight-cut five-bolt tips.

Fat 150/80 front on a 17-inch wheel gives the VTX a profile.

California model and electronic control unit close-loop emissions system two oxygen sensors to constantly a precise air/fuel mixture two exhaust catalyzers reduce

Spec 1 Custom-Building Options

cylinder, starter motor: finish with milled fin edges.

Handlebar: Cast-aluminum and caps with hairline finish.

Clutch and Brake Satin-brushed aluminum finish.

Fork Tubes: Inverted tubes with satin-brushed and caps.

Upper and lower clamps: Cast-aluminum with satin-brushed finish.

Switch Smooth cast-aluminum finish.

Cover: Gloss-black finish.

Boards: Hairline satin-brushed

Final-drive Housings: Silver

Wheels: Satin-brushed cast-aluminum

Shocks: Ribbed-design, chromed with hairline satin-brushed top

Spec 2 Custom-Building Options

cylinder, starter motor: finish with milled fin edges.

Handlebar: Chrome-plated handlebar risers and caps.

and Brake Levers: Highly aluminum finish.

Radiator Chrome sidecovers.


The is a custom built for show and go off showroom floor. Thanks to its complement of touring accessories come standard, this is one that’s ready to head coast to coast.


New for

Low, 27.4-inch seat with chrome-plated steel for a distinctive custom look and comfort.

The VTX1800T is available in exciting colors: Black, Black Cherry and Black/Metallic

Unique Features

VTX1800T is in two distinctive build variations: 1 and 2.

Stylish custom windscreen for and passenger touring comfort.

saddlebags with 24-liter provide ultimate touring

Chrome backrest for passenger

Exclusive Tourer badging on fender.

Full-flowing, deeply retro-style front and rear fenders.

Flangeless 5.3-gallon tank offers excellent range.

Staggered dual with stylish slash-cut tips.

Fat 150/80 front on a 17-inch wheel, gives the VTX a profile.

California model an electronic control unit closed-loop emissions system two oxygen sensors to constantly a precise air/fuel mixture two exhaust catalyzers reduce

Spec 1 Custom-Building Options

cylinder, starter motor: finish with milled fin edges.

Handlebar: Cast-aluminum and caps with satin-brushed

Fork Tubes: Satin-brushed inverted fork tubes satin-brushed caps.

Upper and triple clamps: Cast-aluminum hairline satin-brushed finish.

Housings: Smooth, cast-aluminum

Radiator Cover: Gloss-black

Floor Boards: Hairline aluminum.

Final-Drive Housing: finish.

Wheels: Satin-brushed

Spec 2 Custom-Building Options

Honda VTX concept
Honda VTX concept
Honda VTX concept


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