2009 Honda Shadow Aero 750 Oil Change How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

11 Jun 2015 | Author: | Comments Off on 2009 Honda Shadow Aero 750 Oil Change How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!
Honda 750 Shadow Aero

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Laurdess Valentino: thank you for posting this. п»ї

LesnarPwns: Put a 1/2 impact on it

Dimce Gligorov: @Morndenkainen thank you sir.

Morndenkainen: Using a 1/2 impact to remove an oil drain plug (could potentially) rip the threads right out of the aluminum. Making sure you are turning the bolt counter clockwise helps a good bit, but buy a can of compressed air/keybord cleaner, get the engine nice and warm, turn the can upside down so the propellant sprays out, and then hose the head of the drain plug bolt down with it, not the aluminum engine. This will cause the bolt to shrink a bit and can loosen a stuck bolt, even if it’s crossthreaded.

Morndenkainen: Really it can be either. Cold as metal expands when heated. This can cause an aluminum pan to bind and become rather tight on a drain plug. Oil however flows easier when heated.

The best answer and the way I do it is to loosen the drain plug before starting the engine, with it cold, then idle the engine for couple minutes to warm up the oil so it flows out better. If you do this, you might need to give it an extra minute to drain completely as the oil will splash around inside the engine a bit.

Morndenkainen: @mirchas Sorry for the delay, but I just put a wrench on mine and turned it counter clockwise. It was a bit tight from the factory and I had to tap it a little bit to get it loose.

Morndenkainen: @GligorovDimce I used the napa gold filter. I dont remember the part number, but the guy at the store was able to look it up. It was quite a bit bigger than the stock oil filter and I was worried it wouldnt fit right, but bigger = more internal surface area for better flow and ability to trap particles.

burrin rocha: thanks for the help my bike is due for the 600 miles oil change.

Morndenkainen: @lupita131313 It really wasnt hard to do at all, just a bit time consuming.

djmariocarcamo: Great Video. Thanks Alot. The dealer wanted to charge around $350. I did it and its really easy thanks to the tutorial you have made. Thanks once more

mirchas: I can’t get my drain plug off. tried with hot and cold engine. How did you remove yours?

LesnarPwns: LOL! I was obviously joking.

coolbeanswpw: should the engine be warm, cold or does it matter. If you could get back to me when you can thanks!

kjhinn: Dude; thanks alot. I was able to do my first change and it looks like I did ok thanks to this vid :). The2006 750 aero is slightly different as the oil plug is in the upper left corner of the crank case. Other than that it went well (other than oil that didn’t quite make it in the pan).

Be aware also of the filter; a bunch of oil will come out of it also.

Morndenkainen: @blackshadowdave I mentioned that at the end of the video how it was supposed to be done, although you are right, I did not hear myself say the part about not screwing the dipstick in all the way.

ak47tacos: @Morndenkainen can someone use 10w-30 resource conserving motor oil on a motorcycle? specifically a 2005 honda shadow aero

Morndenkainen: @ak47tacos I would check to see if the oil is listed as safe for a wet-clutch system. Basically, your clutch is submerged in the engine oil. If you put the wrong type of oil in, it can cause the clutch to wear out rather quickly because of the different levels of detergents and friction modifiers. Also, it depends on your climate. 10w30 is thinner than 10w40 or 20w50.

Realistically, it wont make much of a difference unless you live in Canada, ride in the winter and use 20w50.

Jason Buffington: And sweet bajeezus, those oil filters sure do get super tight somehow! I eventually had to pound a screwdriver right through my old one and twist it off. And it wasnt even the factory filter, but the dealership did a fluid change when I bought my bike USED. I made sure to put the new one on just snug, so if the next oil change is super tight again, then I’ll know it’s vibration causeing the filters to tighten somehow. (I doubt it’s vibration though.

Honda 750 Shadow Aero

Just an overzealous grease monkey.) lol!

Morndenkainen: @GligorovDimce There is no oil in the shaft portion of the rear differential. Just check out he differential service vid I posted and you’ll see how its done.

janevitt1: I want to thank you for taking the time and making the videos. The wife has a 2009 Aero and changing the oil video was very helpful. I didn’t know how to change the drive shaft fluid but after watching that video as well, I changed them both very easily.

Thank You!

Craig Myrick: Question: What type of oil do you use in your bike? You did show us what type of Gear Oil you used in your first video but not the type of motorcycle oil you used.

Jason Buffington: Great vid! I chanded my own oil/filter on my 2008 Shadow Spirit 750 and forgot to tighten the filler cap/dipstick all the way tight when I started the bike. Something grabbed hold of the dipstick, made an awful grinding noise, and shot the dipstick right out of the hole and onto the grass next to my bike.

Bent the heck out of the tip of my dipstick. I had to bend it back straight with a pair of pliers! hahahaha, just thought I’d share my bonehead mistake with y’all. -)

Dimce Gligorov: what kind of oil filter did you use. what are the numbers that are writen on tha oil filter so i can know which oil filter to buy.thank you

Dimce Gligorov: is there oil into the drive shaft. and how can that be changed. i know about the diferential, but the shaft i dont know from where oil goes in and out.thanks

blackshadowdave: Very good video. However, according to my Honda Shadow Aero VT 750 owner’s manual and my Haynes Service and Repair Manual when checking the oil level you must NOT screw in the dipstick but: 1) ensure the rubber sealing washer is in its normal position, 2) insert the Oil Dip Stick without screwing it in, 3) hold the motorcycle in an upright position on firm level ground. Hope this is helpful, good luck and happy riding.


2009 Honda Shadow Aero 750 oil change 4.9 out of 5

Honda 750 Shadow Aero
Honda 750 Shadow Aero
Honda 750 Shadow Aero

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