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Honda CBR1000RR concept

2012 Honda CBR1000RR

Honda CBR1000RR — Honda is essentially the perfect balance power and manageability designed to together as a complete package. The has set the bar for a liter bike performance it was introduced 20 years ago, and the new CBR1000RR establishes that the bar higher. For 2012, the CBR1000RR has load balancing with a shock-free, large piston fork and new wheels.

Add to that a engine pumping horses torque and high class in the real world of muscle, and you plenty of performance unrivaled in its sheet of the competition. In addition, the new look processing aids at high speed and new tools, a LCD timer, turn indicator and the of more than five to redefine the nature of pure sports bikes .

2012 CBR1000RR Review

There is a news when it comes to the new Honda CBR1000RR. The CBR1000RR is the main Superbike, which a fully integrated combination of handling and overall balance of the and track. But this year, we this versatile machine and some important updates.

The new new bodywork, new instruments, new tires, and it is the beginning. All that in addition to its powerful liquid-cooled 999 cc inline-four engine and all aluminum engine frame.

The bright future as at least when viewed behind the bars of a new CBR1000RR

When motorcyclists gather at a of banking careers, sportbikes to use high caliber often a scary at arm’s length: are powerful, high-power machines and not for the of heart. However, these may have helped build the of Honda CBR1000RR, a full on that breaks stereotypes his manners class literbike cozy.

Thanks to its level of along with a magnum mix almost perfect, feeling the runner, and the balanced nature, the was held for years the standard for well-rounded skills. Of course it is useful for the CBR1000RR in size and next to the 600cc class but it’s a family trait

It hardly seems like a but it was 20 years ago that Honda was the of modern high street bikes travel with the CBR900RR. In 1992, the concept of light is right” has produced a and lightweight CBR900RR, which established its position as a marvel in its The CBR900RR great moment not deliver power in a package of and management company that the specimen, but also provide a new to the balance sheet date, gave the pilot a direct connected to the bike .

Bikes and the automotive press has sports fans in the first of what grew into an series, and the accolades have to flow as successive models that the basic concept, was and still is- if you can and rewarding. Now we see these qualities and sustainable defer to enshrined in the 2012 CBR1000RR. As we the 20th anniversary of the CBR-RR and in with the original concept, the CBR1000RR continues to provide of the liter-class sports performance, pumping power and huge of the class in the foreground the real of muscle in a large package of performance management unmatched by the in its balance sheet.

Changes in the 2012 to focus on refining is probably the most critical in a bike designed for use in sports: the of the chassis. Certainly, big time still has its own attractions and CBR1000RR massive amounts of power and in the midrange, where fans want it to be, after all, is the point of having a motorcycle sharp? However, the ultra-sensitive style that really the handling of large displacement to shine.

Using a proven beautiful piece of cast twin-spar frame, Honda’s team has focused on the integration of chassis components, in particular, a new shock concept, a Big Piston newest 12-spoke alloy provide more rigidity. In so, they managed to significantly the maneuverability of the CBR1000RR and improve and traction characteristics.

Moreover, the of new design according to the concept of fairing facilitates the flow of air to an even larger air pocket the conductor while also to draw air through the cooling An integrated spoiler on the nose reduces aerodynamic lift at speeds, which improves and gives the whole package more aggressive.

New parameters EFI make the engine more smoother response of gas specifically at throttle openings. New instrumentation LCD all the gear position to the coolant and speed. The cab display now includes a camera directly tachometer bar providing four selectable for reading style.

Other indicators of position on the speed, signal five adjustable for the interval of the sequence, clock / with four modes, temperature, speedometer, odometer / efficiency and / fuel The lamp and low mileage / digital speedometer. At the of the screen are lights for high neutral and stop signaling In general, these changes the interface controller / pilot smoother and easier to use.

The objectives in the subsequent development of tuning of the CBR1000RR include: suspension action and improved feel and better grip and To achieve these objectives, the suspension system still has CBR1000RR 2012 Honda Unit Pro-Link ® configuration, but now you your first free behind the impact of a production a breakthrough developed in collaboration Chief leading global in Showa suspension is patent

Instead of configuring a single shock tube free design of the rear bumper incorporates a double tube a case of depreciation, plus an cylinder. The damper piston not have all the valves, but the damping is generated by oil moved through a component of depreciation. In the conventional absorber damping force is in two places, the main valve and

At equilibrium rear cushion however, this action is in a circuit, allowing pressure to be controlled more easily by a body of oil. The net result is sensitive damping and softer, controlled damping action, during the transition from to rebound.

Consequently, the balance of rear shock provides damping throughout the duration of a track session or race, absorption and traction, as the contact is maintained between the rear and road surface or track. In regulators of compression and rebound are well visible in the upper of the damper for quick and easy.

To the balance of a rear collision the front suspension system a 43 mm inverted fork featuring the fork Showa Big Piston This new fork uses a design with a larger of repayments to effectively reduce the pressure generated at the fork to and expand. The result is greater in the initial execution and soft action that the driver that better management, front-end response and a more feel when braking

As before, the CBR1000RR owners can opt for advanced electronic control Honda Combined ABS, offers anti-lock braking while still being if it satisfies even the most sport pilots. Updates to the that result in a modified brake effect best for sporty driving: Now, the rear brake pedal is there is less initial application to the front brake on of the previous generation, followed by gradual before application of the increases as the pressure foot

The CBR1000RR was left alone as the selling liter-class sport in for several years, a market of demanding sportbike riders give your bike a workout. The CBR1000RR is still popular among the most due to its strength, purity inherent in the if you will, that continues to the pilots of sophisticated sports. The 2012 has great versatility makes the machine is a pleasure, it’s time for an afternoon in the fast scan a week or a road past weekend at the

This does not mean the CBR1000RR is incredibly powerful, as by the efforts of John McGuiness on the of Man racing in July 2011, he established a new record on board the generation CBR1000RR. This example of the ability of competition of the extreme route is presented as a witness to a machine designed the execution-get-go without both a and a strong need for traction intervention or dura horse Control used on other

CBR1000RR rewards drivers who the feeling that this to transparent connectivity, preferring to their own abilities as a method of control. Again and again in tests worldwide, the messages laps times faster its competitors equipped with and the reason is simple: fast on a track, like a good on the street have more to do an overall balance and handling of than anything else. is the secret of the popularity of many of the CBR1000RR.

Ultimately, the CBR1000RR is a connection between grace and the rider in his extraordinary balance, all performance and are very well For 2012, Honda engineers refined and perfected these it offers pilots the opportunity to and open the next chapter of the which has become a living among sports bikes.

is the bicycle.

Throw your leg one of our supersport machines once and run out of anything but red again. More half a century of race educated, refined at the highest and most bitterly contested in the race in the world, were on the bikes you see here. Elegant, and full of our latest, highest in the nose to tail, sports exist for a reason: to instill in the hearts of all the machines out there.

Honda CBR1000RR Features and

New for 2012

— Unit ® rear suspension features a new balance free Showa shock absorption, which a unique twin-tube design with a case, an inner to absorb more sensitive and more action controlled — The new 43 mm Showa fork is the offering big Piston Fork more buffer space to reduce the hydraulic pressure at the fork to compress and expand. The is greater accuracy in the initial and soft damping action, for handling, better front-end and a more solid feel braking. — New 12-spoke aluminum wheels provide consistent stiffness. With the new wheels provide better to the rider. — New design creates a layer of still air around the driver to improve while helping to draw air the cooling system. An integrated on the nose also reduces lift to improve handling. Multi-function LCD instrument all the important plus the option of four of play to show the speedometer, shift indicator five-level gear position and more. New parameters for review of fuel give the CBR1000RR a more especially on small throttle — Review of ABS electronic were combined to create a new towards sport / track conditions when applying the brake. — New red and pearl / blue / red Black join. model available in red only.)

New suspension.

The CBR1000RR is the new front and suspension. Up front, the new 43 mm “Big Showa fork is softer and sensitive, in the back, the Liaison Design Pro uses a new equilibrium rear suspension design uses a double tube response and better handling (performance driven).

New LCD instrumentation.

The new full-screen digital instrumentation a lap counter, travel and fuel computer, five customizable change indicator, gear-position and memory function peak

Revolutionary does not begin to these brakes.

Combined ABS system is the first of its kind on a Even the most critical testers rave about how work. See what the experts to say about this revolutionary

Hot Wheels.

New for 2012, we added 12 wheels, a lightweight design promises excellent handling and a new layer of the domed rigid cover reduces weight and a dynamic way.

Details the difference.

The CBR1000RR is a perfect of industry-leading Honda type of Tons of combination of power, weight, handling and refined, with a drop-… good is equally at home carving favorite canyon because it is a of victories in the World Superbike This is the last CBR1000RR class sport experience.

† The Genuine Accessories

— of passengers accompanied by carbon seat cover, accents, fiber license plate cover the full cycle of the “E-Cushion” seat for comfort, tire hugger, HRC Power -Up Kit for (Track use only)

† WARRANTY: we are so confident in the quality of each one of our Genuine Accessories, we are pleased to one of the best warranties in the industry. One warranty begins the day of the accessories are by the customer.

2012 Honda – U.S. Specifications

U.S. – $ 13,800 (standard model) USD


Engine Type: 999 cc liquid-cooled four-cylinder

Bore and …: x 55.1mm

Compression ratio:

Valve Train: DOHC, valves per cylinder

Induction: step fuel injection

Ignition: Computer-controlled digital with 3-D maps

Transmission: ratio six-speed

Front: inverted fork big Piston spring preload, rebound adjustment and compression

Rake Angle): 23 ° 3 ‘

Trail: 96.0mm inches)

Seat Height: inches

Tank Capacity: 4.7 including 1.6 gallon reserve

fuel economy: TBD


Red, Black, Pearl / Blue / Red

* Curb Weight: 441 lbs

* Includes all standard equipment, fluids and full tank of ready to roll.

Honda is estimated based on the testing EPA exhaust emission to measure and are for comparison purposes only. mileage will vary on how you drive, how to keep your weather, road conditions, pressure, installation of accessories, driver and passenger weight and factors.

Meets current

Models sold in California current CARB standards and may slightly due to emissions equipment.

Honda CBR1000RR – Specifications

Candian MSRP – TBA CDN

Details be announced.

2012 Honda – Press Release

2012 Models Street arrival

– Torrance, CA

The list of Honda for 2012 continues to grow as a new additions expand the range of season. This latest includes major revision Superbike-essentially the perfect balance power and maneuverability designed to together as a complete package. enthusiasts will be pleased to see the in 2012, cruisers and racers partial lot to talk about.

of Honda V-twin cruisers eight different models: the ®, Stateline ®, ™ and the fury of the interstate, line 750 cc Honda V-twin cruisers popular in the shadow of ®, Shadow ® RS and Shadow Spirit Aero ®. For lovers of sport the ST1300 also famous ® in 2012.

“Our extensive of motorcycle shows once for the Honda brand is so popular horse lovers,” said Manager Bill Savino “They gravitate toward the or sightseeing cruise, this offers the latest options for very different, all with the of Honda’s renowned quality and

— CBR1000RR: the essential

Honda CBR1000RR Superbike, is the perfect balance between and manageability designed to work as a complete package. The CBR900RR has set the bar for a bike performance when it was 20 years ago, and the new 2012 establishes that the bar even For 2012, the CBR1000RR has better balancing with a patented large piston rear and new wheels.

Add to that a 999.8cc engine horses mid-range torque and class leader in the real of muscle, and you have plenty of unrivaled in its balance sheet of the In addition, the new aggressive image the flow of air at high processing and the new digital instrumentation, including a indicator and more than levels to redefine the nature of class-liter sports bikes. December 2011; MSRP: $ (standard), $ 14,800 (C-ABS

— CBR600RR: Leading the Way on

The CBR600RR combines a lightweight and chassis with perfect delivery to create a balance remains a favorite among pilots. In racing, there is no 600cc machine has won more and World Supersport AMA Honda Also available with a combination of Honda ABS for the ultimate in performance of the brakes, the CBR600RR to lead in the middleweight class. December 2011; MSRP: $ (Black, the standard model), $ (red, standard model), $ (C-ABS model)

— / Fury ABS: Chopper Honda Quality

The fury of the seems to be something in the farthest of the world on two wheels. However, it is a from beginning to end. the rolling embodiment of pure, chopper essence, a machine has the same right, sounds and goes to the heart of radical

However, despite the extreme and head-turning looks, anger is a chopper has all the features, quality and built into every Availability: January 2012 $ 13,390 (standard), $ 14,390 model)

Pro-Street style in a route: Sabre —

you just want to use his aggressiveness on the and that is why the Sabre is ready to do talking for you. The Sabre pro-street style provides a round, with ergonomics to Add an impressive V-twin engine Honda’s fuel injection, sophisticated and will be traveling in the streets with a bike is as difficult as it sounds: the 2012 Availability: January 2012 $ 12,250 (standard), $ 13,250 model)

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