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Honda Fury Furious Hardtail Chopper Concept

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S ince bicycles pretty flawlessly as it is, you might just why we need crazy like spokeless wheels and the to ride sideways. Innovation ceases, and as a result we’ve treated to a wild assortment of from giant amphibious to bikes that fold up backpacks. Some of these bikes address issues cost, portability and adaptability and are just plain strange.

Fury Furious Hardtail Concept

Honda’s vast in producing custom concept is rivaled only by its propensity to build them. One of their projects — the Honda Furious Hardtail Chopper — certainly brings to their immense talent in concepts from inspiration.

The Furious Hardtail Chopper was inspired by the 2010 Fury and both old and new school flavor one intoxicatingly beautiful concoction. The of Honda Americas’ Nick the concept chopper carries a engine with a 45-degree and a converted hard tail to a clean, pure, and unbridled bike. Everything about the is custom-fitted to tailor to its needs, a custom oversize drag a custom straight pipe a custom paint finish, and a diamond-stitched leather seat and hugger.

The front wheel 23 while the rear tapes in at 20, the performance and aesthetic look tried-and-true for a Honda concept

Honda Sabre Switchblade Pro Concept

The Honda Sabre looks like a dastardly bike with plenty of bad just the type of bike fits to the taste of street the whole world over.

So you take the design of the Sabre and it into a concept with from styling cues from Formula 1 and MotoGP, you get the of all concept street bikes. what you get with the Sabre Pro Drag Concept. It comes a full carbon fiber bodywork and spec seating, a engine, and a 3-way fully-adjustable suspension system with a sided swing arm and a 535-chain that optimizes the bike’s focus on design, speed, and awesomeness.

In addition to the laundry of fantastic features, the Sabre Pro Drag Concept also racing spec calipers and carbon fiber wheels 21 on the front and 18 on the rear — and an GPS lap-timer with a data unit.

At some point, concepts should make it the production phase, right? We know what the end-game is the Switchblade Pro Drag Concept, but we wouldn’t mind seeing one of bad boys on the Honda showroom

BRD RedShift Electric Motocross

Just like their counterparts, electric bikes are entering the market, giving a far more ’efficient’ alternative the gas-guzzling road mongers come to know over the

With the direction steering towards an electric future, BRD is to get its foot in the door first the new RedShift electric motocross Built using a two-piece chassis partly painted in a finish and contrasted by an orange pack, the pre-production RedShift is at becoming a trailblazer in its own right.

at the bike, it’s obvious there wasn’t a whole lot of and whistles that went in the bike. It’s not bare and but it’s not decked with either. The relative simplicity of the results in a weight of just 250 which already includes a battery that, according to should be enough to go for at least 50 on the road.

The battery can produce 40 and when combined with its frame, it’s more capable of giving its traditional counterparts a serious run for their

For their part, BRD is still in the of undertaking further testing for the and all things considered, the company is to release a more complete of the electric bike at the 68th in Milan, Italy this

But the groundwork has been done so the good thing. Let’s hope that these can fine-tune everything before day in the spotlight later this

Jeep Cross Bike

Jeep isn’t exactly for building motorcycles. In fact, we think we have ever of a Jeep motorcycle, but what if the off-road SUV maker decided to go the grain? Kyle Robie to answer this question the Jeep Cross Bike a motorcycle designed for both on and use in 2025.

The Jeep Cross features a hydroelectric powertrain, the electric motor acting a compressor for the accompanying hydraulic This system will enough fluid to both the delivering the rider more of an rush. The battery pack is accessible in the storage compartment the seat and features 7 bars on the side: three on the side of the and four on the seat.

Its location for a quick exchange when a fully charged battery is

The headlights feature indicator on the front, while turn come embedded in the front The swing arms were to bump out just a bit to maintain a balance. The design of the motorcycle is a unorthodox, but just adds to the of the bike, making it a real turner.

TrakRok Concept Study by Alexei Mikhailov

an ATV that is suitable for all season mobility might be pretty However, Alexei Mikhailov an industrial designer from College in Canada — has this feat with the Concept, a hybrid ATV that was a initially, but ended up turning a pretty impressive off roader.

The TrakRok ATV features two wheels in the that are direct driven by electric motors,a s well as a driven independent track used for all season applications is also powered by high electric motors. The entire is runs on sustainable renewable using hydrogen fuel technology.

The fuel cells are in the center belly of the vehicle the center of gravity and the fuel cluster is liquid cooled by two radiator intakes in the front of the Aside from menacing the intakes provide adequate and in casing protection for the fuel from harsh environment.

The mimics a shell-like rib cage looks really cool. The problem with this is that it has about zero of ever making it to production. too bad because we think this actually have a lot of appeal.

Bird Concept

The Saline Concept is a concept bike by five design students Charles-Edouard Berche, Ugo Spagnolo, Fuinel, Frederic Dobbelstein and Paries — at the ISD of Valenciennes as a design exercise for their final project. The bike has designed as a race bike for the Les de Bonneville and get sits inspiration the shape of a skier as he flies the slope.

The Saline Bird is powered by a compressed air engine fed by air tanks with a total of 27 liters. It sits on a carbon frame with leather parts in place of the conventional panels. This leather can be slipped on and off like a sock in to switch between body or no body panels.

The bike can be into a road model by the handlebar.

Technical partners of the include MDI (engine), LUXFER tank), and BRM.

Husqvarna 3 Concept

At the recent EICMA in Milan, Italy Husqvarna the Mille 3, a concept study demonstrates Husqvarna’s ability to with highly diverse solutions, creating a dynamic and contrast.

It is an alloy of emotion, and anti-conformism, molded in an original A bike that is complete, but down, elegant but slightly An explosive mix that appeals to all the and sets a new benchmark for future bikes.

The Mille 3 Concept is by a fuel-injected 933cc V-3 engine the cylinders and heads taken the Husky’s off-road bikes.

The are flowing, the breaks decisive, the is streamlined. The vaguely retro blends effortlessly into the side panels. The overall reinterprets and evolves the stylistic and architecture typical of Husqvarna

All in all, it is a winning combination of and technology that amply the project philosophywhatever is not functional is and discarded.

Honda V4 Crosstourer

The second concept Honda brought to EICMA Show is the V4 The concept combines the phenomenal V4 and the revolutionary Dual Clutch and will deliver all the fun and excitement of a sports bike; but with the upright riding position and of an adventure machine.

The VFR1200F was the model to utilize the new iconic V4 that signified the beginning of the new era in engine line-up. The V4 Crosstourer will utilise the same as the Road Sport category VFR to the benefits of this world-beating to a new type of customer. This be the first time an Adventure bike has been fitted a compact and powerful four V-engine unit.

The new bike is the Honda to be fitted with innovative transmission system the VFR1200F and it is the first time award-winning technology has been in this category.

BMW Concept C

BMW has the new Concept C at the EICMA Show in The Concept C is BMW’s vision of the big with the C in the name standing for We’re all getting a little nowadays with the number of going to and from their jobs, etc. and this is BMW’s response to that traffic situation.

They say the C represents the prospect of an innovative, big scooter for the future premium

The new Concept C presents the so-called face”, a visual tripartite of response extending from the silhouette to the front wheel and beyond. In the style of highly BMW Motorrad models, such as the S RR, Concept C also features a front spoiler.

Also, the C features a highly complex mechanism with hollowed-out connected to a suspension strut from the outside. In this front-wheel control takes the of an upside down fork. The twin disc brake at the features two radial brake that also underscore the sportiness of Concept C. In addition, the disc brake at the rear and the BMW ABS provide the maximum possible during braking maneuvers.

electric cruiser concept of the

What we like the most the Duka electric motorcycle is the that although it retains the lines of cruisers, it is actually as an electric machine of the future. it won’t sound mean, but the two and efficient DC motors are claimed to the Duka to ride freely on the and yet remain manageable around the

Featuring an inside-out aluminum structure based on structural this should be a safe and cruiser with a low center of and a forgiving riding position. interchangeable components named should ease maintenance and but we would have to see at least a before we start drooling.

Two motorcycles that turn your dream sports

As much as bikers would try to it, they also need a car time to time and this is the problem that a recent has come to solve. Belonging to Ramesh Gound and inspired by buy one get one free marketing strategy, concept starts from the of having two separate motorcycles by separate individuals, but who from to time can shake hands and their machines into exotic four-wheeler and hit the road

This is actually the designer’s year Diploma project at the Institute of Design in Ahmedabad and it is sponsored by Renault Design The bikes are electric and feature systems but, most they should be affordable of ingenious Renault engineering if the ever consider making it

2020 Harley-Davidson concept neat!

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are legends, iron horses by riders to traverse the world’s and they never seem to Best characterized by their looks and loud engines, it like they’ll be here a time from now and we truly they will. But we also admit that the need is for Harleys to evolve radically in the future, so it is just a matter of so in the right way.

Designer Russell sees a way for H-D to appeal to young crowd with a bike that looks and inviting, just the kind of needed to bring a fresh new in the Milwaukee company’s lineup. it looks like the 2010 H-D is all about a big engine, two wheels and a of handlebars, the designer also some technological goodies Apple.

Featuring lots of and laser etching as well as hidden under perforations in the which should conclude in the instruments, taillight and signal would this bike look like a decade-old on wheels? Anyway, it is worth a look, so click past the for more detailed sketches.

motorcycle concept

Ever how a Buick motorcycle would Well, Marc Senger has such a machine and it probably as one of the smoothest seen so far. the Buick Bombrunner, the concept us back into the good old when a V8 motor was just the thing to power everything but it also gets a fancy front wheel.

Too bad everything is by the car-like body shell.

the Buick Bombrunner is an all-American motorcycle, but it stands no chance today’s requirements. Still, we it.

Monobike urban concept is easy to live with

designers struggling to come up eco-friendly and space sufficient bikes, especially for urban it seems that ingenuity is the way to We just came across a solution in the form of the Monobike, an concept motorbike that is able to be parked vertically in to save space in your and make it easier for you to find a to park in the future’s even cities.

Designed by Ilia the Monobike’s main goal is which is offered by the two leaning wheels and a much smaller one. This makes the safe enough to allow of 110 mph and that’s where the rider can a special ducting to accelerate and air direction, lifting the rear off the asphalt for a more aggressive experience.

Overall, this looks rather interesting, but are scarce in what concerns the of its electric engines and range, not to it looks rather dangerous.

Izh motorcycle concept

Honda Fury Furious Hardtail Chopper Concept

The latest of 26-year-old designer Igor is the hybrid motorcycle concept the Izh-1. Inspired from the Soviet Izh1, the 2012 retains nothing but a few styling from the original russian as the designer has considered an 849.40 ccm cubic inches) V-twin modern looks and all the possible for it.

Half built from resistant and highly reinforced the 140 hp engine should be light and feature built in wiring and The classic engine, which has a system for better fuel can be mated either to a six-speed or an automatic transmission. Electronics control the throtle system, and brakes.

What makes a hybird is the additional 60kw motor found in the rear This one is fed from a Lithium Battery and gets a two-speed gearbox.

Probably the most thing about this is the fact that it features a airbag, one to protect the rider and it on the bike and the second, mounted above the front wheel, take about 50% of the force of and also keep that wheel on the ground while so.

The bike would work in different modes sport, and manual and be fitted with control, ABS as well as a proximity radar system front on-board camera helping maintain a safe distance vehicles ahead if these to brake suddenly.

Apart featuring a GPS navigation system, the is compatible to iPhone, Windows, Symbian, Android etc so that would stay connected all their journey.


We rarely happen to see a concept that features no frame but when we do it reminds us of John revolutionary motorcycle from the 1990s, the Britten V1000. concept right here pays tribute to the original motorcycle and it is called the Britten It was designed by Selwyn Shadbolt and it gets hubless wheels in to stick to the theme.

The actual engine would be a large capacity electric one power to the rear wheel a shaft drive, but it is the unique of the bodywork which attracts our In order for that to be achieved, the must be molded from while the green color make it stand out as being if it ever gets done at as prototype.

M-Org concept

The M-Org (yes, from is a concept chopper belonging to designer Michael Smolyanov, who of it as to an eco-friendly timeless machine and who is not of showing it as the bike’s green and color combination reveals.

The claims that the grown materials used for the frame, and even the steering components are and stronger than classic making the Organic Bike a special chopper to park on lawn in the future.

E-TX electric concept bike

As are getting crowdier every more and more urban concept vehicles emerge and precise one called the E-TX looks kind of good. electric, rechargeable via an AC outlet and by a Roadson Etronic 16 generator an impressive 132.5 kw, this is the of electric bike a wheelie would ride in the future.

designer Bako claims a top of 150 mph, but that’s a bit unrealistic as the Zero Street, which is now produced, tops out at 67 mph. the big and important part that makes the E-TX Urban a vehicle.

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