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Honda CBR900 Cobra Prototype

»I am not completely sure. steering muffler won’t be steering geometry is almost to 250cc. » These was able to hear after test ridings and those were giving perfect about character of first First Blades were mad, almost too much for mortal. In that time requested raw power and welcomed what was increasing level of They wanted to be scared.

In they didn’t know else. Handling sport in those times. besides a few meant that riders had hands full of work.

decided to go different way, the way of control. CBR900 was brisk, had — mostly on the top and was more just a bit wild. And rider in love with it. Properties of qained for its owner lot of respect.

despite higher price was on the top of statistics. Bike with dry 185 kg and 893cc engine produced 124 HP, was power ration 0,67 But what was more important, was available bike was fast as and turning round as 600cc.

of front 16» wheel the after passing any roughness slaped the rider, therefore rider applyed steering

In that time started to knee sliders in wider which wasn’t usual -finally you could reach by the road on stronger bike. any owner left the bike any adjusting. Front rotors broke after 15,000km.

exhaust muffler didn’t much longer, especially bike used during the and that’s why many owners tune exhaust. Many of firts Blades trimed bikes with plexiglass, mirros etc. But there many able to handle the completely, the bike was simply too That is why many rider to use Blade for traveling. But nobody it.

In mechanical way were Blades OK. It many first models you can see nowadays on the streets and also price. There was so interest for than many people got bike in 1993.

Honda — created fenomenal In 1993 was changed just cheme and its price slightly

Honda improved Blade for the 1994 just slightly. In tests that year was put Suzuki RF900, Kawasaki and Triumph Daytona 900, appreciated how Blade ran like machine and equal was dominating in branch.

Probably most change was rebuilded front with more rounded Shape improved aerodynamics. stayed without changes, but piston cover head was by magnesium one. Supply of was the same — light delivery in bottom but a lot of power in and upper range. There different things which possibilities of 1994 Blade

Bike had still front wheel and was still litllebit but changes in this year udjusted gearbox and wider tire 180/55 instead of 160/55 so unstability was decreased. of Blades admires extended. riders who dreamed about attracted potential of RR handle also longer distances.

loved Blade couse its The price was tremendously increased in of all Blades were sold out

The tradition is that Honda motorcycles every second Same was with CBR-RR, could sleep calm in Honda for this year color scheme and logos and was improved stability by side For those small changes customer had to pay again littlebit But Blade had so good position on that would be sold out for much higher price.

for was repeatedly higher than was able to produce new bikes. on the market didn’t threaten not Yamaha FZR1000 EXUP nor GSX-R1100WS and neither Kawasaki which was introduced in 1994.

Honda admited nervousness year 1996. Blade was a time on the top of selling charts. And were spreading about new models. Yamaha replaced Exup by YZF1000R Thunderace, paper data were Honda therefore adjusted like never before to be keep fighting with

Honda introduced 1996 on the end of 1995. Though the look too different from previous it was practically new bike. 893cc disappeared and was replaced by 918cc Dry weight droped down 1 kg on 184 kg and increased for 5 HP on 128 HP.

Supply of power was flatten. First test about what kind of Honda achieved with of CBR. Bike was faster, manageable a hard ride was

Honda keeped first among supersport bikes.

was more powerful (145 HP) byt dry eight 198 kg was too heavy. Tilt the into the curve required a lot of and the hoods made bike bigger than CBR. But buyers were pleased, otherwise Honda wouldn’t its CBR so much. Except new engine CBR got hoods, different riding and lower tank (about 10 mm) and handlebars, narrower and stiffer and lighter crank and bent and more durable exhaust.

16» wheel stayed change. Changes in engine, included stiffer crankchaft, alternator etc. brought 3 Nm torgue.

Blade couldn’t with bigger rival Thunderace by its HP although Honda for year didn’t make any Slowly was coming up take from the throne. The only on 1997 CBR, except scheme was replace steel muffler by new aluminum one.

The lost 1 kg of weight on 183 kg. Blade was most requested bike in class.

If incoming of Thunderace in 1996 bosses of Hnda. incoming of R1 in shocked them completly. was one of the most classified model in history, photo of grey prototype bike were already in summer 1997. few months before YZF introducion.

developing department was forced to something really radical. knew about new Yamaha months and it reflected on the new 1998 Blade went through bigger changes than originally planned.

First after introducion in 1992 on the market serious competitor. of Blade decreased on 179 kg rebuild was (according Honda 80% of parts), had comfortable behavior, but increase of HP was — 2 HP on 130 HP.

Reaction of engine was thanks to the new and bigger carburator. was slightly adjusted, which increasing of top speed about 6 Also engine cooling was frame was lighten ( about 4 kg ) and was improved stability by lowering of offset. Fork was changed, new arm had higher torsion stiffness and of front rotor was increased 296 to 310 mm. Also were used new piston brakes.

Look was thanks to a new headlight and remodeled In comparison with previous Honda improved model at 10 %, but it wasnt enough. The world was by R1 fever. Blade riders forgot on RR when saw new R1.

Yamaha by modern look and although it was 2 kg lighter then Blade liket would be lighter at 50%. In streight competition R1 clear winner. Wasn’t so didn’t turn so easily and in speed falling into the too much, but it didn’t avoid RR second position.

Honda by succes of R1. In this year had to by second place and centralized on new model for year 2000, this model Honda to get back on the top.

Honda in order to decrease bad success of Blade had to sell cheaper than R1. The only one between 1998 and 1999 was color scheme. The big changes on the way. Chief Engineer and his team spent on development of new thousands and thousands hours. put togeter few functional models, with 1000cc engine with tuned 918cc and some with 929cc

Development was classified and press was if Honda decline from Total Control and will go the way of the power, which was required in time.

Honda hoped in for regain the top. But Yamaha sleep and also modernized its R1. again had to be setisfied by second although the lead of Yamaha was huge.

Introducing of new CBR was holdn in in circuit Estoril. Improved during the ride offered amoutn of safety and was fighting R1 by specific way. Was more against R1, more calm and also bit more boring. the ride wasn’t so wild and provide same portion of as before, although was remarkable

During eight years of become Blade more and calm. Almost was able to say bike which settled fundamental stone for supersport haven’t belonged into the category as R1. Almost was able to Blade as sport touring High power on the top of range same as slightly unstable

New Blade finally got what long time ago — front wheel. This with front fork calm down the front of the bike and subsequently allowed hard manoeuvring.

Blade highly sophisticated unit and overcome R1 but. Yamaha leave anything to the coincidence and for 2000 also modernized its R1. R1 2 kg and got titanium exhaust muffler with many improvements in and chassis. But Blade also itself good, got increased from 918 on 929cc and decreased to 170 kg.

New was also fuel injection. finally increased power it reached at least on the paper 152 HP, but was it was too optimistic — checks on showed more realistic about 135 HP.

After the Suziki in stoped with production of its position parial adopt GSX was fighting with other bikes. Altough the engine was a class smaller, on the circuit was great and nothing could with.

Bike was wild and But the world turned away 4 cylinder 750cc — in class started to dominate two bikes and modern 1000cc, 4 offered great fun on the roads for people. Suzuki which in the determined the rules with GS1000 and by GSX-R1100 needed race replica with chassis and racing geometry. said: Suzuki needed version of GSX-R750.

And thats why was born. R1 and Blade were on second place — become immediately new etalon of class. Suzuki was better any bike in the class. R1 and Blade modernized for this year.

looked for loosing the postitions on the for both bikes. In big number of was standing following: GSX-R, R1, But selling statistics were reverse. On the top of saleability was still following by R1 and then GSX-R.

on the circuit doesn’t mean in sell.

Blade’s competitors have serious difficulties. is bigger 954cc and dry weight down on 168kg. Frame is stiff and intake grew up 40 on 42mm. 2002 Blade round to its original wildness. will surely fastest on

But who can use the possibilities of the bike on 90% Blade be unique. Contrary former is much better, has higher sharper controllability and better position. And what is very the bike give great of confidence in what is not GSX-R1000 so Also Yamaha introduced new R1.

R1 everyone talks in superlatives. for Honda after all the changes still not enough. For first still competing R1 and GSX-R. In of Blade is still best bike.

Blade obtains by wide spectrum of capabilities. You can use it race replica, sport and even for everyday riding.

For 2003 Honda made small changes, which only new color scheme still the Blade is best bike of hypersport class in year).

And that’s why everybody what will bring when expected significant of Blade.


Completely new based on MotoGP bike. many new innovation approaches. New new radial brakes, higer (+150HP), exhaust under the Personally I don’t like too design of front part

Only direct competition new Kawa ZX-10 and modified will show who the king of class will be.

Honda CBR900 Cobra Prototype
Honda CBR900 Cobra Prototype


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