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Honda V4 Concept
Honda V4 Concept

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So some of you saw, I now have coilovers for my little devil.

Originally Posted by sinbad7

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This is the downside of coilovers. they are only as good as the person setting up the car! And this takes quite a bit of tweeking to get the best results. And without the help of a professional, it’s extremely hard to achieve!

Although there are a few guidelines to follow.

As far as I know (with limited knowledge), it comes down to center of gravity and weight transfer.

If the car is lowered more at the front than the back, then you have transferred more weight to the front to an already front heavy FWD. Usually cars are lowered evenly as to not change drastically the weight ratio!

As far as spring rates go, FWD need to keep the weight at the front where the traction and steering are so springs need to be a little stiffer at the rear so the weight isn’t transfered back under acceleration and forward under braking for better steering.

And to achieve the above, the car needs to be weighed at each wheel individually. So you may first need to find a place to do this.

When the car has already been balanced with proper and even weight ratios, you will need to re-align the wheels, and then move on to the shock adjustments.

Now, as far as shock bound/rebound goes, it gets more complicated. but the following quote can give you some sort of idea:

These work in conjunction with Springs and Stabilizers. To dampen the oscillations of the spring after travelling over bumps and dips. When weight transfers from back/front and side/side, or when you go over a bump on the road, the wheels/tires compress (bound), and when you are past the bump the wheel returns to equilibrium after the compression (rebound) basically the suspension movement, right.

With me so far?

Bound damping affects how far the suspension travels up, towards the wheel well. When the suspension is on its way back down, rebound damping affects how far it goes the other way. More precisely, bound damping affects the compression rate, while rebound damping affects the expansion rate.

If you make your bound damping too stiff, your car will be skittish over rough surfaces. Rebound damping also affects your steering as you transition into and out of corners.

In general, stiffer springs are better suited for flat tracks with sharp turns. They prevent your springs from coiling too quickly, which decreases the dip you have when cornering and braking. Softer springs are better suited for winding, coiling tracks, but they’ll also lengthen your braking distance.

Honda V4 Concept
Honda V4 Concept

Bound is the rate at which the shock compresses. Rebound is the rate at which the shocks decompress. So having bound at 9 and rebound at 2, make the car stiffer when absorbing a bump, compression is harder.

The suspension on rebound will not return as fast. This suppresses weight transfer. Not very good because the tire won’t make contact with the ground fast enough causing slip = Oversteer. Okay for FF, bad for FR cars. On the other hand, bound at 2 and rebound at 9, absorbs more bumps, but returns the shocks the opposite way fast.

You’ll find the car literally jump over small bumps. This is also undesirable, as the tire is not in contact with the road. Bound at 7 and rebound at 6, keeps the tires stiff and return to the ground slower. Having bound at 6 and rebound at 7, will result in a good stiff compression of shocks and a higher bound means the tires return a bit faster to the ground but not too fast.

This is the ideal configuration, a slightly higher rebound.

Now adjust front bound and rebound to have lower values than rear bound rebound. This will result in more weight transfer to the front, for example during braking, to provide more grip into the turn.

RWD car oversteering? reduce rear bound.

FWD car understeering? reduce front bound OR increase rear bound rebound.

4WD oversteering? reduce front bound AND reduce rear rebound.

As you can see, it takes time and a lot of tweeking! And can turn frustrating if not achieving the right results!

Good luck. and keep us informed on how the tweeking is going or if you seeked the help of someone knowledgeable!

Honda V4 Concept
Honda V4 Concept
Honda V4 Concept
Honda V4 Concept
Honda V4 Concept
Honda V4 Concept
Honda V4 Concept

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