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Honda Zodia

Tracing the Road to the Pinnacle of and Engineering.

No manufacturer, including has ever constructed a motorcycle the Valkyrie Rune. The conceptual driving the shape and face of the were pure flights of a designer’s dream come Unfettered by budget or engineering Honda’s RD group was free to past conventional boundaries, the Rune squarely into territory.

The result is pure magic. A stylish and strong aluminum frame stretches a massive 1750mm wheelbase, the in Honda history. The largest brakes fitted to a production motorcycle can be found at both 330mm discs up front a 336mm unit in back-and are integrated by Honda’s Combined System.

Then there’s the innovative suspension system, a bottom-link fork in front, and Unit Pro-Link rear that first saw action in the wars.

This innovative wraps around a muscular six-cylinder engine that’s hot-rodded for serious road and rigid mounted to help a direct mechanical feel, and the Rune’s solid handling Throw in an exquisite seamless fuel tank, ultra-low a choice between two handlebar flush-mounted LED taillights, plus a remote steering lock unlocks automatically when you the key on, and you know without a doubt got your hands on something indeed.

Deep roots run

For all its innovation, however, the roots of the can be traced back to earlier and models in the Honda arsenal. In terms, much of the Rune’s was inspired by the Zodia, a stunningly concept cruiser first at the Tokyo Motor Show in

Beyond its sensuous lines, the also brought a host of engineering concepts into the and more than a few of the most elements have now become in the Rune. Trailing-link front Single-side swingarm.

Custom wheels on prominent display. The serves as harbinger of all this and

The advent of the power cruiser

In Honda unfurled another flight of fancy, but in this it was a genuine hands-on production with a commanding presence: the Valkyrie, the first genuine OEM cruiser. Boasting a hot-rodded engine derived from the GL1500 Gold Wing, the Valkyrie demolished existing standards by churning out more 100 horsepower and 100 pounds-feet of torque-right off the floor! The Valkyrie’s modern-era custom styling, confidence-inspiring and startling acceleration placed breakthrough motorcycle into a of its own.

Art becomes life

The strong and loyal following inspired by the prodded exploration into new of design, all revolving around the opposed six-cylinder engine. kinds of new designs could the creative minds in the world up, given enough latitude? question was answered in December of when Honda made its showing of three new concept which accompanied an earlier model.

Dubbed T1, T2, T3, and T4, these pieces of rolling art were put on during a motorcycle show in Beach, California, and the public was overwhelming. Hordes of motorcycle fell head-over-heels in love these exquisite forms, but one emerged as the clear favorite: T2. this concept, the Rune was

The power of dreams

At its inception, established a firm foundation as an company, and that reputation has continued to grow evermore over the decades. However, is also a company that the Honda Dream, one of its earliest can ably attest. So it should be no surprise that excellence of and the wildest extremes of the imagination can take form together at melded into the shape of the new

The Rune is not only the most cruiser Honda has ever it is also arguably the most demonstration of styling, engineering and prowess ever to set two wheels on roads. The Rune carries the of a one-off custom special, but its form has also been with an elegance of engineering could be created only the most modern multi-million-dollar facility on the planet.

Only at can the wildest dreams become And the new Valkyrie Rune will herald that message, all the land.

Unique Valkyrie Features

Unit Pro-Link® suspension inspired by Honda’s racer, the RC211V.

Trailing-link front suspension.

system with six 32mm bodies.

Seamless 23 litre tank.

Integrated front and clutch master cylinders.

LED flush-mounted in the rear fender.

Ignition Security System

Remote steering lock is unlocked when the key is turned to the On

A 1750mm wheelbase, the longest in lineup.

Largest front and brake discs ever on a production Honda motorcycle.

Liquid-cooled horizontally opposed 1832cc six-cylinder engine the ultimate in hot-rod style and

Six 32mm synchronized throttle deliver air to six specially designed 12-hole programmed fuel producing an atomized fuel that is highly combustible for efficiency and power.

Parallel cylinder head design direct shim-under-bucket valve and requires no 1000km service. valve clearance inspection is at

6.9-liter airbox supplies a volume of cool, clean air to the for maximum performance.

Rigid-mount designed to accent the impressive and feel of the unrivaled, largest-displacement F6

Chrome cylinder head give a unique muscle-car

Two front-mounted radiators with cover provide optimum efficiency for increased engine and the ultimate in hot-rod style.

Air Control Valve™ (RACV) auto-choke function and maintains idle control under varying engine loads and temperatures.

Six-into-two exhaust for the ultimate in hot-rod appearance and

Maintenance-free hydraulic clutch, ignition, chain-driven camshafts and drive reduce servicing and cost.

Powerful, 1100-watt offers plenty of power for accessories.

Quiet and virtually shaft-drive.

Smooth shifting transmission.


Unique aluminum frame has a style all its and features the longest wheelbase in lineup at 1750mm.

Trailing front suspension transfers loads through pushrods and to two upper shocks, one housing the spring and one a sub-spring and damping This unique suspension offers 99mm of compliant and superior stability.

New Unit rear suspension is patterned RC211V MotoGP racer’s. The shock mount is contained the swingarm rather than the With no top frame-mount for the shock, unique system eliminates suspension energy from transmitted into the frame, optimum frame rigidity and handling in corners.

The Unit Pro-Link design permits a low seat height of and 99mm of wheel travel.

330mm front and single 336mm disc brakes are the used on any production Honda

The Rune’s braking system two three-piston front calipers and a two-piston rear caliper. application of the front brake activates the two outer pistons of the calipers. Application of the rear pedal activates the two pistons of the caliper and the center pistons of the calipers.

When only the brake pedal is used, an delay valve smoothes of the front caliper center

Large, comfortable gunfighter-style

Two wheel options will be chrome and Spec47 silver

Large-section radial tires-a rear and 150/60R-18 front-provide grip and an excellent ride.


Honda Ignition System (H.I.S.S.) features a electronic interlock that the engine from being with anything but the two original Totally disabling the engine at the heart of its ignition system, it be bypassed by either hot wiring the or exchanging the ignition switch greatly reducing the possibility of

Remote steering lock is activated by pulling a lever on side of motorcycle. With key in Off and handlebar in full-lock-left position, a is inserted into the steering System is automatically unlocked key is turned to On position.

*Chrome clutch master cylinder, brake master cylinder and

*Stainless steel mesh cable adds to custom

*Stainless steel mesh hose.

*Seamless 23 litre tank for genuine custom

Distinctive chrome headlight two 55-watt H7 bulbs. In low-beam the upper bulb is on; in high mode both bulbs are on for illumination.

Tank-mounted instruments are and feature a non-glare digital for speedometer, fuel gauge, and odometer.

Honda Zodia
Honda Zodia

Two handlebar options to from: Rear-Set and Forward-Set. handlebar is 50 millimeters closer to the and 20 millimeters lower than Forward-Set handlebar is 50 millimeters from the rider and 20 millimeters than Rear-Set.

Handlebar-mounted indicator lights for oil fuel injection, high turn signal, neutral, temperature and locking system.

LED are mounted flush in the rear for a Neo-Classic look.

Low, seat height adds to low custom look.

Convenient turn-signal switch.

Handlebar and controls use internationally approved ISO symbols.

*Large-diameter custom feature a new design with rubber strips integrated in a steel finish.

*Machined steel oil-level dip-stick.

plated radiator cover hot-rod look.

California meets CARB 2004 standards.

Assembled in Marysville,

Transferable unlimited-mileage limited extended coverage available a Honda Protection Plan.

First-Represents the first use of a significant on a mass-production motorcycle.


Question: How can an innovative rear system make its way from the Honda RC211V MotoGP to the most impressive street rod conceived?

Answer: Brilliant is its own reward.

Honda’s race engineers first dreamed up the Unit Pro-Link rear system to enhance mass key element in racing-as well as to up possibilities in frame design. the top eye of the shock in the Unit Pro-Link is on the top of the swingarm, suspension forces transmitted to the frame. And the frame can be opened up or lowered because a crossmember is no longer needed as a attachment point for the rear

Of course, all that is well and for racing-oriented machinery, but how does new-think engineering make a rod better? The main benefit to the is simply this: Because no crossmember is needed on the frame for attachment, the Rune’s seat can be a mere 690mm off the ground. about as low as it gets, which the Rune is as cool as it gets-in area and just about other aspect as well.

the Unit Pro-Link systems on the championship-winning 2002 RC211V bike and the 2003 Daytona CBR600RR, the Rune’s shock from the top of the swingarm down the swingarm itself, to attach to a linkage system located There, a pair of arms the bottom shock eye to the bottom of the via a pair of tension links.

As the rear wheel rises in over a bump, the pull of the links rotates the arms, compressing the shock from the Even though the shock moves upward as the swingarm up, a rising-rate ratio in the bellcrank continues to compress the shock below. Depending on the geometry of the the bottom of the shock can move and more rapidly, than the top of the hence, the shock compresses.

like its sporting cousins, the shock features a remote to supplement oil capacity in the damper-a bit of trickery that remains within the stylish bodywork. But fret about not being to show off this tasty tidbit; onlookers will have plenty of eye-candy to while checking out the Rune.

Bottom-Link Front Suspension

For a now, Honda’s RD division has expectations among legions of bike fans as they snared glimpses of an innovative bottom-link front suspension. the faithful have been as this attention-grabbing front end its debut on a production machine, the

The heritage of the trailing bottom-link through a pair of concept that were eagerly by forward-thinking fans of the sport. The futuristic Zodia made its in 1995 at the Tokyo Motor and the image of this sleek-looking power cruiser stayed marked in the memory of many fans. Two of its more impressive a trailing bottom-link front and a single-sided swingarm-sound familiar?

up was the T2 model revealed to the public in of 2000 at a motorcycle show, this precursor of the Rune was the runaway favorite among new concept models.

Like two non-runners before it, the Rune twin pushrods to transfer loads through a linkage These arms and links what appear to be twin flanking the steering head and In actuality, the right side only the main spring for the suspension system, while the shock handles damping and also contains a lighter sub-spring.

Although the brilliant finish and configuration appear to imply a new of suspension sensation, the new trailing system has been designed to a feel and fork action is entirely familiar to seasoned There’s no need to make accommodations for this new front just ride and enjoy.


The most impressive hot rod ever conceived by Honda had to impressive performance credentials as So it should come as no surprise the Rune is the most powerful custom to ever turn a on public roads.

To accomplish goal, Honda’s engineers the task in classic hot-rod Beginning with the already 1832cc liquid-cooled overhead-cam opposed six-cylinder engine in America for the new GL1800 Gold the engineering design team on this touring-oriented powerplant to its power to impressive new heights.

Six throttle bodies with injectors replace the twin-body used on the GL for upgraded fuel and a freer flowing system. New revised 3-D fuel injection and timing mapping, along a new close-ratio gearbox all help the Rune a true road with more torque any other two-wheeler around. In a 6.9-liter airbox supplies volumes of clean, cool air to the and a free-flowing six-into-two exhaust delivers added power with a lumpy-sounding and surprisingly growl that grows to an howl at full throttle.

All of gives the Rune a full of impressive performance to match its countenance.

Honda Zodia
Honda Zodia
Honda Zodia
Honda Zodia
Honda Zodia
Honda Zodia
Honda Zodia

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