HONDA CB 750 KZ 1977 – 1978

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Honda CB 750

HONDA CB 750 KZ 1977 – 1978


HONDA CB 750 KZ 748 (1977 – 1978)


The Honda CB 750 K (Z) (Model RC01) is a motorcycle model of the Japanese car manufacturer Honda.

In Europe, it was on the 13th IFMA presented in Cologne in 1977 and came in late 1978 in Germany in the trade. The new CB 750 K broke the legendary CB750 K Four (K0-K8, more than 1 million copies sold) with the SOHC engine off, with which Honda motorcycle market in 1969 revolutionized (first

The Honda CB 750 K (Z) (Model RC01) is a motorcycle model of the Japanese car manufacturer Honda.

In Europe, it was on the 13th IFMA presented in Cologne in 1977 and came in late 1978 in Germany in the trade. The new CB 750 K broke the legendary CB750 K Four (K0-K8, more than 1 million copies sold) with the SOHC engine off, with which Honda motorcycle market in 1969 revolutionized (first four-cylinder motorcycle in mass, with extensive facilities).

The CB 750 K (Z) was the first production motorcycle from Honda with a DOHC engine, which in the 1970s was derived from the engine of the successful Honda factory machine RCB. Until the end of 1979 more than 36,000 copies of the CB 750 K (Z) have been sold with Com-Star wheels and dual disc brakes. For the American market, the model was first with a simple front disc and spoke wheels available. Easy to see she was on her 4-in-4 exhaust, which distinguished them from all other new Honda models.

The CB 750 K (Z) (RC01) is often referred to simply as RC01 or concentration camp.

Although it was a completely new development, the CB 750 K (Z) was mostly in the shadow of her at the same time and also newly developed, but expensive 1,500 marks, big sister CB 900 F (Bol d’Or). While the CB 900 F (Model SC01) emphasized the sporty character of their sleek appearance, the CB was 750 K (Z) with the large tank and chrome fenders rather than touring so (and was accordingly advertised).

For those times, two motorcycles were attested to good performance and a very well-tuned suspension, the drum brake F should work better on the rear at least in rain compared to the CB disc brake 900th Overall, the CB 750 K (Z) was compared to her big sister not a bad bike, and not necessarily the worse alternative, which demonstrate both the sales figures as well as contemporary tests. Thus, the CB is referred to 750 K (Z) in spite of their complex technology as reliable and worthy.

In most contemporary tests, the CB is compared to 750 K (Z) with the CB 900 F, the CB 750 K (Z) is even consistently better than the election applies. Thus, the 743-cc engine, the CB 750 K (Z), for example, a silky smooth as a turbine is attested in comparison to the CB 900 F, which is a better torque curve has been certified. And the handling should have been better due to the civil matched his seat geometry (the footrest, which led to a tortured sports entertainment, has been criticized on both bikes).

The athletic competition out of the house (initially in the form of the CB 900 F Bol d’Or (SC01), and later by the CB 750 F Bol d’Or (RC03) becomes especially noticeable today because of have many DOHC models of the late 70s and early 80s mainly survived the Bol d’Or variants. too many have been converted to the Bol d’Or sportier look, so they (especially with a different exhaust) as such are not easy to recognize as CB 750 K (Z). The CB 750 K (Z), especially with the then original 4-in-4 exhaust system is now all but disappeared from the road.

At the time of introduction competed Honda CB 750 K (Z) as the strongest and fastest in its class, and the significance of their four pipes. The best known versions is the paint in metallic blue with gold trim, which was very often used in print advertising campaigns, tests and reports.

The CB 750 K (Z) has been promoted as a sport bike with touring features. Besides the sporty characteristics of the CB 750 K (Z), in particular the active and passive safety of the motorcycle was stressed. Was particularly active in terms pointed out that more than 50 Nm at 4000 1/min applied in passive ways the H4 headlights, dual bulbs in the rear light and the double front disc brake was applied.

The large front and rear turn signals were also not to be overlooked.

Honda even applied (at least in an English brochure) the ED version (European market except the United Kingdom, Germany and France), the exhaust system of the motorcycle as no pure 4-into-4 system, but a 4-into-2-into-4 system, which is not true for the German models. If the exhaust were different or an advertising copywriter was wrong, initially remains undecided.

Also, this model was advertised as Super Sports CB 750 Four K, a clear reference to the successful predecessor model, the CB 750 Four K, and an analogy to the new CB 900 Super Sport (better known as CB 900 F).

The famous advertising awards for CB 750 K (Z) A legendary reputation continues as well as The longest 750-experience and Super Sport plus maturity.

From 1981 to 1983 Honda offered the chopper version CB 750 C (RC06) with the same powerful engine of the CB 750 K (Z). She also had four exhaust pipes, but in funnel shape. A broader and higher handlebars, and a step bench, she was a soft chopper and available in blue or red.

Engine and transmission


Dimensions and quantities

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Construction RC01


Should not be forgotten that the CB 750 K (Z) as other models also has its weaknesses. These include hard starting (here it often helps to drain the fuel from the carburetor) and the clatter of the clutch basket (a design weakness, which also applies to the Bol d’Or models and the CBX and is located on the cured rubber grommets). The exhaust system suffers from severe rusting, especially at the transition to the two silencers.

The CB 750 K (Z) was obtained (according to Honda Prospect) in Germany in three color versions: blue, black and red. The blue version had a metallic blue paint with gold trim on the tank, side cover and Heckbürzel, the black version had a black livery with red stripes and the red version a red paintwork with bright red or gold stripes. But there has been also models in brown metallic for the Canadian market.

Overall, the CB was offered to 750 K (Z) for nine different markets. The distinction lies in the admission regulations of the individual countries / continents as well as the name used speed (mph and km / h):

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Trial Cross: Montesa Cota CRF 450 R | CRF 250 R | CRF 100 F | CRF 70 F | CRF 50 F

Honda CB 750

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Honda CB 750
Honda CB 750

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