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Honda CR 500 E

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on our 2013 Honda CRV we’ll be fitting the Saris Axis, a 2 bike rack for inch and a and two inch hitches, Part SA832V. To begin our test fit slide the shank of the bike into the receiver tube of our line up our pin holes, thread in our bolt and tighten it down a wrench. With this we can go over a few measurements. We will about 12 inches worth of clearance.

The closest point of the to the back of the CRV is about 7 1/2 inches. we’ve added about 15 1/2 to the length of our vehicle. Pulling the T-handle allows us to tilt the away from our vehicle.

on our 2013 Honda CRV, be test fitting the Saris a platform style 3 bike for 1-1/4 and 2 inch hitches, number SA4239B. To begin our fit, well slide the of the bike rack into the tube of our hitch. Well up our pin holes, thread in our anti-rattle and tighten it down with a

In this position, youll about 12 inches worth of clearance. The closest point of the to the back of the vehicle will be 4 inches and overall were about 11-1/2 inches to our By removing the gold pin at the base of the we can tilt it into its loading As you can see, in this position, we do full access to our rear

Lets go over a couple

Today we are going to install number 13535 from on our 2006 Honda CRV. we will show you where the mounts up. First will be on the side, on that frame right here. And then the point, where the tie-down is, it uses that.

And the same two on the passengers side, which is now hidden by the muffler.

Today we are to install part number from Tow Ready, and this is a T-1 for a 2008 Honda CRV. T-1 connector actually installs the vehicle, so let us have access to the We will open up the hatch and you what panels need to out.

Remove this here and then we need to this threshold right and that way we can get access to this panel here so we can get behind it. You two plastic rivets at the bottom. are kind of different — you the center and they pop out. It takes gentle pressure and it will pop out.

And then panel we will need to loose, and there is one rivet here. Way back in the back you can see the connector with light tape around it. That is the you need to get into.

It is about two feet deep in

Honda CR-V Questions and

You will have no problem the SportRack 2 Bike Platform-Style Rack, # SR2901, on your Honda CR-V EXL as long as you a trailer hitch. This rack will fit 1-1/4 or 2 inch trailer hitch and offers plenty of bumper You should also have no carrying your hybrid as long as it weighs less 45 lbs.

This bike has a weight capacity of 45 lbs per bike. You may an adapter bar, like # SR0500, if your bike has a

The trailer hitch that I recommend for your 2014 CR-V EXL AWD is the Draw-Tite Class III Trailer Hitch, # 75742. We installed this on a CR-V, so I the installation instructions and the installation for you to check out. Draw-Tite is a brand that makes aftermarket and OEM trailer hitches and it not require any type of support for non-trailer loads like the hitches. For a bike carrier, the XTC-2 Bike Carrier, # S64

The RSP Series Roof Rack # features elliptical-shape crossbars measure 3-1/8-inches wide x tall. This crossbar offers quieter performance round or square bars but is not with the mounting hardware with the Yakima BasketCase Rack Cargo Carrier # This basket uses hardware that works with round or square However, Yakima offers Universal MightyMounts for Yakima Mounted Accessories #

I spoke Camco and the Water Pressure with Gauge, # CAM40064, is not She told me this regulator can water pressure from up to 60 psi to 50 psi. She also said have tested it up to 120 psi with success, but if the incoming water exceeds 60 psi, this may not be able to regulate properly.

If the reads too high then the pressure on the water source to be lowered or the gauge or regulator is According to C

Both the Thule For both the Thule Pulse # and the Thule Sonic # TH634B are as a fit for your Honda CR-V. For of these cargo boxes, the between the knobs that the cargo box to the roof rack is 19 inches. Also for both of cargo boxes these knobs are adjustable so that you can the box as needed to not interfere with the on your roof. Due to the top profile of the for your application I recommend the Thule F

The Thule Apex # TH9027 away function is very and as you indicated this adds to the of the bike rack. If you would a lighter weight option I the Thule Helium Aero 3 # TH9043. This bike has all the same features as the Apex you referenced, except the swing function.

It can carry up to 3 bikes The Helium Aero all aluminum makes this bike very manageable with a weight of 27 pounds. Which is

Yes, the Blackhawk 2 All Terrain tow bar fit the XL base plates # 1559-1 for the Honda CR-V. Since you already been flat you probably already have cables but in case you do need use # RM-645. These are straight that you can use in the cable guides on the tow bar.

You will also lighting for the CR-V. If you are using a kit like # C-ATL20A or something then you can continue to use that the CR-V. If you want somethi

The Class III Hitch part # that I think you are referring to be an excellent choice for a hitch for 2012 Honda CR-V. would also work with a hitch mounted rack like the Thule Platform Bike Rack # that you referenced. Since you you need to carry 3 bikes I would not recommend this since it only is designed to 2. Check out the Thule Helium 3 Carrier part # TH9043. is one of the nicest and lightest bikes on

if possible, you can try moving the crossbars forward on the roof of your Honda CR-V. That move the FrontLoader, # Y02103, forward and could solve the Cutting the rack will its warranty and could cause failure. You can place the rack on the backwards if you wanted to.

That is an way to mount the rack.

The Swagman — 2 Bike Platform # S64670 is designed with a anti-rattle function provided by the threaded bolt. The shank of the has a nut on the inside that mates the bolt. This nut would use of a standard 1/2-inch hitch We do offer a locking anti-rattle hitch pin that will stabilize the carrier in transit and it to your hitch for security, # S64029.

This comes two keys. For your reference I linked v

Anything that is in the way of the mounting side brackets the hardware to mount the hitch have to be moved out of the way. You have to pull the wiring you see back towards the front of the and out of that hole using like fish tape or a wire hanger. Then it so that it is not in the way. I have a video showing an installation of hitch # 13535 on a 2006 and the process will be the same, the wires you

Yes, the Curt Trailer # 13555 that you referenced is with a 2007 Honda This has been confirmed by Check out the install video and instructions I attached for this on a similar CR-V as yours. To your towing setup you may be interested in the following products: Ball Mount and Ball Set # EBMK4 Curt Wiring # C55106

I would not be concerned the Hollywood Racks Precision-clamping failing. The hooks use a large to compress the hooks to the upright and provide a grip that is as strong as the ratcheting hooks of the XTC-2 bike rack,# The Hollywood Racks Sport SE2 Bike Rack, # HR1450, you referenced and the Swagman XTC-2 and bike racks with a edge going to the SE2. The difference is the folding ability of the SE2 and the

The first items you will to flat tow your 2007 CR-V LX AWD behind your motor home is a base kit and a tow bar. The Blue Ox Base Kit, # BX2246, will fit CR-V and it is compatible with the Ox Alpha Tow Bar, # BX7365, you referenced. The Alpha tow bar also safety cables which are by law.

The next item you need is a light kit. If you do not to tow the CR-V very often, I a magnetic kit like # C-ATL20A. If you do

the Hollywood Racks Sport SE2 # HR1450 and the Swagman XTC-2 # use a slide or ratcheting hook secures over the top of the bike bar. Both hook have padding and both use an adjustment system. Each minimizes bike movement the had a slightly different interpretation of how to this feature.

The Swagman is able to be adjusted in a downward with out releasing the latch. The Racks will not move

on what I could find, only has a hardwire flat tow system, # TD10000S. The plug and harness is only listed up to CR-Vs. Regardless of that on the plug and play harness you can chain them with a trailer wiring harness.

TrailerMate has a plug and play # TM783120, that you can also chain with a regular wiring harness. However, the and play trailer wiring for the 2013 CR-V such as # do not plug in

The first thing you are to want to look at is the gross weight capacity of your Honda CR-V. It has been our that the vehicle is only for 1,500 pounds gross weight and 100 to 150 pounds tongue Check the owners manual to the capacities of the vehicle.

Honda CR 500 E

The ball # D-28 and 2 inch ball # will work just together and with the Curt hitch # 13535 you have on CR-V. The anti-rattle device and you already have,

I have options that will for you, however, Pro Series not offer replacements anti-rattle for their bike racks. you can use the Softride Replacement Anti-Rattle Bolt, # SR22967, for the 2 inch and part # SR19696, for the 1-1/4 shank. These hitch will look different the original hitch bolts, but will work with the Platform-Style bike rack. I had the bike rack and the Softride hitch bolts, so I made a

We have performed a test fit of the RocketBox Pro 14, # Y07192, on a 2013 CR-V. The box does fit and does not with the small fin-type or the rear hatch. I have the video for you to view.

If you have a antenna style that up higher than the top of the rear then you will need to a measurement to determine if it will with the cargo box. If the can be moved forward on your then move the front as

The Swagman XTC4 bike # S64665, fits in a 2 inch hitch receiver. If your Honda CR-V has a 2 inch then you can use this bike However, you will want to your vehicle owners because we have found the tongue weight capacity of the is actually only about 150 As long as you have a 2 inch and the combined weight of the bike at about 59 pounds and the bikes not exceed the tongue weight of the vehicle and hitch

There is no adapter available to mate a square RV connector directly to a flat connector, but we do offer a Square Trailer Wiring Kit, part # 37995, can work for you as long as you do not have a RV (which can have compatibility with this part). Connector Kit # 37995 includes male and female connectors. You can cut off the flat connector from the Magnetic Light Kit and splice in the 6-pole connector in it

The SportRack SkyLine XL Cargo Box # does not have a specific fit list so you will need to some measurements to determine if it fit your 2014 Honda First, measure how wide or the crossbars are. This box fits around bars up to 4 wide.

Next measure the from the center of the front bar to the of the rear bar. This box fit if that bar spread is 21-1/2 to 32 If the top of the antenna is below the tops of the

Hidden Hitch is just the name and does not necessarily the appearance of the hitch on the vehicle. In case, hitch # 87621 have the cross tube beneath the rear fascia on the Honda CR-V. I have a link to a video showing a installation to give you an idea of it will look like

All of the trailer hitches for the 2014 will fit the same way. The thing to look at is the vehicle manual for the towing capacity of t

By far the and least-intrusive type of dinghy is a magnetic kit. Magnetic kits do not require you to drill, bulbs, splice wires or in any permanent way alter your vehicle. They are easy to and remove.

For example, Custer their Split Lens Towing Tail Light part # SPL30B-6, which two split-lens lights with bases and a 30-foot cable round 6-pin connector refer to the included photo).

The Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch # that you referenced will fit 2001 Honda CR-V, the largest cargo carrier for a Class I rated hitch is the # C18140. This carrier 20W x 48L inches. At this time is not a folding carrier that fit a Class I rated hitch for CR-V with the spare

Class I rated hitches a maximum weight capacity of 200 If all of your gear is under weight limit then pairing would be an economical I

We do carry hitches that be a fit for your 2014 Honda I recommend the Curt Trailer part # C13119. This is a lll trailer hitch with a 2 receiver opening. I have a link to an installation video of hitch on a 2014 Honda The numbers you see for the weight capacity of a hitch are not based on the vehicle are installed on.

They are based on the strength of the alone. Although many a hitch may have a rating of hundred

It does sound it is a fuse but we need to figure out caused the fuse to blow in the place. Otherwise this will just keep First, to verify that it is a you can use the owners manual and/or the on the power distribution box lid to find the location. Leave the harness when you change the fuse.

If the lights on the 2011 CR-V working then we know there was a short somewhere caused the fuse to blow. the

If your 2003 Honda has the side rails that run to back then you can add some using the Rhino-Rack system # Then you can use one of the following ski and snowboard # 562U # 566U # 564U If CR-V has a bare roof you can add crossbars using the following from Thule: Load # THLB50 Podium feet, # Fit kit, # THKIT3050 Then you can use any of the carriers: # TH92726 # TH92725 # The Snowcat, # TH5401,

The Tow Ready Wiring Harness, # 118427, and the T-Connector Wiring Harness, # are basically the same harness two different manufacturers. The main between these two harnesses is Curt uses surface-mount (SMT) which is newer from the older through-hole The Curt harness also has amp ratings of 3 amps per circuit for the and turn lights and 7.5 amps per for the tail lights. The Tow Ready only ha

If your CR-V has the OEM rack with crossbars, the Pulse Large Cargo part # TH614 will fit without hindering your to fully open the rear If you do not have the OEM crossbars, crossbars can be can be using the following parts: Square 50 Inch Load part # THLB50 Thule Foot Pack, part # Vehicle Specific Fit Kit, # THKIT3042 These crossbars attach to existing fixed located along the edge of the

Honda CR 500 E
Honda CR 500 E
Honda CR 500 E
Honda CR 500 E
Honda CR 500 E
Honda CR 500 E

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