Honda CRF 250 X Riding In Powerlines How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

19 May 2015 | Author: | Comments Off on Honda CRF 250 X Riding In Powerlines How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!
Honda CRF 250 X

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dunecoon107: hard believe its a crf250x mine wont stand like that at high speeds and ima big guy. wat do u mean wen u say ccc mods?

binkbunny: nicee whats the song??

Michael Coholich: @WishiHadaRealQuad get a 250 its probably just more worth it.

liveyourselftodeath: @carters2 Wow, then my stock bike should really last :D. What about valves?

Scott Shirey: You forgot the XR guy in the credits. The camera man shoulda stepped away from the road for a few side angle shots. I give it 1 and a half thumbs up. Lol

sicdog93: wat year model is the crf?

carters2: @liveyourselftodeath I got 255 hours out of my cylinder head with all the CCC mods. In my opinion for a race ready machine that is perfectly acceptable.

jeff76029jrm: @carters2 well that’s plenty enough information. thanks bro. take care.

spodekiller: lol wtf is this crap? goon

carters2: I ride peppercorn about 4-5 times a week in the summer. I must have seen you at some point in there

WishiHadaRealQuad: nice bike and vid man. You can really rip. Is that an xr200 trailing behind? lol. One day when i have money ill probably have a bike like this. Till then I’m gonna stick with my rm85 and hoping to switch over to a 4 stroke like a ttr230 or crf 230

DuffyOvCarlisle: whats the last song ?

afgasparo: I like the 50% music 50% engine in this unlike 100% music in most other vids

jude1688: i have a 08 x, These Bikes are virtualy the same. they have the same engine, the only difference is the gearing. the x has a wider gear ratio and the r has a closer short ranged set designed for the track

baxdoode: This is such an inspirational video!

Anthony Ciccone: were is this??

dunecoon107: @carters2 ya i live in Canada so im not sure if my bike would have the same standards for emissions but either way i will look into the rejetting for sure and if the air box is a problem im sure there is an aftermarket box that will work. hey do u find that the bike makes a clacking noise or a heavy tick or almost slaping noise wen its running

TheCheesecar: hi, just curious whether this is a good bike i heard they have valve troubles also if that isn’t true im coming off of a ttr 230 6,3 150 but i dont wanna look like a giant on a tricycle riding. I know that the ttr is like 34 inch seat height is this like 39 cause that would be more my size thanks

carters2: First song is The Hell Song by Sum 41 and the second song is Get Free by The Vines

carters2: @unbrandedtuna641 Yes, This is the 250X your friend has the 250R. 2006-2009 CRF250R’s have the dual exhaust. Honda went back to the single exhaust for 2010 on the 250R. There other minor differences between these two bike but they share about 95% of their parts

jeff76029jrm: hi, just wanna ask if how many hours did your valve last? how often do you change them? thanks!

gferrucci: pimp

carters2: @WishiHadaRealQuad And yes that is a xr200 trailing behind

150fMxer334: where are these powerlines?

NDizzle702: Those straight dirt rodes are totally badass bro

Thomas DiValentin: sick bike man any mods?

unbrandedtuna641: a friend of mine that i go ridin with has the CRF 250 but his has 2 exauhst pipes. are there different models of the CRF 250?

carters2: I did a piston and rings at 130 hours valves are still in spec. I now have 220 hours on the bike and it still feels strong and the valves are still in spec.

carters2: Milford, MA

carters2: @dunecoon107 @dunecoon107 @dunecoon107 If you have purchased a new exhaust it is MANDATORY that you open your air box and rejet the bike. These machines come from Honda running lean to comply with federal emissions laws however by putting on that exhaust system you will cause the bike to run even leaner. This could seriously damage your engine.

My suggestion would be to cut a 4×4 inch whole in the top and rejet per the the Honda CCC mods.

Trevor S: what helmet are you wearing, is it comfortable, cause im looking for a flat black helmet now and wondering what i should get :P, thanks

goruby2: 250r is definately more power. I have the x and it will go just a little tamer

carters2: @888Bgibs There are lots of trails in Milford that we ride. Never been to Mendon though

Honda CRF 250 X
Honda CRF 250 X

carters2: @hammau23 It’s not technically legal but the cops in our town leave us alone for the most part.

carters2: The bike has the exhaust system from a 05 CRF250R, the cam from a 07 CRF250R, Pink Wire Mod, Cut open air box, removed backfire screen, JD Jetting kit. Those are just performance mods. It has plenty of other addons too

Julian Meyer: and the air filter is bigger in the X

easternrida29: i live right near there is it legal to ride there?

ruellerz: @carters2 I’m west over in Belchertown with a kx125. The 2 strokes are getting me in trouble. I need a four stroke..Looking at the 230f or the 250x. If anyone is looking to buy a bike consider my 2003 kx 125 on western ma craigslist

motoracer951: would u recommend the crf250x? i really want one.

dunecoon107: thanks man ya i just bought a megabomb and a powercore 4 i hope that will help a little bit i wont cut out my air box just cuz i dont wanna f my bike up but thanks for the tips i will look into more stuff

carters2: @motoracer951 This bike is great I would definitely recommend it. It is really great in tight woods. I also use this bike on the track from time to time and it does pretty good on that too. They are really choked up in there stock form so be sure to do all the CCC mods if you get one

carters2: @WishiHadaRealQuad Save your money and DO NOT buy a ttr230 or a crf230 I had a ttr before this bike. Going from a rm85 you will be extremely disappointed with the suspension and performance of the ttr and the crf.

carters2: @dunecoon107 Go to google and search for rick ramsey crf250x jetting the first link has everything you need to know about jetting for this bike including the Canadian model. I do sometimes hear a clacking sound. I think what you are hearing is a combination of a particularly noisy valve train coupled with some chain slap on the swing arm.

The noise concerned me when i first got the bike but i was told it was normal and I had no issues. Good Luck!

888Bgibs: milford huh i live right in mendon and have a crf250r

carters2: @dunecoon107 Mine would not stand up like that in the stock form either. The CCC mods stands for Close Course Competition. They are mods released by Honda to make the bike more like the R model. On my bike i have the exhaust from a 05 250r, the cylinder head and cam from a 2007 250R, rejetted the carb, cut open the air box, and performed the pink wire mod.

The difference was night and day. At the very least re-jet the carb, open the air box, and replace the exhaust you will be pleased

udontknowme292: lame power lines

carters2: @jeff76029jrm I got 240 hours out of my original valves. I checked them the day I bought the bike brand new and they never moved until 240 hours later when the left intake zero’d out. I re-shimmed once and then began to build a new head for the bike.

liveyourselftodeath: @carters2 You might start to have reliability issues ones you do the CCC mods though.

Chris Hanrahan: is it legal cause i have a quad in RI and have no where to ride

shnozzbarries: how long does a 250 x battery usualy last??

Honda CRF 250 X
Honda CRF 250 X
Honda CRF 250 X
Honda CRF 250 X
Honda CRF 250 X
Honda CRF 250 X

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