Honda Fit Hybrid And Other Future Plans Announced

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Honda EV-neo

Honda Fit Hybrid And Other Plans Announced

During his speech, Honda’s CEO, Ito, has confirmed the production of the Fit Hybrid and announced the company’s plans. The Honda Fit Hybrid go on sale in Japan this and is part of a bigger plan involves several small-sized equipped with the IMA system, will go on sale over the year.

Apart from the new Fit Hybrid, President Takanobu Ito announced that his company is developing a new plug-in hybrid for mid-size to larger vehicles will go on sale in 2012 in and the U.S.

lineup starting in They aim to reduce the fuel and CO2 emissions of the Honda petrol

Honda is also working on a new smaller diesel engine will power a new model will be introduced in Europe in

Honda’s electric vehicle is under development and the company to put it on sale in

Japan and the U.S. in

Honda Press Release:

of 2010 Mid-Year CEO Speech

One has passed since I acceded to the of the company in June of last and we have entered into the where we need to draw up and a new growth strategy.

to increasing awareness on a global basis, as as the structural changes that to the global economy. Honda quickly respond to such in the times to achieve further and expansion in the future.

Especially, as we are in the of a difficult business environment, is more important than back to Honda’s basic that is, to see things from the view point, and continue products that please our

Based on this understanding, “Direction for the next 10 years” was What I think is most and the message I conveyed strongly to all associates was “to provide good to our customers with speed, and low CO2 emissions.”

By “good products” we to embody customers’ wants and in attractive products using unique technologies, knowledge and

Such good products be delivered with speed making our customers wait, and at prices which make our happy with their This is the direction Honda take.

“With low CO2 emissions” our conviction based on the strong of crisis that, as a manufacturer of mobility, Honda will no future unless we achieve a reduction of CO2 emissions.

In order to good products with affordability and low CO2 emissions, concrete will be taken with a on the following three core

1) Advancement of environmental technologies

2) of the manufacturing system and capability

3) of business operations in emerging

Advancement of environmental technologies

#12539;Honda has been reducing CO2 through technological advancement of a range of products including automobiles and power products. has also been committed to the of its environmental footprint through its creation products such as panels and cogeneration systems.

will accelerate the effort to its environmental footprint by advancing its technologies and making even effort to achieve widespread introduction of such technologies.

market introduction of IMA Hybrid

— Honda introduced new equipped with Honda’s lightweight and compact IMA hybrid namely Insight and CR-Z. The of hybrid vehicle sales all Honda vehicle sales in increased to 16% in 2009. Honda accelerate widespread market of IMA by enhancing the lineup of models with the IMA system.

— will introduce multiple mainly small-sized vehicles, with the IMA system in Japan approximately one year from The first one will be the Fit Hybrid will be introduced to the Japanese this fall.

— will also pursue the of battery technologies that are to the advancement of hybrid vehicles. The Civic Hybrid will be with a high-output and compact battery, which will be by Blue Energy, a joint company between GS Yuasa and that will begin of the battery at its plant in the latter of this year.

— has been devoting its company to the development of advanced environmental The results of such a strategy start to be seen as products around 2012.


— A new plug-in hybrid for mid-size to larger vehicles is under development. Vehicles with this new system are to go on sale in 2012 in Japan and the

— Honda will customer demand more by developing and adopting multiple systems that are appropriate for of different sizes and uses.


— In the mid-term, combustion engines will as the main source of power for and therefore Honda will advancing technologies to improve the and fuel economy of internal engines. Honda will renewing its engine and transmission starting in 2012 to further its fuel economy.


— Diesel engines are effective in reducing CO2 emissions. In to the currently available 2.2-litre Honda is making progress in the of a smaller diesel engine. A equipped with this new diesel engine will be in Europe in 2012.

Fuel-cell electric vehicle

In the long-term, fuel-cell electric will provide the ultimate And Honda will continue on the technological advancement of the FCX Clarity as as our hydrogen refueling systems.

electric vehicle

— there still are some that need to be addressed as range per charge and recharging battery EVs have the potential to a new market as mobility that no CO2 during operation. Leveraging the established through the development of electric vehicles, Honda make progress in the development of a EV with a goal to put it in real use as soon as possible. Honda’s EV is scheduled to go on sale in Japan and the in 2012.

— Honda introduce these products by 2012 and further advance and accelerate their more introduction to the market in the next 10


— Considering the limitation of battery performance, a EV will fulfill customer in the form of electric motorcycles.

In December of this year, will begin lease of EV-neo to businesses and individual owners in Japan. Honda continue to advance the technologies and costs to make it available to customers as promptly as possible.

As a unique trend in the world’s motorcycle market of China, the for electric bicycles is rapidly there in addition to the market for the equipped with gasoline Honda is planning to introduce a new into this market in

— Honda will electric motorcycles to both and emerging nations, further product performance and cost and strive to become a market in this field, as well.


— Honda further advance its “energy products” such as solar and cogeneration systems to pursue potential as the future household

Demonstration testing of the next-generation mobility

— At the Tokyo Show last year, proposed a concept for the future mobility society that electromotive technologies. Honda embody this concept and demonstration testing with the of “Honda Electric Mobility in Japan and the U.S. within year.

— In Japan, this year, and conducted with Kumamoto and Saitama where Honda already has operations, Honda will the comprehensive demonstration testing of personal mobility that an energy supply infrastructure as a solar-powered EV-refuelling station advanced environmentally-responsible vehicles as the electric scooter EV-neo, hybrid vehicles, electric as well as other electromotive such as the electric cart, In addition, through the cooperation of the community, Honda will how future personal mobility be designed to contribute to the improvement of the of life of local residents.

— In the U.S. starting by the end of year, Honda will demonstration testing of automobile technologies such as battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles participants including Stanford Google Inc. and the City of California in separate testing the Advanced Technology Demonstration

Strengthening the manufacturing system and Role of Japan

— technologies for advanced environmental including electromotive technologies be established and advanced in Japan we have accumulated highly manufacturing technologies and know In addition, further advancement of technologies to accommodate the trend to our products smaller will from Japan to other of the world.

— Based on the that the role played by factories in Japan will increasingly more important, management has been discussing the our factories in Japan must in the future.

— Honda in Japan will focus on the three roles; 1) pursuit of technologies for environmentally-responsible products and vehicles, 2) efficient production of the to be sold in Japan and 3) strengthening the functions for Honda plants of Japan.

— Based on determination of the focus areas, the was determined for the two new plants in Japan plans have been

Yorii plant – which become operation in 2013

With a goal to begin in 2013, Honda will preparation of the Yorii plant in The Yorii plant will a role not only to strengthen cost and quality competitiveness, but to establish the necessary and highly next-generation manufacturing technologies to the production of environmentally-responsible products and low CO2 production. Furthermore Yorii be responsible for evolving such to other Honda production around the world.

— The plant will create new and innovative technologies which can be only at the Yorii plant and other Honda plants the world as a state-of-the-art next-generation which pursues energy

— Through various including the introduction of a system optimally controls the amount of used for production and the recycling of the Yorii plant will to become an environmentally-responsible and advanced plant which reduces the of energy used to produce vehicle by more than 30% to production at the existing Sayama

— The Yorii plant start with small-volume of environmentally-responsible vehicles which highly sophisticated manufacturing to … its advanced technologies, eventually increase production Then Yorii will such manufacturing technologies, are keys to the next-generation of Honda, to Honda operations around the to achieve the global growth of

Starting production of mini-vehicles in Factory and cancelling the construction of a new plant

— To accommodate the shift toward smaller Honda will begin of mini-vehicles at its Suzuka Factory in Through mini-vehicle production at Factory, Honda will manufacturing technologies that contribute to the effort to reduce the and cost of Honda’s next-generation

— Such manufacturing will be applied to small-sized and then evolved from to other Honda production around the world.

— on this decision, Yachiyo decided to cancel the planned of a new Yachiyo plant. The mini-vehicle at Yachiyo’s existing plant be continued.

Global production

Based on its basic policy to products close to the customer, will further localize its mostly in emerging markets.

Honda will strengthen its supply system by increasing the of its manufacturing system. As a result, will establish a solid system which enables to better respond to drastic in the market.

Honda EV-neo

Strengthening business in markets

#12539;In emerging where continuous growth is Honda will leverage its of having access to a wider of customers through its motorcycle, and power products businesses and be committed to deliver products customers want with speed and affordability.


Emerging nations

— In nations, motorcycles are a part of daily lives, and giant with the overwhelming size of populations have the potential to further and become key pillars of business.

— Today, key in those markets are Chinese and makers. In order for Honda to as a market leader, Honda not only maintain the high and quality of our products but also improve cost competitiveness to the low prices of these competitors.

In addition to developing attractive Honda has been increasing its competitiveness by pursuing the thorough of production including local of components and materials. As a result of than 40 years of such effort, Honda’s motorcycle plant in Thailand has grown to be a base of Honda’s global

— Following the introduction of an all-new sports type will be introduced first to the market this fall, to other markets around the Honda will increase the of global models produced in

— To achieve further production capacity will be In addition to the capacity expansions in and Vietnam, Honda will its annual motorcycle production in Indonesia to 4 million units by a new plant with a capacity of units, which will operational in the latter half of Moreover, Honda will introducing new models to the market to the growth of the Indonesian market.

— After the completion of capacity expansions, Honda’s motorcycle production capacity in (excluding Japan) will from the current approximately 16 units to 18 million units by the end of enabling Honda to more meet customer demand.

By leveraging the economies of scale by the annual production of 18 million Honda will make progress in localizing all processes development to procurement and production in to further improve its competitiveness.


— In advanced the business environment is tough as the motorcycle market continues to However, Honda will its competitiveness in Asia and create products with more In doing so, Honda will to expand customer segments and the market.

— First, will introduce a new mid-class which is expected to be a new benchmark for the FUN category which is focused on needs, to market around the from next year.

Unlike conventional FUN models focus on high power the new model will utilize technologies and ideas unique to and highlight the joy of riding and ease of with some unique such as a dynamic ride low-speed torque. By offering it at an price, Honda will to make it a product that more customers.

— the introduction of FUN models, which new values and that more feel familiar with and riding, Honda will a new motorcycle market in advanced


— In continuously African markets as well, will leverage its competitiveness in to expand sales.

— In the largest motorcycle market in with the size of approximately units annually, we can expect expansion of a new market for motorcycles as an means of transportation for individual Honda will launch a new model in mid-2011. China-made and components will be used to the cost competitiveness of the product, but at the time the model will be as it adequately fulfills customer

— Honda will motorcycle sales for individual in other African nations in to Nigeria.

Automobile business

For automobile business as well, will leverage the strength it has through its localized motorcycle in Asia.

— In order to be in emerging nations where the for small-sized vehicles is rapidly Honda will further its effort to localize automobile based on the concept to produce using locally produced materials and components.

— In India, Honda is to introduce a new entry model in 2011 at a price less 500,000 rupee.

— In a new eco-car with an excellent of fuel economy, based on the vehicle to be introduced in India, be introduced to the market in 2011. vehicle is scheduled to be exported to ASEAN nations as well.

products business

— In nations, power products are more closely involved in daily lives than and therefore explosive growth of the can be expected.

— Especially in where demand for generators is rapidly, Honda will aim to generator sales by offering products at affordable prices maximizing the use of its production base in and India. In India, in addition to generators, Honda will production of an inverter-equipped generator, can be used for precision equipment as medical equipment and requires a level of technological capability to This will be the first inverter-equipped generators will be in India.

— In China, mechanization of agriculture is taking Honda will become the Japanese maker to begin production of a small tiller. By its accumulated technological capabilities and Honda will proactively new markets.


— The 10 years will be very for Honda to survive in the midst of changes in the times that an increase in environmental awareness and in the global economic structure.

Honda is totally committed to good products with affordability and low CO2 emissions while things from the viewpoint of our

— To address the increase in awareness, Honda will advance its original and advanced technologies and accelerate the more market introduction of such by offering them in attractive

— To address changes in the of the global economy, Honda re-strengthen its capability as a manufacturer is unique to Honda. This two primary areas; 1) strengthening in emerging nations and 2) strengthening the of Honda’s small-sized vehicles.

While executing these speedily, Honda will its corporate structure to achieve growth and make another forward.

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Honda EV-neo

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