Honda FSC 600 MAGNUM Motorcycle Oxygen O2 Sensor Simulator

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Honda FSC 600

Magnum Motorcycle Oxygen Sensor Simulator is a must-have upgrade if you modified factory exhaust, installed a header or removed the catalytic converter on rare emissions-controlled bikes or trikes. The modified engine now produces a larger amount of exhaust gases than allowed.

When the oxygen sensor delivers the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) a signal that is not within the manufacturer’s specifications the OBD-II (OnBoard Diagnostic) system logs an error, accordingly check engine light will illuminate, resulting in ECU safe / limp mode and reduced performance at the wheels. Heated Motorcycle O2 Sensor Simulator is a plug-in replacement wired up to the post also referred to as downstream or rear oxygen sensor harness.

It supplies the ECU with mimic, fluctuating voltage signal and tricks the ECU thinking the emission is normal.

Magnum Motorcycle Oxygen sensor simulator or with other words Oxygen Sensor Emulator does work on all bike’s emission is monitored through 1 up to 4-wire narrowband zirconia oxygen sensor and cures all oxygen sensor related trouble codes resulted by exhaust modifications above. Dual exhaust with two oxygen sensors requires 2 units. Our digital Motorcycle O2 Sensor Simulator is fully adjustable, allowing you to adjust the Air Fuel Ratio within a certain limited range is yet accepted by the ECU.

You can completely eliminate the oxygen sensor and replace it by O2 Sensor Simulator.


– Can I be positive this chip fixes my CEL issue for good and all?

– Yes, Magnum oxygen sensor emulator is producing a random fluctuation having a special cycle and wave accepted by the ECU. Rest assured all oxygen sensor related codes will be gone.

– What if I simply eliminate factory oxygen sensor?

– Oxygen sensor removal will not remedy CEL issue. Existent fluctuating signal is fundamental. Stuck signal triggers another trouble code.

– Why is it so important to cancel the trouble code?

– While check engine light is on, ECU restricts the engine performance and is running in safe mode.

– What about ‘oxygen sensor bungs’ ‘mini cats’ or any other piggybacks are also supposed to sort our FI problems?

– The market is teeming with physical gadgets aiming to fix CEL issues. Vast majority of them doesn’t take effect on motorcycles made after 1998. They often don’t work even on early fuel injected bikes or tricks controlled by elementary electronic management.

If your bike had been manufactured after 1998 or you own an early model controlled by a sensitive ECU, these tricks won’t help. The definite solution is a circuit mimics realistic signals as if a working oxygen sensor would be screwed in the factory exhaust.

– Can I rally my two harnesses into one simulator?

– No, simulators can’t be spliced.

Get rid of oxygen sensor related CEL issue yet today.

Working theory

Regardless of vehicle type, injected gasoline engines controlled by Electronic Control Unit (ECU) or alias Electronic Control Management (ECM) have oxygen sensor or O2 sensors to measure the amount of oxygen contained in the exhaust gas. These sensors deliver the ECU fluctuating voltage according to the actual oxygen consistence of air fuel mixture.

When exhaust system is heavily modified, ECU is reading an oxygen sensor signal being inconsistent with other engine sensor’s signal, or signal is out of the range yet accepted, an O2 sensor-related trouble code will be triggered ending up in check engine light issue. CEL or MIL or FI errors abbreviate these failures.

While check engine light is illuminating ECU runs in so called lean limp mode. Safe mode restricts both the fuel trim and the ignition timing and develops and overall limitation on performance until problem diagnosed and resolved definitely. Therefore if you modified your power source with any upgrade causes the oxygen sensor to emit incorrect signal, you need to wire up Magnum Motorcycle Oxygen Sensor Simulator.

Although your ECU will be tweaked, mixture’s air fuel ratio still might remain incorrect hence exhaust modification. Simulators help you remedy CEL problems but will not achieve that basic remapping requirement is fundamental when installing an aftermarket pipr or header. You might be interested in our further performance chips in order to boost engine horsepower, improve fuel efficiency or both at the same time.

EVO-Tech and Dyno-Boost fuel controllers helps to remap the ECU in order to calibrate the engine management to the performance parts preinstalled on the current vehicle besides they boost the engine horsepower as well as improve fuel efficiency typically by 6%.

Magnum Tuning has been dealing with manufacture of performance upgrades since 1994. Our experience warrants peak performance, reliability perfect style. Parts are made in Europe covered by 10-YEAR WARRANTY. Not quite sure this oxygen sensor eliminator fits your needs?

Magnum Professional TECH SUPPORT will review your requirements advise you professionally.

Claims stated in this description are warranted by

Magnum Tuning™.

Oxygen sensor simulator is not street legal in several countries and states. Please check your by-laws of emission.

At those areas Customer agrees and takes responsibility NOT to install the Oxygen Sensor Simulator in order to pass federal or other emission test or to treat check engine light also referred to as CEL/MIL issues.

Honda FSC 600

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