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Honda NC-I

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Martin Yes, for sure. The handling is as a nut. Power is soft, if under powered. But the lack of only shows on motorways. On B roads and town it’s a

Twistiest are a riot to ride on as it tips into corners so Rode the N-260 in Pyrenees summer and she was like made for it. I through a period of wanting to it for lack of power, but after a European trip I fell in again with it. It’s the shopping basket.

12K miles so

MrKupiakos: Yes. I love my NC. I only ride it on sunny I always try to find a safe, place to park when I at my destination.

Alexander Tressor: is silly. I haven’t even got on a and my balls are vibrating from this video.


myleftearful: Oh dear. Great but absolutely no info from the rider. sorry guys a very poor report!

No, doesn’t replace the Transalp.

love it. the sportsbike obsessed bike press are whining on a basis. no hypersports coming and the adventure sport bike is the of the new messiah. proper everyday is not akraprovic and 150mph+ the new kids through aint carved the same block..they dont like getting dirty about time biking its direction.

mywgate: No, doesn’t replace the

Kimchii inSLC: Kawasaki is

bikemike64: Too heavy for most be a 5speed.Narrow range of torque,Poor tacho .NC stands for No Cahunas! Ok town.Ok for a rider down to centrestand! Cant be revved all other bikes ever alot of fun-a learner get bored in 6months.Does only more than a proper bike like a Bandit.Thumps a bit 50mph,Screen is useless.

AceMcMoron: with a ‘half block’ the 1.4l Jazz, this will run to the Moon and back missing a beat. This is the bike for those of us who like but also have dedicated of our brains to other stuff in

Ricardo Carvalho: @187Premises not everyone uses the brain and when analyzing bikes!

Glad Honda is finally something to compete with the and Vstrom. I just might buy bike next year it its any

MisterMaster: Audio fail.

for me who im driving a piaggio beverly 300 and i to take a biger automatic this bike is a solution for me. the money. is cheep, not like mana 9250€

lalaland: onwards is hilarious! This friendly brilliant bike becomes a rip-snorting beast! Yes I it’s where the mic is positioned but funny.

Good for Honda for this bike. I hope it A bike that can realistically do will not be popular with the obsessed UK bike press, but it good, is capable of long travel, and here’s a guilty I ride a 2011 Speed and rarely take it above on a daily basis!

Good work Honda!

I keep reading comments riders who slag this off based on HP top speed figures. I know what epic they were expecting a £5000 motorcycle that designed around being efficient and generally cheap to

DavidReece8: tht exhaust looks like the one on my trx450 lol (the exhaust not my exhaust now)

A: good job

damian2001111111: well honda.

David Magnus: I it seems a great bike, NO data or information from the Rider, that is very Its your job to report on your or do not put them up here if your not to write up some thing or on the bike.

RiDE Magazine: for the feedback. The video is there to the full road test, in the February 2012 issue of Magazine.

heemoii. would be a good beginner bike?

If I would ever get tired of my I think this is what get.

Shawn Kitchen: Thanks for leaving the audio

Jeff Singer: I bought a and have no problem keeping up my friends on their liter during NORMAL riding. IF want to get away they can of — but they have to go fast. I also have a bored to a 985 yet mostly prefer the 700.

AcidfartProductions: 0:42 destroyed my ears

emersonrw: 6500 rpm :(

So what’s the point of this exactly? I mean you’ve got the you’ve got the Hornet, if you want more adventure’y you’ve got the What niche/market is this actually aimed at?

emersonrw: but it is beautiful

Dani Trigo: The exists. I’ve been a for several years. always sportbikes a cbr 600 and a cbr 900, and I traded my 900 in for one because gas is pricy, because I was of going out for fun runs and ending up at 60 or 70 km/h with the bike my nuts with engine and always gasping for more the few moments that I was able to let it past 10k rpm it was great but that was 2% of my rides.This however fits perfect in my usage + great

David Magnus: I think Honda had done well to out these new model bikes. it is at Rider who don’t flog bikes. Not everyone wants to a sports bike, most to enjoy the ride and this will also attract Riders as well, its time for so the Integra semi automatic will also do the same, want persona affordable and fun!

VIDEO regi: bike is for people who wants a affordable bike with handling and low maintenance. If you want a look elsewhere. The NC 700 has about the power as my Honda Shadow with alomost 20% less so it could be enough for me.

I recently tried a 300cc scooter and almost kept up the racers because of the easy and low weight. I will try the NC700 in the time.

D Pap: i prefer the it has a little bit more bite to it

Honda NC-I

Trigo: Indeed, I just got my this last thursday,already did 500 kms on her, had an average of 3.3l/100 km on my tank, not considering the reserve ofc, and I have to say its great very smooth, comfortable, and very good looking, for commuting, going for a fun ride your friends and riding your girl on the back With this thing I I could travel the world :p. in my 2002 CBR 900 RR and haven’t missed her a HP isn’t everything)

Jesse I think this kind of with the DCT is awesome for someone me who has a left below knee go ahead and spam that all to but with no auto, no bike for the

concerned4u: I bought one of these, in I commute 70 miles a day round to work and don’t own a car

clevername333: like I found a replacement for my I have an older model and I love the bike and I had considered a new versys, but new Kawasakis are so freaking Thank you honda.

tobbzor: What is the top speed?

@Rabidsnipe They are aiming at the twin motorcycle market. twins at one time dominated the market. I guess your and not aware of this.

But the mid displacement provide a good combination of power, road handling and

mesmerizeme: this bike half the weight of a transalp

I bought one of these in August, I 70 miles a day round trip, all 365 days a year. I part my 14 year old Kwaka GPZ500s for bike. Okay here is a from someone who has covered miles 8 weeks or so.

Firstly, this bike is seriously 49 bhp

Dani Trigo: Hi Maria, with only 1,53m you ride this version, a tall bike, but you could get the a good bit lower than the X

Charles Ray: @Llyander I this bike is aimed at a that currently doesn’t Specifically, the general non-bike population. Rather than at a particular motorcycle, I think aiming at people who currently a car.

To me this is Honda they are losing faith the side of the motorcycle industry has of an expandable future.

aluisious: Can you get thing with ABS but not DCT? rather not pay for/lug around a transmission, manual works fine for me. ABS is a nice safety though.

kruzininla: One of the better videos of bike. Thanks for NOT adding and ruining it.

Tom OfNorthCal: Nice terrible audio. If you really to stay in business learn how to do audio and improve your

NorthDM: Having had big V-twins and bikes in the past, I’m this refreshing model at 70 mpg may be I am looking for!

Spicypapayas: To the go buy your 800HP bike and go ride it off a cliff. There are of bikes to choose from used and new) go get one of those bikes and STFU about one.

turbo311: I’m this is replacing the TransAlp? had that here in the US anyway.

Honda NC700X Launch RIDE Magazine 4.2 out of 5

Honda NC-I
Honda NC-I
Honda NC-I
Honda NC-I
Honda NC-I


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