Honda Pan European 2013

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Honda ST 1100 Pan European

Honda Pan European 2013

Many of you are waiting for our breaking news and exclusive information on new bikes … even outside of France. This time, Rana Abaidullah, a motorcycle news reader who wants to know if the changing of the Honda Pan European happen in 2013 or not, and whether it will meet its own specifications, to say the least argument. Here’s what we know.

For ease of reading, we have summarized in French along mail received from our readers. Rana Abaidullah is biker and writes from Greece where he lives. He flew a VFR 800 throughout the year, duo, for the ride and travel in the different steps in Europe, North Cape and others.

Rana Abaidullah notice that does not meet the Pan European Honda or another big road trip where, and why Honda has not renewed its offer in the GT class, especially in their forties in search of this type Motorcycle, contrary to what BMW and Yamaha propose, for example.

Rana Abaidullah has a clear idea of ​​what he would like to be on the next Honda Pan European 2013 . adjustable handlebars, a comfortable seat ( like the current Pan European ) . foot rests to relax the lower legs, powerful headlights. highly visible taillights and fog, more autonomy for the tank, safety equipment and active protection against wind and weather. The new Honda Pan European 2013 should also have a real personality, dynamics and aesthetics, offering an original line, a luxurious dashboard and complete.

According to Rana Abaidullah, the new GT Honda should offer a big power in order to overcome weight easily duo charged ( 150 to 170 hp. ) Bags of 45 liters each, and a 55 liter top box, all Removable, adjustable electronic suspension type BMW ESA, ABS braking evolved as a saddle without indentation on the old Pan European.

Engine heat should not bother the crew, the aerodynamics of the bike studied with and without luggage, bubble or not recorded, solo and duo, to avoid known issues with the current Pan European. The new should be easy to position on the plant, even when loaded.

According to Rana Abaidullah, the bikers have been waiting for several years a Honda GT fast, short, is the Pan European. Obviously he said that “ backpackers “ do not like Honda currently available. He went to various European shows of the bike, and most recently at the Paris Salon, he would have learned a new Honda Pan European 2013 is presented in autumn 2012, for marketing in 2013.

Rana Abaidullah is for writing for or not to confirm this information.

A new Honda Pan European in 2013

Dear Rana Abaidullah, you are probably not the only one eagerly awaiting a new Pan European. Here’s what we know about it. When Honda unveiled its new V4 project, the manufacturer has clearly mentioned that this new engine would be used on several high-end models. In addition, Honda has also said at the time a new bike using the V4 engine is presented each year.

After the road ( the VFR1200F ) in 2011, the trail coming in 2012 ( the Crosstour very soon test ) . It is therefore likely that the changing of the Honda Pan European is in turn presented in the lounges late 2012 for marketing in 2013.

In terms of technique this time, we are more measured than what you expressed in your specifications. The V4 engine was from the beginning designed to be declined on several models and coupled to a dual-clutch automatic transmission ( DCT ), which would probably happy users of GT … For reasons of cost and in accordance with what was announced by Honda, so we think that this engine will be included on the Honda Pan European . without radical change in engine or other.

His power should be very close to what announces the VFR1200F 2012, by the way changed for the new vintage. Honda announces including having worked on the perceived lack of torque at low revs on the VFR1200F, the integrated traction control and optimized DCT. The power of this V4 should meet your expectations, since the VFR1200F announces over 170 hp.

This time concerning the chassis, it would be as logical as the basis of resume Honda VFR1200F and Crosstour. In other words, we should find the same context, a similar overall geometry. The swing arm housing the transmission shaft will obviously be in the game.

So it’s dressing, equipment and ergonomics that make the difference between the different models, with the Pan European for all that can distinguish one GT: protective fairing, adjustable windshield, luggage, etc. We also know that Honda is working on a system nouveaus bubble Power, which varies its height but also its inclination.

So much for the moment, Rana Abaidullah, all we can say about the Honda Pan European 2013 . GT very likely declined in the technical basis and VFR1200F Crosstour, expected in late 2012. Wait and see

Honda Pan European 2013 or not?

“ I had the Honda VFR models of motorcycles, 1993, 1998 and now I drive the 2002 model of the one with the ABS. For me, riding a leisure activity IS, small or large Basically for trips out of the city. Either I make short or large trips, in Greece ( for Two or Three Days ) or Abroad ( for more ) . I Have Been in Many places in all Europe, from Italy in the south to the North Cape in Norway. Riding THROUGHOUT Every season Accompanied by my wife. Who follows as a passenger.

Düring the last years in Which I Have Made Those trips, I Have Observed That There Are No big Honda touring motorcycles in cities or villages Either, Even not in motorways. And of course THEY do not exist at in all roads on the Alps.

And I wonder why Honda Has No presence to this category like BMW ( K GT, RT, GS models ) and Yamaha FJR 1300 model! As We Can see from all the surveys, the average age of the riders Has Risen Recently over 40 or Even 45 years. For this age group, in Which I Belong Also, There Is not A Good TOURING choice by Honda and BMW in Contrary with Yamaha (for Europeans like PAN EUROPEAN ST-and not like Gold-Wing).

DURING conversations with friends from Great Britain, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany We Have Concluded That We Need the features from a new model are: right choice of the angles of clip-ons in order to Have our arms in a comfortable position ; like these soft seats of Honda Pan European or Even Better, More Powerful front lights with xenon flash and technology and rear lights with LED technology, bigger fuel capacity for more km, better safety equipment; Good protection from the air for the hands, the head and the Whole Body.

There are Many motor bikers for Many Years Who wait for a new model, Honda Pan-European . with specifications for a BIG-TOURING-sport motorbike, Which Will Be “ correct “ for trips of Many hours, for weekends, for vacations, for big Other countries to trips in all seasons, to motorways, to the mountains, to Alps (The Most interesting and beautiful place in Europe for motor bikers), to small villages and towns, near the seaway, etc. The last years In Every country, in the famous places with Many motor bikers (Bavaria, Lake Constance, Austrian Alp – passes, villages and small towns Swiss, Dolomite Alps, in the north of France, in Scotland, in Northern cape etc.) There Honda Pan Europeans are not big and Generally Honda models. Obviously the motor bikers do not like these products of Honda.

For the next Honda Pan European has new engine Must Be Presented, with Enough horsepower (BMW K1300 GT HAS 167 hp, 145 hp Yamaha FJR old, Kawasaki. New 160hp BMW 1600GT and GTL). This IS Necessary to power thesis big touring motorbikes, Which are Usually ridden by Two Passengers and Their luggage with full weight, with Many different clothes Countries DURING for vacations, for Two or Three Weeks. Thesis and removable luggage Must Be 45 lt Every one side and the rear one 50-55.

In the next Pan European Honda the suspension must have a system like “ ESA ” of BMW with Three points: normal, sport and soft and oven stops: one rider, one rider and Its luggage, Two Passengers, Two Passengers and Their full weight luggage. And … HONDA IS Necessary to make the difference. Not a new motorbike Without a strong personality.

Not a new motorbike, Which Will Be Something Like Others, NO, make the goal difference!

With differences in Aesthetic front lights, with cars from Something New: Daylight ( like Skoda, Lancia, Mercedes, and Audi ) in a line in the center front of lights or group in different places, like downside of mirrors. In line with LED lamps Many Strong in the color of ice. It’s very important for safety and race of Useful and beautiful.

New Honda Pan European IS Necessary To Have a very BIG screen and upper fairing the total to Be designed in the right height and width PERFECT for protection of the Whole Body (arms, legs, neck, body and helmet for riders of heights around 1.9 to m ie Europeans) from the wind and rain.

The brakes must BE the latest technology with the electronic ABS systems, Which are to Be Heard perfect. The large mirrors Have To Be, in the proper place for the protection of aerodynamic hands, with the LED flash on ‘em. The clip-ons angle must be right for a comfortable position of the arms.

Perhaps THEY Could Be Adjusted in Three different heights.

It’s Useful to Be The Two seats very big and comfortable ( soft ) and if it is Possible in the Same level ( without gap ) . With a size bigger than comfort and old Pan European! It Would Be Useful To Be the seats adjustable in 2 to 3 different positions. At the Same time the handle-bars must Remain for the rear passenger.

It’s is crucial for excellent aerodynamic year study to Be Conducted in order to Protect the driver from the engine’s high temperatures (Where the FJR 1300 HAS a very BIG problem). There Must Be an Generally aerodynamic study for The Whole motorbike With or Without luggage, with the screen in all the positions as possible, with Either Two Passengers gold one.

DURING btw I made a test ride on the present Pan European Appeared year instability of the front system ( like a lighter front wheel ) When The screen on the upper WAS position and the speed over 150 km. Finally the wind side Seems To Be quite dangerous so a better study IS Necessary.

Moreover it Easier Would Be Useful the lifting of the motorbike to the central stand Because The total package is Too heavy. The foot pegs Must Be in a low position, near the ground in order to Achieve comfortable angles for the legs. Do not forget we That discussion will lead to sport-touring model.

In addition the wheel’s plastic covers Must Be Big Enough to Protect from the water of the road.

– BIG, SOFT seats for Two Passengers.

– BIG fuel tank for Many km (it’s not correct capacity of the VFR 1200 F).

– Make the difference in capacity of the luggage. It’s not okay to move the 35 lt. Make Every side in 45 lt luggage and 55 for the rear one. Finally Give Us this option, well-studied goal weight and about the safety, speed limits Without.

In These level of motorbikes it’s not correct to Be Limits (Kawasaki 1400 GTR HAS not).

– A power supply for mobile phone or laptop in the panel

– BIG STRONG rear lights with LEDs. They Are very important for our safety. ALL LED rear lights strong ( and stops and flashes ) . Maybe a new idea for Improved safety Is To Be Light on the right and left ends of the side luggage and on the center point of the rear luggage.

– Make the difference with a move more touring: Place in new Pan European leadership to front extra lights near the ground (like new Moto Guzzi Stelvio and of course Honda Goldwing) Against the fog.

– The horsepower IS very important and useful. This power of 150 to 170 hp on the wheel IS Necessary for Two persons with luggage in big trips dangerous goal maybe Will Be Under rain or descending mountains and of course it’s not nice … for our pockets. There are Many information for different way of operation for this new engine:

a. V2 with 8 valves and different and interesting – beautiful sound.

b. V4 with 8 valves and c. V4 ( or V6 with 16 valves and. ) full power.

If all of These are okay and soon a reality, They Are Very interesting as for the sound, the safety and Economic Under rain. AND OF COURSE VERY USEFUL.

– The range of indications Must Be like luxurious cars! Like new VW and Audis, new Peugeot, etc. Maybe a perfect idea Is To Have In The Honda Pan European next two indications in analogical design with chrome round in the ring, for the tachometer and the Speedmeter.

Do not forget, Many of us drive cars aussi and we drove past in the sport motorbikes with white tachometer.

A good idea, maybe, Will Be the New Honda Pan European to Have a combination of sport Aesthetics and luxurious feeling. White tachometer, with chrome circle. For me: IT’S PERFECT. The panel Which is the “ third person “ in a motorcycle ride with, an interesting and beautiful company alone and wrinkles When Somebody Especially DURING the night, Must Be PERFECT, FULL, ROMANTIC AND HIGH TECH at the Same Time.

A good idea for me Is That the new Honda Pan European 2013 Can Have the Same panel (or Something Like) of Honda NR 750, with white tachometer and digital Many indications. This panel panel HONDA IS. From the “ heart “ of Honda from the Same general manager of These Products! I think Mr Koyaba …

MAKE A PAN EUROPEAN DIFFERENT. Luxurious purpose sport with spots, comfortable, with big big Autonomy and capacity for our clothes, high tech with STRONG PERSONALITY. And do not forget, that ‘Before 10 months BMW set new limits for Very High-TOURING sport motorbikes with the new 1600GT and GTL.

In the past I Have Been Many Times in Cologne ( in ounces and Munich ) at “ IFMA “ and last years at “ INTERMOT “ and in Paris at “ World of the two wheels “ and in last December of 2011 in “ Fair and motorcycles scooter “. In Paris, Before one month, people from Honda-France Told me, that ‘DURING the autumn next year, Honda Will present ALL NEW HONDA ST 2013 Pan European model for year … IS IT TRUE or NOT? Do you have Any information about future presentation of a NEW Honda Pan European ST-thesis with specifications, as a 2013 model? In Cologne fair in Milan or, Earlier or later?

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Honda ST 1100 Pan European
Honda ST 1100 Pan European
Honda ST 1100 Pan European
Honda ST 1100 Pan European
Honda ST 1100 Pan European
Honda ST 1100 Pan European

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