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A top effort by Honda. We spend some quality time together, and come away more than just best friends.


Honda as a scooter brand has dominated European markets with models like the SH150 and 300. Massively popular scooters due to the fact that they tick all the right boxes when it comes to what Europe wants in a scooter. Add the strength of the Honda brand and the reliability and efficiency that comes with it, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

In Australia the story has been similar yet different. Honda has been successful at the lower end of the market through being very competitive with models like the Lead 100 and Today 50. Brand and price point doing the job here.

Now enter the PCX 125. A scooter designed and built for the world market, benefiting greatly from the lower costs of manufacturing in Thailand. As I see it, the PCX is Honda Australia’s first real attempt at a solid performing budget commuter.

Does it back up all the hype, we find out.


You can see plenty of Europe in this scooter. When thinking about the features and benefits of what actually works I am sure plenty of consideration was given to markets such as Italy. For example the sleek shape of the PCX 125. Curves aplenty the Honda looks maxi from the front and mini from the rear.

Its actually a great blend of two scooter platforms coming together to create something unique.

The style of the exposed chrome handlebars sure does bring class to the equation. And the large headlight at the front has that family resemblance about it. Actually reminding me of some of the larger sportsbikes in the Honda range.

A nice thin tail accentuates the rear taillight. A far as style goes its all pretty subjective, but in this case I think Honda have got it right.

The large 14 inch wheels front and rear, although thin in profile, allow for better handling over rough surfaces. Honda’s combined braking system, by using the left lever you slow the scooter via the front disc together with the rear drum. This allows for a safer, smoother braking operation under all types of conditions.

The right brake lever is just for the front disc, all up the system works well.

Storage is pretty good under the seat. You can fit a helmet and a fair bit more, plus the PCX has a unique helmet hook feature. Using the cable provided you can lock one or two helmets outside the scooter easily. Kind of makes up for the PCX not having a flat floor and bag hook. The PCX also has a small storage glovebox for wallet and phone.

No 12 volt charger sorry.

The dash is comprehensive with a central speedo surrounded by warning lights and a digital fuel and odometer (No Clock). Speaking of fuel, the tank is centrally located in the frame. Entry is via a switch on the dash, the same switch also opens the seat.

Only issue here is the key needs to be in the correct position to operate the switch, no opening the seat whilst the scooter is running.

Rear suspension is dual non adjustable rear shocks which we will talk about later. A centre stand and side stand comes standard. Nice flip out footpegs make for a comfortable passenger seating position.

The engine, a single cylinder, fuel injected, liquid cooled unit pumping out 8.3 Kw. Finally, lets not forget two of the biggest, newest features ever seen combined on a scooter, Idle Stop along with a starting system that does away with the starter motor, Brushless ACG.

On the Road

Start the PCX in absolute silence, no more cranking the starter waiting for the motor to fire. Just smooth silent starting every time, it needs to be experienced to be believed. The brushless ACG system has other benefits like charging the battery etc, but for the everyday, the system just works.

You need to throw a leg over the tunnel of the PCX 125, a small negative for not having a flat floor. But the advantage is obviously a frame that’s very strong and at higher speeds you will notice the difference. The seating position is comfortable, and the bars are fully adjustable.

Cant see a need for change, it’s a good riding position. The passenger position is actually one of the best going around for a budget commuter, plenty of room courtesy of the long wheelbase layout.

You are exposed with only a short screen upfront, but the PCX isn’t a tourer its a city commuter. Speeds will climb quite quickly to 90 km/h and performance is on par with most 150 cc scooters on the market. Meaning that 110 km/h is probably the max and cruising is pleasant at 90 -100 km/h.

All you need for the city commute.

Acceleration is pretty brisk for a 125, two up riding is pretty stress free. Once the PCX warms up and the idle stop is turned on, get ready for a new sensation. Stop for more then a few seconds and the engine turns off and everything goes into a power save mode. The lights dip yet the dash, blinkers and warning lights all work as per normal. You will notice the stand by light flashing.

Twist the throttle and you’re off, its instant and once familiar, you never take the option to turn it off. It’s there to cut emissions and save fuel, the Honda returning the best fuel figures we have ever seen on a 125 cc scooter. High 30’s, closer to 40km/l, on a brand new scooter is quite impressive, especially when your not riding with fuel saving in mind.

Handling is impressive, helped certainly by the large 14 inch wheels. Only negative would be the aforementioned rear shocks that really don’t lend themselves well to weight and will bottom out over larger bumps. Brakes work a treat, and you’re not being penalised for having a drum on the rear.

Having ridden the scooter now consistently for a month, the PCX has proven to be a really solid performer.

Honda ANF 125


The Scooterman Says,

I really ended up enjoying the PCX.

It’s definitely one of the smoothest and best built scooters that I’ve sat on for a while.

You can feel that the Honda’s quality will last for years. The thin 14” wheels handle the twisties well, good combined brakes, it looks like a mini sports bike and is an absolute pleasure to push around any urban road.

It will cruise all day between 90 – 100km/h and I got it up to an indicated 110k/h which is really what you’d want from a 125. And it just got better and better every time I rode it.

Massive storage under the low seat, quirky idle cut off which really works, the PCX is a quality 125 that is made to carve up all city traffic scenarios.

If I were in the market for a 125 this scooter would definitely be on my short list.

The Honda PCX is full of great features that really do work. Features that are practical and not just a gimmick. The idle stop technology makes a big difference to fuel usage and the brushless ACG starting system just reeks of efficiency.

The everyday practicality of the PCX is refreshing. That solid Honda quality is apparent, and you get the feeling that you would still have the same scooter in the garage for years to come. Its well built, it goes even better.

So really those looking at the Honda will need to decide if they can see the value for money in this machine. At 3990 + ORC the PCX 125 is about $1000 over the competition when looking at scooters of similar performance.

That in mind the competition doesn’t come with Idle Stop, and they don’t come with the unique brushless ACG starting system. They don’t come with the Honda brand name either.

And I am sure without doing the numbers that this might just be the most fuel efficient 125 cc scooter on the market thanks to the idle stop technology used.

Add fuel injection and liquid cooling and you soon do the maths, making the Honda a pretty good looking value for money equation.

Nice work Honda on the PCX 125, as a real world commuter it sure does have all the answers.

See our launch report for more information

Honda ANF 125
Honda ANF 125
Honda ANF 125
Honda ANF 125
Honda ANF 125

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