HONDA PCX 125 REVIEW – THE FULL LOW DOWN How To Make & Do Everything!

11 Feb 2015 | Author: | Comments Off on HONDA PCX 125 REVIEW – THE FULL LOW DOWN How To Make & Do Everything!
Honda X4 Low Down


What do you think about this video?

Petra Novakova: šmejd pcx 125 freak freak. 

James Rosenberg: Nice ride! I ended up going with a Kymco Downtown 125i here in Korea myself but the PCX was on my top 3 list for sure. 

urbanfireblade: Super review! Very well done. Only thing I will say is even tho you feel more protected on the scooter don’t scrimp on protection because in any crash you’ll be off the bike in a second and only your protective gear will save you.

But apart from that 10/10. Really enjoyed watching that.

Marek Hlina: we love you mate! great comments and video. ))

Mikolaj1406: Quick question, what winter gloves are you using for riding and what gloves would you recommend?

DeviceSquad: Hi Daniel. My bad – didn’t really say that the brakes are adequate. But I’m not sure how well they’d stop the bike in a real emergency. That makes them sound really bad doesn’t it?

Seriously, I’ve had no scary moments yet and I’ve pulled them hard a few times.

h4k4r0: When you compared the scooter to an Apple product I stopped the video, what a shame for Honda.

monck55: Nice to see a clear, articulate and comprehensive review.

Daniel Abrusci: Great review man thank you! I’ve been reading on forums that the breaks aren’t that good, what do you think about them? It seems like a great bike for the city.

Rumpleproofskin: You’re right on many points. However, having been an experienced motorist and bicycle rider for over 30 years (and without incident) and in my fifties I’m fully aware of my surroundings. The bus stop I pulled up in was for no longer than a few seconds and I was tucked in way before any bus could pull in.

Besides, there were no buses anywhere to be seen such is the quietness of the street. Oh, and I sailed through the theory test. So easy.

gerhard böschatt: Too bad it’m such a good review in German gibt.Ich in Vienna at home and on the lookout just in German

Alec Santi: weird seeing you drive on the left side of the road, lol.

nathan ali: Thank you so much for your review! You’ve really sold this bike to me, I was quite on the fence about it until I watched your review and now I shall be getting mine this month! Can’t thank you enough I know I won’t be disappointed with it.

DeviceSquad: Thanks Ofir I was winging it but hopefully it’s not too rambling. So many facets to mention.

Geoffrey Carpenter: Thank you. Very informative !

bodkins01: I aint sure why you have joined the debate but I am sure you are very aware of your surroundings. However being aware and being always within the law are completely different. You said The bus stop I pulled up in was for no longer than a few seconds and I was tucked in way before any bus could pull in. Besides, there were no buses anywhere to be seen such is the quietness of the street Is irrelevant and actually quite pathetic it reminds me of a motorist being stopped by the police but but

coaldust01: Good review, I gotta say you sound like a really nice bloke :), I just picked up a used honda dylan great bike aswell, i love honda, BTW you sound like warwick davis

Aleram84: Great review, thanks just bought me one of these little guys.

DeviceSquad: I’ve only ridden about three times in the rain and they’ve remained bone dry. Make sure you buy a size that has some space at the fingertips. When your fingers are around the handlebar they’ll need a little space at the tips or they’ll get cold.

As good as these gloves are, in 2˚ weather your finger tips can still get cold, especially as there’s no finger protection against the wind on the PCX.

hanykoky: Very good review, thank you. what’s the difference between this one the Elite. And would you recommend the Elite over the SYM fiddle 2. Thank you again 🙂 cheers

DeviceSquad: Hi Thanks for the compliment. Yes, I had a geared 125 Suzuki Intruder cruiser. I just got fed up with changing gears. Also, I found changing gears quite distracting and possibly dangerous.

If starting in first, it might take a moment to engage second, by which time the car behind doesn’t notice I’ve slowed down momentarily and drives into my rear. Thankfully it didn’t happen but it could have. Anyway,I’ve noticed even big flash bikes have clunky gears.

Just not necessary in town.

DeviceSquad: Hi. Thanks for the compliment. I’m mid 50s and pay around £250 with Bikesure. Before that I was with Bennetts. The best thing to do is use the insurance comparison sites like go compare, compare the market etc.

Unfortunately age and experience might go against you. They’re such rip offs these insurance companies. And quotes between comparison sites are often different, even for the same insurer. Good luck!

number1neek: thank, that’s really helpful!

MrGlendragon: lovely video that hits all the right spots and such a pleasure to follow different from some others who sound really annoying, Im new to biking and just picked up a 1998 Honda sfx50 for work, I love the Honda and this new PCX 125 sounds just like the right bike for me only downfall is the CBT that costs money but well worth it to ride a piece of class like this, thanks for taking the time to review and hope to catch you again in your next video.

Edwin S Anthony: What an excellent review. Comprehensive, concise. Love the cam. HD Hero Pro? Planning to take my CBT soon. And your review’s quite swayed me towards your model of choice. Thanks again 🙂

rhodtube: Thanks for the well made, informative video. I came here as I was considering the Honda Vision 110 versus the PCX 125, and I think the features and appearance of the PCX you highlighted make the difference. Just need more people to embrace the continental scooter philosophy! Cheers

Ofir Fatal: You did an excellent job on this review, thank you very much for posting it. I’m looking at the PCX150 for use in the US and it seems like a viable option – basically the same as this one but with a little bit more umph in terms of engine power. I’m impressed with how fast you’re able to get going after using the engine cut-off switch. As with the other commentators, you have a pleasant voice and a well-organized speech pattern.

Keep up the great work.

Killjoy: Hi there, thanks for the great review! I was borderline until I saw this video, now I’m sold! Do you have any links to those online thai retailers selling after market parts and accessories? I would really appreciate if you could share because I just can’t find them with regular google searches

ewan McGovern: great video buddy. i love the honda pcx i am now on my 3rd one 2013 model in white. 1st 1 was in black and done 15000mls on it and it still went like new. but i must say the 2013 is better. and i have been riding around for 12 years on a cbt just do every 2 years and suits me. but wish honda would put heated grips and seat on them as i have just do this and it was the best 150.00 i spent nest i am going to put a hd hero 3 camera inside the headlight housing area. enjoy the summer rides

dwill webb: Hello, very good review, just thought i’d mention that a c.b.t expires after 2 years just incase you were unaware of that as you did mention that you completed yours almost 2 years ago. Hope this helps, and ignore me if you are aware already(which you probably are). Cheers

MrEXSTREEMLOT: Did my c.b.t on this bike, great little bike. Really fun to ride, if anyone is looking to buy one recommend them greatly. Fantastic review.

myleftearful: That’s a really nice video and very well presented. I’ve just bought my daughter one of these (we live in Germany). It’s a great quality bike, typically Honda and I agree with the Apple comparison.

DeviceSquad: Sadly it doesn’t come with an alarm here. I use a Kryptonite stronghold system with fat chain and Xena disc lock alarm while out and about

Honda X4 Low Down

Liam OB: Hello, great review I just bought a brand new pcx 125. I also went from a geared bike! What did you do about ‘running it in’? The garage I spoke to said don’t do over 45/50mph for the first 600 miles!

Surely that’s a bit over the top? Cheers, Liam

number1neek: also, what is that thai website to get the seat/other extras from? many thanks!

Callum Mcleish: Wow this review was amazing never seen one quite as good i don’t think. well done and thanks 🙂

ozzyozzyozzy12: What is the top speed of the bike.

AZK303: Great review mate. About to get one of these!

kieran cherrill: are you near wembly?

Killjoy: *again

Riaz Ali: Bought a brand new Honda PCX125 yesterday from the Honda dealership in Farnham – drove it back to where I live in Chippenham – 90 miles! (well, I got a bit lost on the way!) – but yes, it’s a gorgeous bike. I love it. I had a lot of bad luck with second hand scooters over the last few months so took the plunge and bought a brand new one.

I don’t think I will regret it.

nribeiro5401: Fantastic description. I’m thinking to buy one also.

Mikolaj1406: Thanks, I might be getting them, still undecided and still shopping around. I got Oxford Hot Grips fitted so am not worried about the chill, however I do need gloves that are definitely waterproof (and warm of course).

Bert Davis: Very nice video. Great information in an Everyman review. Thanks

brandon kelly: hey, amazing review mate. i’ve been searching and searching a for a half decent review on a 125. Im 19, going to get my cbt, and i’ll most likely be keeping it in the back storage cupboard in my home. can you give me a rough estimate on insurance please? thanks alot.

meggaiwa: Oh btw: I never drove a car (ok bike) in the UK. Why are the cars parked against the driving direction? (you’re driving on the left lane and the cars left of you show your their front, not their back. it looks like they drove on the left lane, but parked on the right side. or turned around. just wondered)

Richie Pearce: Great review, I am seriously thinking of getting one of these.

DeviceSquad: Not by parking momentarily at a bus stop as someone so eloquently pointed out!

jmlpz74: I purchased mine in April. I have the 153cc model. Here in michigan I paid $3500 for mine but is worth every penny. I especially appreciate the gas mileage and quietness of the bike.

Great review.

Oli3831: any idea what the max speed is now you have probably rode it more. Many thanks in return Oli

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Honda X4 Low Down
Honda X4 Low Down

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