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Azurel777: One of my favs. Would have bought one if it had ABS. Ended up with her big sister instead.

marc roberts: i got a white pcx 125 one it is one of the best scooters iv ever had m hoping to change it next year iv had it since may 2012 very comfy nice to ride on a local scale cause its 125 and im still on cbt certicate

eurosceptic1: Is this better than the SH 125?

mountainwheels: Nice video, one comment, the idle stop feature is common to most of the modern Honda scooters even in the entry level 50cc displacement category. It’s nice except for when making a right turn across oncoming traffic. That’s when it becomes a bit of a pain.

grimreapersmith: im getting one in one week are they as good as people say,ive looked at the reviews and everyone is positive

Dwarfer50: Hi Andrew, quick review of my PCX after nearly 7 months ownership. I can’t fault it, 100% reliable, so light and easy to ride. I have not experienced any problem with the seat hump, in fact I like the way it makes you feel planted on the seat. I never expected to fall in love with two wheels but have totally got the bug. I have just taken my theory test and expect to do my A1 license soon.

Will only be changing to a new CBF 125 to learn the greats then upgrade next year. PCX is fantastic!

GadgetEnquirer: Cheers. Mine’s still running in so haven’t opened it to full pelt but I was doing 50 at times on the two-lane A406 and yes, there’s quite a bit of wind buffeting and a sense of instability at times. But it was an abnormally windy day.

I would have thought an extended, say 20 mile, commute on dual carriageway would be a bit arduous. But then I’d feel that way on any motorbike given how easy it is in a car. Traffic-bound streets and a quiet country road are this scoot’s best domains.

I love it.

Edwin S Anthony: I just sat on the PCX 125 today in Chelmsford and i must say the hump on the seat is perfectly positioned. for me. The height is perfect too as i can place my feet just about flat on the ground. My height is 1.69m. So i’d say anyone of the same height or slightly more will love the feel. Additionally, the bike feels really well-made when i sat on it.

I’d say it feels better than it looks.

Dwarfer50: Picked up my PCX this afternoon.First impressions are fantastic.Quite smooth comfortable and so responsive it amazed me. Being a novice rider (only took my CBT last Friday) I was a little nervous when setting off from the Honda garage but within half a mile a massive smile appeared on my face and a sense of knowing all the research had paid off. No issue with the seat hump so far but have only been a few miles so far.

Edwin S Anthony: I’m 1.69m (5ft 5) and don’t have a problem with the hump. In fact, it is perfectly positioned for my size. It’s the height of the rider and the inseam that is the issue. However, i wonder why it isn’t an issue for you given your 6ft4 height 🙂 Perhaps you’re accustomed to what i’d call the ‘foetal/crouching tiger’ position 😉 I considered the Yamaha BWs 125, but it was too high for me (780mm).

It would, however, be good for those who have a problem with the PCX’s seat height and hump.

EinkOLED: That hump goes away the less you fill up. That’s what a pcx owner in Egypt told me.

hustling0109: keeps us updated with any problems etc thanks

torieoxford63: Can you post where in China you are getting your replacement seat from, thanks. The seat’s the ONLY thing that puts me off this bike. Thanks GadgetEnquirer

GadgetEnquirer: Hope your PCX has arrived and you’re enjoying it. My humpless seat arrives Wednesday so I’ll let everyone know if it’s any better.

Dwarfer50: Greats = Gears. Stupid auto complete.

EppingForest304: Great review, thanks for uploading 🙂

GadgetEnquirer: Re service intervals… According to the manual, you need to replace the oil every 5000 miles and adjust / inspect the valves every 2500 miles. Got this from the ClubPCX forum. Worth reading.

Derek Adams: You’re right. I meant to say radiator.

mountainwheels: For a commuter bike, a CVT (continuously variable transmission) is the best. You don’t need to mess about with gears and trying to ride efficiently to save petrol. I love my motorcycle but as a commuter I think this is much better.

The under-seat capacity is quite nice as well.

TATARSTAN59500: thats economic scooters no 700 integra

Alec Santi: It looks beautiful. Most scooters look quirky and have an awkward shape sometimes. This bike has a very simplistic and sporty style without trying to over compensate the fact it is not a motorcycle.

Edwin S Anthony: Very enlightened view – that motorcycles are stuck in the dark ages with their clunky gears. I always took it as a given and never questioned it until your perspective, and i think you put a comment in ‘motorcyclenews’ as well. I was inclined toward a geared bike, but after the TOO basic training given at the CBT stage for those new to geared bikes – which puts riders and others in danger – i moved toward considering the PCX. And that is what i’ll get.

Thanks muchos!

Narest Lertkidsomboon: Honda PCX Seat cover for Anti-Heat Water-Repellent Video at youtube / seat cover for Honda PCX Email.

undergroun510: I have a scooter this week. Driveability perfecto little windy to dam up to 70 km_h. I feel a little sorry that it s not 11kw but 8,4-6. But satisfaction. sry language. from slovakia.

Mark Rodway: I have had a PCX 125 and this scooter is the best the service cost at about 2500 miles is about £100 which includes lubes etc and yes buy one mate without any questions it is a cracker of a scooter I have had other scoots but they are ridiculed by The PCX and the fact Its a Honda.

Honda PCX

FuckinCrazyness: how am i gonna carry a 30 pack? i like the scooters with the flat floor.

Edwin S Anthony: True. I learnt to use a geared bike 20+ years ago when i took lessons and didn’t have problems with any jerkiness after a while. It’s the skill.

But i think the point made by GE is that one has to get past this hurdle in the first place, whereas with a scooter, one doesn’t.

3Dudelsack3 (Davis): great

Neil Mullens: Glad you’re happy with the PCX which is a nice scooter but, to be fair, the ‘jerkiness’ on your VL125 was not caused by the throttle, but rather your inability to use the clutch correctly.

myEhd05: Pick up my New Honda PCX yesterday, sweet. Looking forward to drive around town. Thanks for sharing.

UniversalGamingUK: whats the power like? Does it have enough pull/power?

waspsting11: Good video mate. Iv had my pcx for 2 years from new and just love it. Only problem is the seat hump holds water and is a bit of a pain.

EvilRacer329: Nice job – thinking of getting one of these to commute and keep the miles off my Bandit. Just to help you out, the grille on the right side is in fact where the radiator is located for the water cooling system, the black box above the swing arm on the left is your air intake. Have you had a chance to ride it for extended high speeds yet, and if so, how does it handle it? Is the windblast manageable?

What’re the service intervals/costs like?

GadgetEnquirer: Excellent news. I had the same nervous start but after a mile it was like riding a bicycle. Only more comfortable. And faster.

Still running mine in but I do open the throttle 3/4 occasionally and it has plenty of oomph. Stop press! Just fitted my new seat and have posted a review.

John C: Why not take your full test I did passed and went on the motorway I don’t have this scooter but have a 125cc sym scooter and go everyware on it

cbranin45: Does this scooter have power. Like pick up. Or is it slow

Dwarfer50: Great review,exactly what I have been looking for. Picking up Red 125 on 1st Sept on new 62 plate. Can’t wait. Thanks a lot for a really informative review.

I am 5′ 10 so it will be interesting so how I get on with the seat.



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