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2010 HONDA PCX 125 (Vietnam

Milage: 5000 — Miles

Likes: Everything


Review: “ is a real wonder in engineering, it is the scooter I have ever I have owned a 2010, a and at the present time I own a 2012 4000 kms. These have a great cargo under the seat and the handle bar is comfortable in long trips.

I in Vietnam and around the very city traffic in Saigon, baby moves like the with a very stable through traffic as well as its and brisk acceleration and outstanding makes it a real dream I have averaged around 90 MPG in the and around 105 MPG on the flat highways. headlights makes it safe to at night on the highways that no lighting, the start and stop works like if it was not there it’s awesome.

The bad is the driver area, is made like a so it holds my … cheeks so that it actually hurts to after a few kms on the road. It is a wonderful smooth, rigid, quick, reliable and a beautiful design, and the of all is a HONDA. OWN ONE YOU WILL NEVER IT, YOU WILL BRAG ABOUT

2010 HONDA PCX 125

Milage: — 20,000 Miles

“My sons bought me a PCX for a Christmas present 2 years ago fantastic after riding a for many years. A total machine I ride over humps no hands or with it is so well balanced and stable at any It is very economical and its agility in is brilliant.”

2011 HONDA PCX 125

1000 — 5000

Likes: Looks and handling

Top speed

Review: ”Very scooter. Great gas mileage. I am a 260lb man and have seen doing 35mph all the time. max speed of 55 (with my size) and get 80+mpg.

A person gets to the speed and it seems slow. But can you expect from a small However without any modification it have great acceleration.

past traffic at the stop

It gets many types of from people most and some like. why aren’t you a motorcycle. But I personally love it. Buy the PCX I will be upgrading as soon as it out.”

2011 HONDA PCX 125

0 — 1000 Miles

Pearl white is beautiful. The is superb. Storage is good. @ 60mph is safe enough. I having the option of a kickstand, is a BIG reason I traded off my Elite for PCX125.

The seat is very my passenger agrees. Handles well, better than the and Metropolitan I owned. I love all the compliments I’m getting I go with it too.

Dislikes: Storage needs to be Glove box needs a lock. needs to be higher for its price. end fairing tends to rattle a when idling. Doesn’t the bumps all that well.

is a little hard to get to actually tightly.

Review: “ I trade my PCX125 for any other right now. I’m happy with it and glad I the white pearl. I’m to get it on the highway again, where the most fun. Rain is all had for the summer so far.”

2011 PCX 125

Milage: 0 — 1000

Likes: Runs like a

Dislikes: Seat

Review: first scooter I have had for 35 I’m very impressed and apart from the seat is I am only commuting 3.5 miles to but by the time I get there my back is me. Any one know where to get a custom

2011 HONDA PCX 125

Milage: — 5000 Miles


Dislikes: Not enough top end

”I like the PCX 125 and will be up to a PCX 150 for just a bit more power. The states that the PCX isn’t legal in the US, this is not technically The PCX can travel on any roadway unless roadway is specifically restricted.

US can be travelled on the PCX because they a minimum speed of 45 or there is a specific law. Check your DMV should you do it, not in my opinion but to clear the subject.”

[REPLY: states have state laws that specify minimum on interstates. A few quick are California and Washington. So while not required in all USA states, 150cc get you on a lot more American Interstates a 125. — Dan,

2011 HONDA PCX125

1000 — 5000

Likes: Gas Mileage, Fuel Larger Wheels, Style

Floor Panels, Seat

”This was my first scooter I purchased early this I had just graduated college and to Denver, CO by myself while my car home in Louisiana. I decided to buy the PCX of the price, the Honda name, and I the 125cc-150cc range was all I needed. The never let me down, getting me the harsh Colorado winter ever stalling, breaking etc.

Downsides are the uncomfortable and narrow floor panels but the panels are just a minor If it was a 250cc model it would be the scooter IMO.”

2011 PCX 125

Milage: 1000 — Miles

Likes: MPG, Top Storage capacity

Dislikes: for fuel cap and seat

Review: ”I have had my Red PCX 125 for 1 year now and have about miles on it. I originally bought it I wanted a quiet scooter or with High mpg, top of 50+, and good storage This bike has lived up to my in each category.

I replaced the with a larger one to cut down the hitting my chest. That and was very easy to do.

This is very quiet relative to motorcycles. If I am riding/inling near bike I will usually their bike rather mine.

For the first 2000 or so I averaged about 106 mpg for the last of months I have been about 111 mpg.

The top speed of 60 mph is to get you around on most any surface It may be highway legal in some but I would not recommend it because you likely be the slowest vehicle out

The storage capacity is very for the most part. The glove box is and awkward to use. Some face helmets will fit the seat but several I have will not.

I guess it is a and error thing.

My dislikes are small things. I do not like the way the latches. You have to push kind of hard and in the right to get it to catch.

The gas cap door does not as easily as it should — you to press the button kind of I cannot open the door gloves on. I have changed the oil a of times without a problem but there is a screen or filter needs to be cleaned but not every you change the oil. The nut is oddly and difficult to access.

I have not able to get to this filter as of

Overall I am very pleased my scooter and my dislikes are very I would recommend it highly as as it fits your needs. you don’t take it on the highway,

2011 HONDA 125 PCX

Milage: 0 1000 Miles

Likes: handling, Quality, Excellent MPG

Seat backrest too far forward and not

Review: ”I’m a very rider. This is a very scooter for new riders. No negatives.

— J.Z. in PA

2011 125 PCX

Milage: 1000 — Miles

Likes: Acceleration, MPG, nimble, sporty

Seat, no start/stop on USA models

” I’ve had my 2011 for a few months and it has been a blast. My Honda so far and I’ve had the Elite SH150i, Reflex Silverwing. It great, gets over 100 per gallon and will reach the 62 mph rpm fairly quickly.

Storage is with a small glovebox and seat that will a full face helmet or use the D strap to make additional The 14 wheels ride nicely and the is light and easily manageable at 280 The newer 150 version has a better and about a 8 mph faster speed and top at 70, but for any speeds 60 or below, the PCX125 run all day long.”

2012 HONDA 125 PCX

Milage: — 5000 Miles

Good commuter bike

No clock, Rear drum

Review: “I’m from where only the PCX 125 is available. If I get the 150 I would have one, but I The PCX is a good scoot for commuting London traffic. It seems built with a reasonable

I didn’t like the idea of stop, but it can be turned off and I’ve used to it now. If you are thinking one, try a test ride if you can get

2012 HONDA 150cc PCX

1000 — 5000

Likes: Everything


Review: ”I like the position although some do [The PCX] handles good brakes, quick in traffic around town, and complete. Fuel economy is Driven hard = 40 kms per liter, quiet = 50 kms per liter. Accident got knocked off at 30 mph, only damage, same with

2012 HONDA PCX150

1000 — 5000

Likes Fuel economy, weight, fun on twisty roads!

No clock, seat catch not always work.

Review had the bike 10 months now and bought it for and shopping, which my BMW touring is not ideal for. The maximum on the clock is around 65 mph, but I was able to run the bike on a calibrated and the maximum speed I managed was 56 Fuel economy has never below 100 mpg with a best of 126

The average so far is 115 mpg. (These are gallons!). The idle stop may contribute to these excellent and I’ll look for such a on my next car.

The biggest for me, came when my motorcycle down just before an trip. I made the 250+ trip on the PCX with no comfort and it positively loves twisty Not quite a sports bike, but it a smile to my face. I’ve a Givi top box but probably could without it as the under seat copes with most

However I’ve had to buy and fit a clock. no scooter built for commuting be without one?

The first was a bit more expensive than I was as I’m told Honda the valve clearances to be checked service. Getting the body off takes a lot of time, and this up the costs. I bought the PCX on interest credit and the monthly payments are the as the car park fees would be if I my car to work. as they say no brainer.

2013 HONDA PCX150

0 — 1000 Miles

Warranty, fuel mileage, brakes, ergonomics, storage

Dislikes: Seat

Review: described it well. Mileage is a over ninety mpg during Very good handling and Good acceleration to 60 mph. is for decoration, you will need a shield.

The seat seems to be a between storage space and Padding lost. For those of us natural padding don’t to ride for more than an

I think it will cruise at 60 any trouble. Doubt that travel for more than an or two would be advisable.

Then is the 5 year unlimited mileage Wow! 4.9 stars.

UPDATE: the end of breakin, Mixed country arterials/ city, no freeway. mpg was 78 then 91, now 106mpg. No passenger, my is 160, ht 5-9.

Typical about 45 with short runs of up to 60. Even with the issue I’m raising my from 4.9 to a solid 5 stars.”

Honda PCX


Milage: — 5000 Miles

Quiet, Fast for a scooter,

Dislikes: Seat, Windshield

”I’m an experienced rider but to save money in gas, so far I get 99 MPG and the only has 575 miles. It accelerates all the way to 65MPH. enough to leave the behind at a stop light. I the riders backrest on the seat be a little bit more towards the when scooting at 70 MPH (its max

The windshield is only for decoration as it protect at all, it actually the airflow to the riders face the ride more noisy and with an open face I ordered a different windshield but receive it yet. I recommend bike for the city but I wouldn’t go on a distance trip on a highway. To it short, I love my PCX 150.”


Milage: 0 1000 Miles

Likes: what it says

Dislikes: Not a

Review: ”This is a light with freeway capability. No one it as a realtime cruiser. I have had for over a month now and purchased it a tall Givi windshield and a 35 Givi top case on back.

I am 260# and 6’1 tall. I am just over 97mpg the tank I checked at 700 miles or so.

It run up to 55mph comfortably and cruise without much trouble. 55mph you start to feel how the bike is. It becomes what we to call froggy feeling I was young. Not tremendously dangerous, sort of loose handling and around fairly easily by vehicles.

It does handle well below 55mph. very well. Leaning a turn is comfortable as opposed to the wheeled scooters I have this on and did not feel comfortable so. It accelerates well up to around to 55mph and will keep up to 65mph or so. I don’t feel on the highway at 60mph or more.

It is just too light for traffic and conditions at that speed for me. But it is great at everything else and for short runs as needed highway speeds.

I ride to work and back every day now roughly 2 gallons of gas a week or The gas savings basically cover the loan and insurance costs. added up the savings making it free to buy/ride. Only exceeds savings and that by a few hundred a year if riding like I do.

Basically I am very with mine and would it for anyone wanting a fun, rider, high mileage in bike. Or even a bike for winding country roads you go that fast on anyway. it does what it claims to do well.”

2013 HONDA

Milage: 0 — 1000

Likes: It does exactly the advertisement says it will!

Seat, Suspension

Review: have owned many and scooters. I think ‘dollar for this is my best purchase. good, easily pulls up to 60 two up) two tank fill-ups, both 91

2013 HONDA PCX150

1000 — 5000

Likes: Stylish, milage, fun driver and weekday commuter

Seat is a little hard, wind protection

Review: bought my PCX150 in August and now in have 1200 miles on it and its simplicity, ease of use and Honda No shifting or clutch and having the of mind that, if you do end up on a highway, you be able to keep up with till the next exit I missed a turn recently and up on three lanes of 65 MPH traffic. By and heading down-hill I hit 75 MPH.

I recommend it and was beaten by the wind hard, but it was still solid as as I didn’t make any quick

At 153cc, it is a great balance fuel economy and confident A wind screen is a must if you are to drive without a helmet or any time at all on the highway. I am extremely with my PCX but now that I have hooked on the two wheel drug I started to save for a VFR1200F. It has automatic transmission and the equivalent of a paddle shifter as well as a of a lot more power that a

I’ll keep dreaming. safe and have fun.”


Milage: 0 1000 Miles

Likes: built, larger wheels, injection, gas tank access.

Dislikes: None

Review: bought the Honda PXC150 for my to use around town here in California. She originally expressed in a Vespa because of how cute it After careful and thorough of all makes and models the Honda was Fabulous machine. Safety and were the primary criteria.

The wheels were a requirement for Disc brakes (front), injection, and other features also a requirement.

This is a well engineered vehicle and driving large and small for many years, this is the and funnest cycle I have driven. My wife loves it and it everywhere (grocery store, pick children from etc.). Very good for the price. Vespas are thousands of more for a name.

This is a far unit for far less money. it’s a Honda, with reliability.”

2013 HONDA

Milage: 1000 — Miles

Likes: Design, Storage, Handling, Added

Dislikes: Seat

Review: I purchased my PCX last fall owning a Zuma 50 which I liked. The PCX has been a real in my riding experience. My candy red which I nick-named Red Rocket, all the way up to 70mph and comfortably cruises at

It accelerates quickly off the line and well. The floor boards the sides allow for easy of riding position. There are value-added features for a scooter of price including clever for gas cap and seat, trip odometer, and under-seat storage. Did I mention I get 100mpg? The one drawback is the very seat.

For taller riders, the can cause back aches. It is removed but there is very cushion when you sit back I had cushioning added as well as a new vinyl cover installed at a commercial upholsterer.”

2013 PCX 150

Milage: 1000 — Miles

Likes: Power, fuel milage

Dislikes: rear shocks, stock

Review: ”Bought last new here in Thailand. Replaced shocks with YSS Euro with 90-110 kg springs. stock seat with covered seat without the

Great bike. My main of transport here in Chiang Fuel economy 2.0 liter per 100 km. smooth, quick.”

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