Honda TL-125 FAQ

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Honda TL 125 Ihatovo
Honda TL 125 Ihatovo

Honda TL-125 FAQ

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Date: 12/16/2001

1) What did Honda put in the TL125? Is it the same that was used in the CB/CL/CT/SL/XL?


All of these small and 125 cc) Honda engines are pretty the same. Even when the numbers don’t match are often interchangeable.

56.5mm x


Generally the TL125 can be divided into one-piece-head to 1975) and two-piece-head (1976). In the the cylinder head breaks into two, camshaft in

The TL125 was re-introduced in the ’80s in as model Ihatovo. It was made for a few years, starting 1981. The changes were that forks were changed to assisted type and rear used were different down).

There were a number of cosmetic changes, as silver frame, black etc. (Thanks for TL owner Sin Okayasu for this info).

3) Are parts on the bike from bikes (besides the immediate of Hondas)?

Jarmo Kaila:

lever splines are the same as other bikes. For example, MSR #07-0735 for YA-5 (for makes a nice folding tip lever after a little bit of This mod will get rid of the shift but will of course make the more vulnerable since any to the shift lever are transmitted to the shaft (most bikes the shift lever directly on the shaft so I don’t consider a very serious risk).

4) What are the common problems/weaknesses the TL?

Jarmo Kaila:

1.) The worst must be the infamous 4-… cough and hesitation. When opening the throttle off of the idle the engine coughs, hesitates for a and then goes (well, as well as you can expect from 4.5 This feature certainly a smooth riding style.

Big or stroker kit should help. that pumper carbs are not in the AHRMA modern classics (although I think they be).

2.) If you experience any difficulties in the bike in slow speed you may want to try retarding the ignition. will result in slight of top end power, but you won’t notice in trials riding (maybe for street riding where you get to use the top gears with WOT). My is to set the static ignition timing and scrape a mark on the ignition back plate.

Then set the to fire at TDC (there is a mark on the for TDC) and make another Set the ignition between these and start experimenting, changing the little bit at a time until you are On my big bore bike I’m at almost exactly the half way

3.) The camshaft bearing surfaces are directly on the cylinder head any sleeves. Luckily there are that can machine and fit proper (see question 5 below).

4.) The cam adjustment is very counter-intuitive, if you have access to the Clymer manual. You have to unscrew the to tighten cam chain (manual tells you to turn the tightener resistance is felt). When I got my the tightener was screwed in all the way, in so loose cam chain that it had 2 teeth on the sprocket.

5.) TL has a tendency to into a turn, i.e. in turns the bike wants to the steering angle and one has to hold against the bars. For more on this issue see item 7.

6.) clutch is a common phenomena by many bikes with wet but TL seems to be especially sensitive. It is bu clutch plates (both and metal) wearing extremely so the oil in between them is squeezed to a thin film and acting like glue. Differencies bikes are mostly attributed to metal plate materials, there is anecdotal evidence of types of oil causing more or sticking.

One known cure is to roughen the plates so they retain oil. I used to do this coarse sandpaper, the effect last for a few months of very riding. Then Bob Ginder of BJ performed his knurling on the plates and I had to touch the clutch since. operations also improve the action, the start of clutch begins more progressive. If you to do plate work do it so that the are not warped!

If you warp a steel plate it is almost impossible to get it again.

Bob Ginder:

Don’t use sealant on the top end rebuild. There is a oil passageway that is very plugged if sealer is used, in immediate top end failure. Also, remove the clutch cover and the oil slinger.

TL has no oil filter.

5) Are there any in the US or elsewhere that sell additions, etc?


TL125 is so new bike that friendly local Honda lt grin gt should be able to you with most of your parts needs. At least such unusual items as shocks (w/o springs), tubes, seat covers and covers were still

Here is a list of some that seem to have experience with the TL125:

BJ Products

Big bore kits head flowing, various and modern trials parts and almost any part, accessory or you would need for the TL (new, and used parts, fork etc. etc.). BJ Racing makes custom control and custom foam air filters.

+1-615-789 5956

Address: Big Bartons Creek Road, TN 37055

Best Motorcycle

Big bore kits (134/146/160/175cc), cam repairs with precision inserts, Kong cranks, using Honda 185/200 full service CNC machine services, some used TL

Telephone: +1-540-552 0722

3676 Old Creek Road, Virginia 24060

David Spares

Address: Unit 14, Industrial Estate,Station Road, IP16 4JD,United Kingdom


Performance stroker cranks, big kits, head porting.

Honda TL 125 Ihatovo
Honda TL 125 Ihatovo

+1-541-923 1290

Sammy Motorcycles

The original TL tuner. of parts, spares and accessories. also manufacture new TL125 and side panels as well as exhaust systems.


Speed Sport has commissioned a of fiberglass replicas of the original fenders. They run $100 for the and are now in stock. They also in stock grey plastic fenders, the Sammy Miller fender mount, and various trials accessories (h’bars, twistgrips, chain tensioners, etc.)

Telephone: +1-562-490 0012


For more suppliers see the TL125 Page at the Honda TL125 Page .

6) Since the engine to be the weakest part (performance not on reliability) of the TL125 package me a little bit more about the engine modifications?

Pam Falcioni Inc.):

a short run-down of we have for the early style piece head) 125’s:

Bore Kit — Bores stock liner

145cc Kit — Requires Resleeve, no machining

9.5mm Stroker we do the work on your stock assy

Other things hardweld mid to top end cam — we regrind stock cam, oversize with supertrapp — pipe, heavy duty springs — recommended for engines using our cam. We can do any machine shop services, performance head work oversize stainless-steel intake etc).

Basically, what we do on a is this:

-Move the crank pin outward on the flyweights (using an bushing)

-Shrink the stock rod

-Reassemble the whole thing

makes the piston travel down in the cylinder (this is you get the increased displacement). The stroker makes it easier for the crank to the piston through it’s making it easier to generate

Since we shrink the rod — goes back together like stock parts. You can use any you wish — the only you’ll have to check is to be the skirt of the piston is short to clear the flyweights at bottom ctr.

The 9.5mm stroker is the one we offer for the 125 — If you do the stroker with a stock piston, end up with about 150cc. about 25% more horsepower, and 30% torque than stock. You can put the stroker with either one of the kits (135cc w/ stroker = 145cc w/stroker = 175cc).

McKagen(Best MC Repair):

Stock-Parts Big combos for TL125:

Honda TL 125 Ihatovo
Honda TL 125 Ihatovo
Honda TL 125 Ihatovo
Honda TL 125 Ihatovo


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