Honda Varadero XL125 — Review — King or queen of the road

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Honda Varadero 125

Honda Varadero XL125

Big, Stylish, Comfortable

Some design faults, a 6-speed gearbox

Firstly I for the long opinion! To make it for you, the readers, I have this opinion up into parts. These parts are as

1. How I know of this motorbike.

2. accessories and price of the motorbike.

3. My opinion of the motorbike. a rider?s

4. My own opinion of the motorbike. a pillions

5. Other learner legal Honda offer, both and automatic.

1. I have never ridden this motorbike, from July to December I was a regular pillion on one. My gained his full bike in May 2002. He owned a Yamaha and that was our mode of transport the Varadero came along.

since Honda released the Varadero in August 2001 my wanted one. When he the TW for a service at the local Yamaha to his amazement there was a Varadero at the of the shop. It was for sale.

He couldn?t his luck. The next day he took me to see it. I?d paid much attention to the and had only seen one picture of it We pulled up outside the shop on the TW.

We got off the and went over to the selection of for sale out the front. He pointed it out to me. I believe what I was seeing.

I?m not an on motorbikes, quite the latter in but this bike was the mutts? Lined up the Fazers and the R6?s, it amazing. I couldn?t believe it was a 125. The V-Twin engine huge and the fairing was stylish. It more like a 500cc

The only give away was a hole at the end of the meaty exhaust. cunningly left out any signs would give away the cc.

My boyfriend took it for a spin and back with they grin on his face. He went home and began begging to his The Varadero was an ?02? reg, a few months old. The colour was and silver and it came with wat

er (a solution hidden somewhere on the that can be tracked back to the It also came with a LED light at the back to deter The previous owner was an … who on the Varadero and then bought a Fazer. He part exchanged the hence the reason for it being at the dealer.

It was in perfect condition, dropped and no scratches. So my boyfriend it and came straight round my to take me out. My boyfriend Ј2,895.00 from the dealer.

It had 900 on the clock and he managed to bring up to 4813.

The first time I on it I felt like royalty. It was a change from the TW. For starters it was and the seat was a lot higher and larger. My of the seat was raised even

Have no fear though, I managed to swing my leg over and get on from the ground so I?m sure else will be able to!

we passed in the street would at us. It made me feel good and I?m it made my boyfriend feel too. It?s just a the bike was so quiet, a little bit noise would have make more of an impression.

due to extremely high insurance, my had to sell his bike. The insurance was part, fire and theft, but a young boy on a new, expensive the insurance was extortionate.

2. Surprisingly motorbike is learner legal. It is the biggest bike in the learner class. With or without the ?L? you will feel like you own the Anyone wanting to find out on this motorbike or purchase an exhaust etc to give it a bit more may have trouble.

Reason is that this bike is so there are few websites about it, for foreign sites. Also, as of yet are few aftermarket parts to get. this will all change as the becomes more popular. are the specifications of the bike:


pe — Liquid 4-… 4-valve SOHC 90 V-twin

Displacement. 125cm3

and Stroke. 42 x 45mm

Compression 11.8. 1

Carburetion. 22mm x 2

Max. Power Output. ?1(95/1/EC)

Ground Clearance.

Fuel Capacity. 17.5 (including 2 litre reserve)

Dry 149kg


Wheels Front. Hollow-section cast aluminium

Wheels Hollow-section triple-spoke aluminium

Front. 100/90-18 (56P)

Rear. 130/80-17 (65P)

Rear. 220mm Hydraulic with single-piston calliper

is a simple list of a few accessories the offer for the Varadero. Be warned, of the accessories are expensive and items as the back box are split up, so make when ordering, you order all of the a motorbike shop should what to order.


Back box

Mini clock

bar bridge

Heated handle


Tall windscreen

are just a few items; there are more accessories for this Check out for the prices and details including the part The specifications I have used taken from the Honda

so they should be accurate.

has recently bought the price of the down. Originally the new motorbike around Ј3,500.00, with a of fours colours, Black, Shield Metallic, Blue and Red. They now offer the for Ј2,999.00 with a choice of the Silver Shield Metallic and the

3. In this part of the opinion, my lists the good and bad parts the Varadero from a rider?s


Can?t really the looks, it looks big and the headlights the bike look aggressive. The are also very effective as have a system of well-placed to enhance the lights. Hand would have been a idea as standard, just the larger version of the motorbike Varadero). That way the big would even bigger from the and your hands can be kept dry and from the wind.

The digital dashboard is a brilliant It is clear and easy to use. It is perfect for a quick glance from the road. The time and are on a digital display.

It also has a rev meter which is ideal and as it is sometimes difficult to judge revs the engine is doing as it is a and so quiet.


Both two up and the handling on the bike is brilliant. The shocks could do with adjustable like the rear. The being is because when two up the front end is very bouncy.

Alone on the bike the engine bad, quick enough, but a lot of ?thrashing? to get any thrill from it. Two up, the coped well considering the of the bike and us, especially seeing as it is 15bhp. But to keep up to speed it a lot of gearbox work due to its lack of

You can?t rely on the bike to itself back up to speed if the drops, you have to go down a or two and start again. The engine really well, it can?t

y be faulted. It managed to pull us the A3 at 70 even though it was restricted and was over loaded. It would been nice to have a gearbox instead of the 5-speed.

way it could have gone if needed.


The end is prone to a lot of stuff thrown up the road, including the exhaust the front cylinder. Also in bad the front cylinder itself and the are prone to abuse from and mud etc. his could have all avoided if Honda made a front mudguard. The current one is too

The oil drain bolt is on the side of the so when draining the oil it doesn?t go into the tray you?ve put Instead it comes out, the undercrowl and goes all over the

Checking or changing the spark on the front cylinder requires the of the fairing, unless you have small hands!

The rear is prone to muck from the and in a few years it will need as it rusts away.

Changing the bulb is annoying, as you have to off the panel underneath the dashboard and get hands into a really space.

The windscreen is ok, it works at directing the wind over helmet but buying the taller would probably benefit especially if you are tall or will be the motorbike for long journeys.

The motorbike isn?t particularly to clean, this is mainly there are so many inaccessible or hard to reach areas. It is a consuming job, as you need to hard to clean the difficult as best as possible.


Yes it is practical, for a 125, it looks the and goes well. It can also do 200 miles on Ј10 worth of petrol if sensibly. It is very comfy and it is a so the maintenance is low.


through traffic isn?t too

bad as the are part of the bike, instead of out like most bike This means it is ideal for through traffic without them and when parking in the or any tight space you haven?t got the to worry about. Filtering two up on bike is still possible, you need to be aware that you someone on the back and their stick out more then else on the bike.


The itself is expensive, but it is very to run in terms of petrol etc. The and accessories for the bike are expensive, but is just the way things are these


People claim to had this bike up to 75mph and it there. Although the bike can it, you are revving the engine a lot so personally I never done that. The I have had out of it is 70mph, both and two up.

A comfortable cruising speed is around 60. 65mph, either two up or


It is a good for someone who has passed their but is still learning. However it really ideal for someone to ride a manual motorbike scratch. I would only this bike to someone who is confident that they going to drop the bike or off, as the fairing will it an expensive hobby to keep

However the turning circle, and gearbox are fine, they it easy for a beginner. The clutch is so its great to use and ideal for when in and needing to change gear a

Overall the bike is brilliant. You easily do a very long on it. The bike is great; it?s let down by a few silly things. The faults, however annoying, can be and also out weighed by the good

I would defiantly recommend bike to other people, riders or beginners!

4. Personally I that the bike was brilliant. I I never rode it but t

hese are my about the bike. Without a the bike has stunning looks, it better with the undercrowl, as it the bike look bigger. The costs around Ј80 and the purpose is to protect the engine from any etc thrown up from the road. As a I found my seat was comfortable.

My could be found at the side of the It?s all personal preference but I these handles to be positioned they weren?t behind me, isn?t too comfortable. Another is to hold on to the rider.

I didn?t find this as I would have to keep my in an unnatural position; also I that I might put my boyfriend Also holding on to the handles I can keep in my seat when hard, so I don?t lean my boyfriend.

5. Honda offer a range of manual and automatic legal motorbikes to suit needs. These bikes are as


Shadow VT125C A cruiser style motorbike the same engine as the Varadero.

XL125V — What opinion is about!

NSR 125 — A and fast sports bike, for someone who has passed their as it can easily be de-restricted.

XR125L A brilliant looking 4-… bike, ideal for a learner as are tough and have nothing to break.

CG125 — An old easy to learn on and cheap to

City Fly 125 — Has the same as the CG but with a little bit more easy to learn on.


— A plain looking

SH50 — An old style moped.

Sky SGX50 — A looking moped.

X8R-S A super sport looking

X8R-X — A cross looking moped.

Dylan 25 A scooter with a sporty

Check out for pictures, and more on these bike. other people offer legal motorbikes such as Kawasaki, and April

Honda Varadero 125
Honda Varadero 125
Honda Varadero 125
Honda Varadero 125
Honda Varadero 125


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