How it’s like having a Honda 919 / Hornet 900 Helmet Hair – Motorcycle…

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Honda CBR 1000 RR Ian Hutchinson Edition

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Magus August 2nd

Sounds liek a great bike! I have been in almost the exact same situation as you re: wanting two bikes for my one and still being very happy with what I have. My Ducati Multistrada 1000s is very similar in being sporty and a wonder on the twisties, good enough for the occasional track day and still useful for touring.

After going to the track with the Multi I had thought about how much fun a dedicated track bike would be in the 600cc range but for now, the Multi does everythign so well, on average, that it’s tough to add another bike. Kind of makes you wish these bikes weren’t so good to help you get different, specific perpose bikes!

Actually when I tried a Multistrada it was as close as I have ever been to replacing the Honda.

But the Duc’s are very expensive both to acquire and to own, at least in Denmark. It would only get me in the same situation I’m in now, maybe a little more towards touring. So I decided not to.

But still, I’m pretty exited to see how Triumph’s new 1050cc Tiger turns out. I like the trend the Multi started of lighter sport touring bikes that at leaned towards supermoto’s rather than race bikes.

Did I mention that I hate you for having a Multi 1000s? If you now tell me it’s also black, I’ll turn green with envy and ban you from commenting ever again.

Ha ha just kidding of course. Would love to hear how it is owning one though.

Chris August 6th

Welcome back Jesper. It was very good

what you did with the video stuff. I really enjoyed it. Now, i’m thinking of creating a blog like yours, with as many

as possible. information about greece(this is my place. ) i have a question for you. would it be better to make at “blogger” or “word press”? Thanx in advance.If you want, you may answer me directly to my mail.

Jesper August 7th

Thanks, Chris. Glad you liked the video.

I have answered you by email.

[. ] Summer is coming to an end and you start to wonder which trip will be your last for the season. The first hunch is the leaves turning redish, second is the increasing lack of daylight, and third is when you consider zipping you thermal liner back into your leathers. The most important hunch however is when your motorcycle blows a big fat hole in a piston, and the engine starts smoking like a [. ]

David March 21st

Hi Jesper,

I usually buy my bikes (8 since is was 15) around this time of year, partly because it just about to get warm and lovely outside and also that I have my birthday in March. As you know I have been doing some test rides (KTM990 Adventure, MUltistrada 1000, Sprint 1050 ST) and most recently I tried a VFR 800 and a beautiful Hornet 900.

After my BMW R1100GS, wich I loved for the stable predictable handling and the built for two up engineering of the thing I was sure I was after something:

A) More sporty (Power and light weight)

b) More comfortable on the Autobahn (Screen)

c) Still with a certain uniqueness. (No inline 4)

The VFR800 (Before VTEC) was very interesting but I could not stand the looks. The particular Hornet900 I tried was a hoot, but very twitchy with some very wide aftermarket bars, and still too windy on those autobahns (From hamburg you have to ride at least 1 hour to get to any decent roads)

In the end I found my dream, a 1996 VFR750F in Red, it looks just like the famous NS750 and for its years still rides and feels like very high quality piece of work. The riding position is sporty but comfotable, the noise from that growling burblling V4 is awesome, and with 100HP she can still go. I’ve only done 500km so far but very satisfied.

Will keep you posted on life with the VFR.

Hey David, congratulations on the VFR. Email me a few photos of the bike and write a little on how it’s like to ride and I’ll post it in the review section.

Steve March 25th

I have an 05′ 919(US) and have been extremely impressed with the mixture of performance and riding comfort. I generally use it in the warmer months as a commuter but have taken it on some longer rides and have nothing but praise for the power and feel.

I have grown up on quite a few sport 600′s and as they have a better immediate “nimble agility”, Over time with the 919, I have learned that it is just as agile on the twistys as any 600 and has been proven with several friends. The other notion is that with the past 600 class bikes, you feel that you need to get them up into the 8 or 9K rpm range for them to really show what they are made of. With the 919, that’s a non-issue as the power is there from off-idle to the top end. With some creative shift points, you can pretty much match or exceed anything on the road. (Within reason)

I believe that it comes down to rider skill as I have ridden with professionals that have simply walked away from me on one wheel out of a corner, but I have to admit that this is a fantastic, well rounded machine.

I can’t wait for it to warm up..

I just bought my first motorcycle, a 2006 919, in June of ’06. I knew nothing about motorcycles other than I really liked the looks of the Ducati, but as I went looking around at the dealerships the Honda dealers started asking about my experience and styling and pointed me toward the 599, which I wasn’t quite comfortable on. I tried the 919 and absolutely loved it.

After a few riding sessions I am getting much more comfortable with riding my bike, but I keep feeling frustrated that I can never find any accessories for the 919. Are their wind shields of any sort, or packs I can throw on it somewhere so I don’t always have to lug around my backpack? Is it possible to make the exhaust louder?

Lots of questions from a new timer, and apparently it is a shame that I don’t know enough about the bike to fully appreciate it yet.

Jesper April 3rd

There´s plenty of accessories around for the Honda 919, Elizabeth. E.g. Givi makes windshields and luggage, akrapovic makes exhausts and Rizoma makes quite a few shiny knobs, levers, and indicators.

That’s only mentioning a few.

Thank you so much! I was really only looking at official Honda parts because they say to use them and I didn’t know where else to look. Once again much thanks!

jim April 18th

i been looking for a 919 for a damn long time kind of rare in canada not a lot of true believers here of naked style lots of 600rrs or lay down machines for sale but not alot of 599s or919s

I found my 919 pretty easily. Each of the dealerships around me had one. One had the previous year and the other two had the current.

I looked for used for a little bit but found nothing to my liking since I refuse to use eBay motors.

Jesper April 19th

As used the 919 is not that common in Denmark either. But usually there’s one or two for sale. They sold lots of them from new, so I guess people just keep them.

Dave April 22nd

I bought a salvaged 919 a couple years back. I’m pretty impressed by the handling and braking although you must hang off and never upshift exiting a left hand turn or risk getting your foot pulled under the footpeg.

Those that want a useful fairing can look at Rifle fairings. I adapted the sportbike fairing to the 919 using handmade brackets to the mirror mounts on the handlebars and to the cast-in holes in the lower triple clamp.

I had to replace the forks because the place that sells these salvaged bikes welds the original and usually bent forks. The Honda 600 forks work. I also got a used 4 into 1 pipe from some other Honda 900 to reduce weight and make room for flush mounted turn signals.

I had to fabricate two mounting brackets for the pipe and also bought two used footpeg assemblies and cut off the passenger pegs.

You might wonder why I did these things, but I am getting older and the riding position on most sport bikes are hard to deal with, and the 919 is one of the few more upright bikes that are still pretty sporty, fairly light weight etc.

I also made some plates for the front engine mount where it looks like there should have been some. It seems to make the frame a little stiffer.

An all-around good bike it seems, lots of fun and not exceedingly tiring while riding just to get to an interesting road or place. I can go about twice as far as I could on my SV650S and still feel better.

Its kind of sad that competition seems to dictate a large part of motorcycle design, both street and dirt, while it seems most riding is done somewhere other than a track.

Honda CBR 1000 RR Ian Hutchinson Edition

I have Husqvarna 510 dualsport also. It is designed seemingly for the guy that lives three blocks from a motocross track and doesn’t want to load his bike onto a truck. Not dual purpose.

In both cases the gear ratios are not suited ideally for where the bikes will end up being ridden.

– Keep riding to good places for good reasons.

Sam April 26th

I bought my 919 back in Feburary of 03. I think that this 03 smoke color is still the best. 14 K miles without a tune up and it still purrs.

I did have to put some new tires on it at 7k miles with a new chain. I have a GIVI windsreen and that helps alot at 80+ mph. The only problem I have had was that the shifter arm bolt fell off once and I put some lock tite on it. I was lucky enogh to find it on the road. This bike will do anything you want as long as you stay under 154 mph.

That was the speed I reached just last fall after cycle work tested the 919 and said it would do 140. This bike is as much anti Harley as you can get. So quiet, so fast.

I wonder how much longer Honda will make it, and what will they replace it with?

Jesper April 26th

Honda keeps updating the 600cc version, and they don’t have any other naked bikes in the 1000cc category than the 919. I have a hunch that we’ll see a new version based on the 1000cc fireblade engine very soon. Questions is will it be just as versatile.

Redshark May 22nd

Since the mid 70′s here in Central California I have owned 4 street bikes and 3 dirt bikes, and ridden countless other examples of both kinds with extreme glee. My first streeter was a little Honda CB100 Scrambler. Wouldnt do 60 if you dropped it out of a plane, but it started my love for street bikes.

Went in the U.S. Air Force coupla years later and didnt get another bike until 1986. A 1981 Honda CB650 Custom.

That bike and I went everywhere, and for 4 years I didn’t own a car. That sweet little gem of an OHC 647cc engine was very willing, and the bike was low and I could move it around like a flat tracker. Had a lot of fun spinning donuts in the dirt and watchin’ my sportbike buddies dumpin’ there bikes trying best me.

After the Honda, it was a 79 Yamaha XS850 Special. Considered by many to be the first true Japanese cruiser bike, the XS had a three cyclinder 4 stroke that had a good blend of torque and power, was shaft driven and all disc brakes, and was a smooth and powerful cruiser. A very nice bike and in good shape for its years, and I put a lot of miles on it.

It sits in my garage waiting for someday.

A few more years and an opportunity to get a VERY nice 1982 V45 Sabre. A real firebreather. Literally. The exhausts were so blown out you could see flames come out of them at night!

A fact that did not go unnoticed by the local police who quickly and very earnestly warned me that this was not something they would tolerate.

But the bike was fast and I rode it hard and sold it and got married (at 41!) and now have kids and well…

So two weeks ago for various reasons I walked into the Honda Dealership and bought a brand new, last one, good deal 2006 Honda 919.

And all I can say is this:

It’s like I never owned a motorcycle before.

Almost everything about this bike amazes me. The seating position is just the way I like it. The color is Red. And the bike is FAST! Nothing I have ever ridden has had such a smooth delivery of usable power.

And so much of it! And yet the bike is nimble and stable at speed. But the bike is also well mannered and quiet, and I love that I can just laugh at all the road sofa V Twin ridin dentists and accountants and know that they just don’t get it.

A modern naked is a true street bike. Meant to do a lot of things very well, and for a very long time. A Honda that is well maintained can last forever, and the 919 is as fine an example of quality and engineering in a motorcycle as you are likely to find today.


Jesper May 22nd

Amen to that, Redshark. A good explanation to why I find it so hard to part with my 919.

Honda CBR 1000 RR Ian Hutchinson Edition
Honda CBR 1000 RR Ian Hutchinson Edition
Honda CBR 1000 RR Ian Hutchinson Edition
Honda CBR 1000 RR Ian Hutchinson Edition
Honda CBR 1000 RR Ian Hutchinson Edition
Honda CBR 1000 RR Ian Hutchinson Edition

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