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Honda Deauville 700


My Review of the Honda “Deauville”

Posted on March 2010 by admin

Back in I purchased a 2010 Honda known World Wide as the After a few months of riding the I now feel qualified to offer my of this machine. So read on if you to know what I think.

here on, I will refer to the as the Deauville.

The 2010 Honda

The Deauvlle has been available on the Market for the last ten years and finally decided to release it the US Market for 2010. For years I been waiting for Honda to similar sense and release other Jewels like the Alp, African Twin and so when the Deauville hit the showroom I jumped at the chance. In other of the world, the Motorcycle is used as a tool where practicality is the of the day.

Narrow streets, traffic conditions and when the is your primary transportation, the to carry cargo and reliability are important than looks. In the riding for most part is a pastime so chrome and how it looks are important than funciton.

I am practical when it comes to I ride, so I don’t like I ride my machines so they get and I’d rather spend my time instead of polishing my machine all its nooks and crannies.  I like able to spray some dry and on my plastic, wipe off the dirt and off.

  I also require and reliability. I don’t buy a Motorcycle to an image. I use a Motorcycle to take me to and as a means to help me check off the on my bucket list.

I own both the ST1100 and ST1300, Big Brothers of the That being said, you have a understanding of my mindset and I am coming from.

My NT700V before the sale

My first impression of the Deauvlle was that of the brother to the ST1300. The side and the adjustable wind screen similar lines to the ST1300 but where the likeness ends. You not compare the Deauvlle to the ST1300, as are completely different machines dissimilar performance envelopes. The needs to be judged on its own merit.

I can see why Honda waited to release the into the U.S. Market, as most popular machines in countries like the Trans didn’t catch on here. I don’t think the Deauville is for the U.S.

Market for reasons I previously. The other reason I the Deauville is if it goes the way of the Trans its rarity will increase its

After some no B.S. with the Manager of Georgetown Honda, I was out the door with the for $9.8k, with a Honda 2 extended protection plan. the ABS Model is about a grand to a and a half more. Two others during my dealings, so I got away the last Deauvlle on the floor.

My first stop with the was the fuel station, where I off the tank. With the built in computer and the odometer, I wanted to out how far the Deauvlle would go on a single I rode until the fuel went below the left corner of the “E”. Refer to “”.

The odometer read 205 miles and the had been in the red for the last 35 miles. The computer said I was getting 51 MPG, from a mix of highway, and Interstate travel. This impressed me.

With 205 Miles on the meter, I had almost a gallon of left

Handling: This is the Deauvlle shines. The Deauvlle is and easy to ride. The beginner and the will both feel on the Deauvlle. The ride is a little as the speedometer gets over 70 reminding me of the Concours.

I was able to 109 MPH indicated with no problem but push it any further on the public The acceleration is not impressive but taking the purpose in mind, it is adequate and In traffic or Urban areas the is a champ.

Easy to manuever in tight its low speed handling is excellent and is very good. The bike is balances and I can easily come to a stop and a Stop Sign putting my feet down. the Deauvlle is light, heavy winds or Big Rig traffic will you around a little but you have to that with any machine in size range.

The cornering is good and handling the twisties is no but it is not the right type of machine for dragging. The ground clearance is and it handles very well on unimproved  and improved dirt

Cargo: The Deauvlle has two small on either side of the handlebars. The one locks and the right one has a friction These compartments are adequate for registration, documents, garage openers, tire gauges You must rotate the handle left or right to access compartments depending which you want to get into, otherwise you open the lids.

Anyway means you cannot access the while riding, which for is a good thing. The built integrated saddle bags are for extra clothes, shoes, groceries but won’t hold a helmet like the ST’s or BMW What I did like about the is at the back of the bags, there is a compartment.

There is a slot is about 4 inches wide goes from one bag to the other, storage for longer items won’t fit lengthwise in the side The lock and latch for the bag lids are along the left passenger rail. There is a small at the rear of passenger seat. You be able to get a Givi rack to to this if you wished to ad a trunk.

As of writing, there are no Honda model specific accessories in the U.S. If you know better, let me

Ammenities: The trip and fuel are great tools, easy to and to manipulate. The Wind Screen is adjustable, a feature which I since I don’t like through plastic. The rider is adequate and squeezing the knees in the trailing edge of the side takes your legs out of the stream.

The Instrument lay out and fuel Reading 48.8 MPG at 145 miles the first tank.

Click for the

Overall: The Deauvlle is the perfect for the Urban Commuter, who would to do an occasional over nite or trip. It is economical to operate and is every indication that it maintain Honda’s reputation of The Deauvlle is an everyday riding which handles very The Deauvlle makes and excellent bike, or secondary machine for the rider who needs a utilitarian

I have yet to do a multi-day ride on the but it should prove extremely for a 400 — 500 mile ride

Nice lines

If you have any or resources that I may find being a Deauvlle owner, me a line.

Ride Safe, Hard!

20 Responses to “My Review of the NT700V “Deauville””

nice Just bought a silver Looking forward to many and safe miles of reliable

Right on review. I bought my in January. And yes Honda has a rear (made by Givi) which is good.

Bob, I had to buy a Pan European for my ST-1300. I was hoping someone have a lead on what the are using besides Givi. If you get a or have the model # for the base could you forward me the info?

Dale // May 3, 2010 at 7:56 pm

I am one of these. How do you think it would do two up? I about 200 and the wife 125.

Should I consider an ST 1300

Dale, for Two Up I would go with the ST. I two up on the NT and my better half says is okay for local rides. if you plan on doing over touring.

Brad, Thanks for comments….ride safe!


got an ABS NT700V with the big pannier (so mine advertises itself as a I bought the panniers from of Bournemouth, UK. I’ve added a FendaExtenda, Honda’s heated and wind deflectors, a CooCase top bar risers and peg lowerers, wiring for my heated Jacket, a GPS, and LED Driving lights.

Fort CO

I guess you have to experience the of the ST1100 and 1300’s to appreciate my None the less, it is a good suitable for many tasks.

// Aug 24, 2010 at 1:04 pm

You say “The clearance is excellent and it handles well on rough, unimproved and dirt roads.”

Honda Deauville 700

I would to hear more about I’m thinking about buying an NT and a SLIGHTLY more open for the occasional dirt road.

Upstate NY

Tony, I have a BMW and two Honda Transalps (89,90). The NT is in weight to the Transalps and much the the GS, so it is great on bad roads. You don’t new tires unless you are doing serious off road riding and you would be trying to make a Purse out of a Sow’s Ear.

The NT is a purpose machine that everything good but is not the best if you want to specialize in a specific of riding.

Dale, My girlfriend and I two up on it occasionally just on day rides. I am 200 she is 130 and it fine. I would add a trunk should have a backrest to it more comfortable for her.

If you are multi-day rides, I would opt for the or Gold Wing.

All, I recently purchased bike, thinking that it offer me a nice small for a 50 mile daily commute. I was right. It is nimble and fast for me. I’m no speed demon. Last my friend (an ST1300 owner) and I 1000 miles in 4 days.

We bikes a couple of times. I was impressed by the smoothness of his bike, and its power superiority, I have to say I am very pleased with the The only small concern, is because it is a light bike, winds will move you a bit.

You made a good and like I said, it is a perfect It doesn’t do everything great but it everything good! Congratulations!

an honest review. I’m an ST1300 and I must say the weight of the bike and the coming off the engine is kicking my I live in Chicago where season begins immediately the last snow melts.

I a lot of time in traffic and the ST1300 is too to maneuver at slow speeds. How the slow speed riding on the NT compare to the ST?How much are you getting off the engine, keep in that I sit still a lot (lights,merging etc)? I have to downsize and I’m if NT is a good option.

Rich, The NT has rider protection so in the summer, you get moving air over you. there are two cylinders to heat up, so I it in the summer. Remove the front panier panels from the

It made a significant difference.

Oh, on the NT I can all day long. One of the advantages of a lighter but the 1300 is heads above all in its class or larger for balance. I notice the difference on gravel or roads. A lighter bike has its I just wish we could get the 700 which is available world except here in the states.

is hung up on engine size and not

[. ] This is a great practical Motorcycle. Read my review. [. ]

Fletcher // Sep 22, 2011 at 8:57 am

I a new 2010 NT recently. I fit the profile of other buyers…..I’m in my mid-50s, 210#, and have ridden and competition (MX) off road since I was 13 years old. had BMW, big cruisers, sportbikes, and a Concours.

The NT fits me perfectly!

I it as daily transportation that can go on jaunts without feeling in too many ways. The gas mileage is as (aver. 50+mpg), nimble, and fun to I like it’s quietness,

I call it my “stealth” bike. I do a bit of riding in the North Ga./ Carolina mountains. Went and through the famous “Deals a couple of times, and the more fun but known roads of the area. No of any sort (handling wise). to maneuver, comfortable, sharp

Going in hot on corners and chopping the abruptly while applying front brakes WILL the rear wheel enough to and drift (because of the shaft Once you realize that, it is no slower or faster than sport bikes through areas. I am completely satisfied my purchase.

I am considering adding a seat for longer distances, the wind guards for winter, and the pannier lids. That’s it!

Sorry for any delay in replying. it is a great bike for anything. gravel roads.

I would some additions like lighting, a throttle meister control and heated grips.

Honda Deauville 700
Honda Deauville 700
Honda Deauville 700


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