More NEW 2014 Honda Models Just Released! Specs / Release Dates on 2014…

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

More NEW 2014 Honda Models Just Released! Specs / Release Dates on 2014 Motorcycles / Touring / Sport Bikes / Cruiser / Adventure / Scooters + More For the 2014 Honda Model Lineup

If you follow our Blog, we have been making the announcements on all of the 2014 Honda Motorcycles / Side by Sides / ATV’s / Scooters as they are announced to us as a dealer from Honda. May of 2013 was the last big update from Honda which brought us news of the ever so popular Honda Grom being added to the 2014 model lineup along with the new Pioneer 700 Pioneer 700-4 UTV / SxS, both of those new models really got everyone’s attention.

Honda has had so many new models up their sleeves the last 24 months, it is crazy! I’m glad to see Honda is back on their feet and they are definitely showing everyone in the industry they are back and making it well known why Honda is #1.

2014 is shaping up to be a banner year for Honda as we have even more exciting new models ( below ) that bring new options to an expansive line of motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and Side-By-Sides.

Whether you’re a new rider or an experienced enthusiast, this announcement of new street models offers something exciting for you, said Powersports Press Manager Bill Savino. Over the course of the last two years, Honda has introduced many exciting new models across all segments, and we will continue to strengthen our model line-up as evidenced by this announcement.

First, there’s the all-new CTX1300, the next extension of the CTX series. This big-displacement V-4 CTX1300 carries the same family emphasis on class-leading comfort, new technology, easy-to-operate features and remarkable versatility as the 700s released earlier this year, but packs an extra dose of features and performance.

We’re also unveiling the CBR1000RR SP, which we know track riders will find very appealing. Add to that many favorites returning to the line for 2014, including the iconic Gold Wing and cool F6B, and it’s clear that Honda continues to lead the way with innovative new products and returning options for consumers in all segments of the market.

We still have our fingers crossed Honda will bring the CBR300R to the USA for 2014

With all of the new model additions for 2014 it is easy to get caught up in the excitement and forget about some of the tried and true models that were in the model lineup for 2013 that will be making a comeback for 2014. We’ll dive into some more of the 2014 models that are back with new changes from the previous model year as well as the new models that are stirring up all kinds of hype online as people search for more information on them and their specs, info, pictures, video etc as the list goes on. Well lets get to the good stuff and why you stumbled across this page, more 2014 Honda Motorcycles / Scooters.

Please keep in mind as I go over the 2014 Honda Motorcycle / Scooter prices below, they are just Honda’s SRP / MSRP Prices. Our Sale Prices at Honda of Chattanooga will be too low to advertise at this time due to Honda’s new Minimum Advertised Price policy. To get our most current Sale prices, please visit and Request a Quote on the model you’re interested in.

After you check out the newly released 2014 Honda Motorcycles / Scooters below, check out the rest of the 2014 Honda Motorcycles / ATV / UTV models that were announced previously this year – Click Here .

The all-new CTX1300 is a machine for people who care more about riding than fitting in. It’s a motorcycle that loves short commutes or longer travels; a bike for people who want bags without all the baggage.

The CTX1300 expands the innovative concept first introduced with the CTX series, the idea of combining higher levels of comfort and technology to create a riding experience unique to Honda. These bikes place a premium on ease of use and a spacious rider environment with comfortable ergonomics.

But now, by tying into Honda’s longstanding and successful heritage of V-4 technology, the CTX1300 adds a full load of 1300-class muscle with exhilarating right-now thrust accompanied by a distinctive V-4 engine pulse and exhaust sound. That helps make the CTX1300 an advanced motorcycle in multiple ways, one that incorporates class-leading comfort, unusually broad-shouldered versatility and new technology to deliver an unmatched riding experience. Its moderate weight, low center of gravity, nimble handling, and relaxed riding position make the CTX1300 a joy to ride wherever the day may lead, while its styling gives it a unique look that makes it stand out in a crowd.

There’s also a Deluxe model that adds technology such as an audio package including Bluetooth connectivity, a Honda first application of this technology, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Traction Control, self-cancelling turn signals plus blacked-out styling elements that add to the CTX1300’s distinctive equation.

2014 CTX1300 Colors: Metallic Black, Gray Blue Metallic, Candy Red

2014 CTX1300 Price / MSRP: To be announced. Once we get the MSRP we will get to work on our Sale price for the CTX1300.

2014 CTX1300 Release Date: Now lets get to the good stuff, everyone wants to know what the 2014 CTX1300 Release Date is. As of right now the CTX1300 is scheduled to release and be in stock on our showroom floor here at Honda of Chattanooga in March of 2014. Personally I can’t wait till we get the new 2014 CTX1300 V4 Cruiser / Touring motorcycle in stock, the more I look at the pictures and read up on its specs the more I like it.

2014 CBR1000RR SP

Since its inception, the CBR1000RR has represented the essence of a genuine Superbike. By design, the CBR1000RR hits that ideal balance between power and handling that makes it so fun to ride on the street or the track. Now for 2014, the CBR1000RR’s performance gets even sharper with the introduction of the CBR1000RR SP.

For the ultimate in performance, the CBR1000RR SP features fully adjustable Öhlins front and rear suspension, plus Brembo front brakes and Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SC premium tires. A special lightweight subframe lowers the center of gravity and a new-design rear single-seat cowl also shaves weight.

Add additional power and torque via a new cylinder head, intake tract and exhaust system, along with high-performance engine parts including pistons and connecting rods hand-selected to match weight and balance for quality and performance. The riding position is now more track-oriented, a bubble windscreen creates a larger still-air pocket for the rider, and a special tri-color paint scheme all help to create a finely honed instrument that brings the CBR1000RR’s performance to a whole new level.

2014 CBR1000RR SP Colors: Only available in White / Red / Blue HRC Color Scheme

2014 CBR1000RR SP Price / MSRP: $16,699

2014 CBR1000RR SP Release Date: This 1st ever Special Edition 2014 CBR1000RR decked out with the best of the best Ohlin’s suspension, Brembo brakes, MORE horsepower and the list goes on is scheduled to release from Honda and be in stock here at Honda of Chattanooga in February of 2014. We are doing a 2014 CBR1000RR SP Pre-Order Sale as these will be extremely limited, less than (1) per dealer. Contact Kevin for more details –

2014 CBR1000RR

The Honda CBR1000RR is legendary for hitting that sweet spot in Superbike design that makes it so fun to ride. Credit the race-proven 999cc engine with impressive performance that smoothly pumps out huge midrange muscle, a wonderfully balanced chassis and revised ride position that add up to a complete sportbike package. The 2014 CBR1000RR received quite a few changes with a new cylinder head, intake tract and exhaust system add additional horsepower and torque.

The more aggressive riding ergonomics come via new handlebars and relocated footpegs, while a bubble windscreen creates a larger still-air pocket for the rider. The lightweight aluminum frame is equipped with a Big Piston Fork and Honda’s Unit Pro-Link rear suspension system with a patented Balance-Free Rear Shock and optional Honda Electronic Combined ABS—all to sharpen the CBR1000RR’s ultra-responsive middleweight-style handling.

As always, the CBR1000RR continues to define the pure essence of liter-class Superbike performance. CBR1000RR C-ABS model available in Pearl White only.

2014 CBR1000RR Colors: Black, Pearl White

2014 CBR1000RR Price / MSRP: $13,999

2014 CBR1000RR Release Date: The new CBR1000 RR is scheduled to release and be in stock here at Honda of Chattanooga in February of 2014.

2014 Gold Wing

The Gold Wing’s reputation as the most celebrated touring bike in motorcycle history remains unchallenged. For nearly four decades, the Gold Wing has stood as the ultimate motorcycle for long-haul travel and that legacy continues in 2014. In addition to its powerful and smooth six-cylinder engine and sporty handling, no other motorcycle can match the Gold Wing’s luxurious accommodations for both rider and passenger, which also includes the latest generation of sophisticated electronic amenities.

If you want the best Touring Motorcycle, the GoldWing is still even after all these years the best motorcycle on the road if you want to log a lot of miles in comfort.

2014 Gold Wing Colors: Candy Red, Pearl Blue, Black with blacked out treatment similar to the F6B

2014 Gold Wing Price / MSRP: $23,990 – $29,550

2014 Gold Wing Release Date: Plan to see the 2014 Gold Wing released and in stock at Honda of Chattanooga in January of 2014.

2014 F6B Gold Wing

The F6B starts with the powerful fuel-injected 1832cc six-cylinder Gold Wing engine for awe-inspiring levels of performance and adds to that an aluminum twin-spar frame and sophisticated suspension system for remarkably sporty handling. Large-capacity lockable saddlebags, a comfortable gunfighter-style seat, premium audio system and more mean there’s no need to rough it on the road.

Available in standard or Deluxe trim, which includes a centerstand, self-cancelling turn signals, passenger backrest and heated grips. A wide assortment of Honda accessories are also offered. The F6B is a machine that’s just as much fun around town as it is taking you away from it all.

2014 F6B Colors: Black, Pearl Yellow also makes an appearance as a new color scheme for the F6B Bagger.

2014 F6B Price / MSRP: $19,999 – $21,099

2014 F6B Release Date: The 2014 F6B Gold Wing / Bagger is scheduled to release and be in stock here at Honda of Chattanooga in January of 2014.

2014 ST1300P ABS / Police Edition

Law enforcement agencies can experience what other Honda riders have known all along: Nothing matches the Honda ST1300’s combination of performance, quality and reliability. Worthy of all-day patrol duty, the ST1300P with Anti-Lock Braking System gets the job done, day in and day out.

The adventure-style NC700X offers the comfort and practicality of an everyday motorcycle that’s also surprisingly affordable. New for this year are adjustable levers and upgrades to the instrumentation including a gear indicator, fuel consumption, MPG, and miles to empty. Use it as a day-to-day commuter, country road explorer, two-up getaway machine or all of the above.

Credit its long-travel suspension, abundant torque, unique storage compartment and available Automatic Dual Clutch Transmission plus Anti-Lock Braking System and more, all of which make the NC700X the bike of choice for a bit of adventure.

2014 NC700X Colors: Red, Black which will be a new color for 2014 on the NC700X.

2014 NC700X Price / MSRP: To be announced

Honda created this trio of machines for new riders as well as experienced hands, and while these bikes all have their own identity, they share Honda’s legendary durability, quality and high value.

The CB500X fulfills the idea of owning an adventure-style bike that can take you out in search of new roads, undiscovered places and fun sights to see. And the CB500X is not just a great ride, it’s also versatile thanks to its compact adjustable windscreen, open riding accommodations and large-capacity fuel tank.

2014 CB500X Colors: Pearl White

2014 CB500X Price / MSRP: $5,999 – $6,499

2014 CB500X Release Date: The 2014 CB500X is scheduled to release and be in stock here at Honda of Chattanooga in January of 2014.

The naked CB500F, in turn, offers an aura of independence and nonconformity plus a gratifying level of performance and versatility. Whether you’re riding on your daily commute, headed for a weekend backroad blast or just hanging out with your riding buddies, the CB500F serves as a great option for just about any kind of street ride.

2014 CB500F Colors: Pearl White, Black

2014 CB500F Price / MSRP: $5,499 – $5,999

2014 CB500F Release Date: The 2014 CB500F is scheduled to release and be in stock here at Honda of Chattanooga in January of 2014.

With the CBR500R, Honda redefines middleweight-class sport bikes while also delivering superior value along with great fun. This is a great bike for sport riders moving up from the CBR250R, as well as more experienced riders who will appreciate the CBR500R’s light and nimble handling. The aerodynamic bodywork provides efficient air management for added rider comfort, along with a low drag coefficient and its torquey engine creates a package that rolls as good as it looks. (ABS model available in Black only)

2014 CBR500R Colors: Black, Red, new Pearl White / Blue / Red

2014 CBR500R Price / MSRP: $5,999 – $6,499

2014 CBR500R Release Date: The 2014 CBR500R is scheduled to release and be in stock here at Honda of Chattanooga in January of 2014.

The CB1000R recreates the classic Honda formula: high performance in a naked four-cylinder machine. The bike features a fuel-injected 998cc powerplant that supplies a broad spread of power and plenty of torque. Its unique chassis incorporates a Pro-Arm® single-sided swingarm articulating a single-shock rear suspension system, another Honda hallmark.

For those looking for a naked bike with Superbike credentials and truly versatile performance, the CB1000R is a standout in the Honda line.

2014 CB1000R Colors: New Matte Gray Metallic with Gold Stripe and Gold Wheels.

2014 CB1000R Price / MSRP: $11,760

2014 CB1000R Release Date: The 2014 CB1000R is scheduled to release and be in stock here at Honda of Chattanooga in January of 2014.

2014 CBR600RR

Whether headed for a day at the track or an afternoon ride on your favorite backroads, the CBR600RR offers balanced performance that remains unrivaled in the middleweight supersport class. Excellent power, exceptionally nimble handling, MotoGP-developed aerodynamics and a winning legacy at the racetrack help make the CBR600RR a perfect blend of sportbike excellence. (C-ABS model available in Red only)

2014 CBR600RR Colors: Red, Black, White / Blue / Red

2014 CBR600RR Price / MSRP: $11,490 – $12,490

2014 CBR600RR Release Date: The 2014 CBR600RR is scheduled to release and be in stock here at Honda of Chattanooga in March of 2014.

The Ruckus is one cool little scooter with an extra dose of attitude. Affordable, thrifty to run and fun to ride, the Ruckus stands out in the scooter crowd. So go ahead and set off on your own course with the scooter that does it all.

2014 Ruckus Colors: Black, White / Red

2014 Ruckus Price / MSRP: To be announced

2014 Ruckus Release Date: The 2014 Ruckus scooter is scheduled to release and be in stock here at Honda of Chattanooga in February of 2014.

2014 Metropolitan

Looking for a classic scooter? The Metropolitan’s classic styling makes it a favorite among scooter riders. With a fuel consumption estimate topping 100 mpg, the automatic 49cc fuel-injected four-stroke engine is super-thrifty to operate. And the Metropolitan can haul as well, thanks to its locking 22-liter under-seat storage area that can stow a bag of groceries and inner storage bin that can hold a 1-liter bottle.

With easy-to-operate features, affordable price and low operating costs, the Metropolitan turns short hops into big fun.

2014 Metropolitan Colors: Candy Orange / Pearl Black, Pearl Blue / Pearl Black, Pink Metallic / Pearl White

2014 Metropolitan Price / MSRP: To be announced

2014 Metropolitan Release Date: The 2014 Metropolitan scooter is scheduled to release and be in stock here at Honda of Chattanooga in February of 2014.

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